April 5, 2018 Psychic Prediction Reading



Psychic Reading Summary for The Week Of April 5, 2018


By Dr. Rita Louise
April 4, 2018

The cards in this week’s reading suggest obstacle after obstacle with a bit of frustration thrown into the mix.  We are also being asked to decide what path we want to take.  We can be independent and true to ourselves or we can go along with the masses and be sheeple.


Here’s This Week’s Full Planetary Vibration Psychic Reading


We are in a period of searching right now.  I think for many all we can see right now are the obstacles that life are putting in front of our forward movement.  These challenges have left many wondering what is going on or what they are supposed to be doing.  Over the last few months, we have been working feverishly attempting to get out of the chaos of our spinning minds and achieving clarity.  Then when we think we have an understanding of the direction our lives are supposed to be taking, the projects we are supposed to be working on it seems as if something happens and what was once clear become confused and garbled again.  Thus the ideas and energy we are wanting and willing to expend end up becoming trapped within our being.

We want to fly like an eagle and soar through the sky, but reality keeps us grounded regardless of how hard we try.  We wonder, “what can I do to catch the wind and maintain flight?”  We do the research and study the prevailing winds.  We think we have finally figured it out, but then the wind changes, and we are back to square one starting the process over again.  The whole process is frustrating at best.

Personally, it is a bit disheartening to me to tap into think kind of negative unrelenting energy week after week.  So the question I am putting out into the universe is “what do we need to do to move past it, to clear it from our lives.”

Well, this is interesting, and I am just reporting what the cards are saying.  In a nutshell, the insight I am receiving is that we are being called to do our own thing.  By nurturing ourselves, by grounding our bodies and by honoring who and what we are, we can once again reassert our boundaries.  It seems as if our boundaries have been violated again and we are being affected by the negative vibrations transversing the planet.

We are also being asked to decide what path we want to take.  We can be ourselves, or we can be as some people like to call it “sheeple.”  If we chose to be docile and follow along with what is going on around us, we run the risk of discovering that those who made the decisions and choices for us were not making them for our highest good.  If on the other hand, we decide to follow our own drummer, we risk criticism or more.  By following this path, however, we will be able to maintain ourselves and our integrity easier.  It will afford us the opportunity align ourselves with our best interests.  Our conviction to ourselves will make us strong and independent.

You know it is a mixed bag these days.  We can choose to follow along blindly, or we can choose to follow our hearts.  Following blindly is easy to do.  You just do what everyone else says and think the way everyone else thinks.  Simple!

I am all about following our hearts and making our dreams a reality.  I fear that by choosing this path, we will become a people even more divided.  The outcome of this decision is unclear but does seem that in the end, it would foster change on much more profound levels of humanity and society.

We are living in exciting times.  Where we, as a global community, are going is speculative at best.  It is fascinating to watch as things unfold but on the other hand is nerve-wracking because we don’t quite know where we are heading or what each day will hold.

In the end, keep the faith, love yourself and keep breathing!

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Be Blessed.


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