How An Attached Entity Controls & Manipulates Us

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Communication Cords: How Attached Entities Attach & Control

In addition to being in our auric field, a parasitic attached entity will create an energetic communication cord between themselves and one of our chakras.  It is through these communication cords that are firmly connect to our chakras that an parasitic attached entity can attach, control and manipulate us.

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as wheel or disk. Chakras are said to be energy centers or vortexes we use to send, receive and process information from the world around us. Like the auric field they are part of our subtle body. There are seven major chakras located along the spine. They start at the base of the spine and travel up the body to the top of the head.

Each chakra processes a different type of information. They include:

The Chakras:  How Attached Entities Connect To Us

First Chakra

Survival: Our ability to take care of our body; i.e., food, shelter. Houses our fears and insecurities.
Physical: How the physical body interfaces in the world.
Health: Our current level of health.

Second Chakra

Clairsentience: Our ability to feel energy.
Desires: Our ability to recognize our needs (including our sexual needs).
Creativity: Our ability to create for ourselves.

Third Chakra

Willpower: Our personal power, will power, drive, motivation.
Passion: Our ability to have passion in our lives.
Out of Body Experience: Our ability to dream; astral travel.

Fourth Chakra

Self-love: Our ability to love ourselves unconditionally.
Affinity: Our ability to love others unconditionally.

Fifth Chakra

Clairaudience: Our ability to hear others; i.e., our spirit guides.
Inner Voice: Our ability to listen to our own spiritual information.
Telepathy: Our ability to communicate with others without speaking.

Sixth Chakra

Inner Vision: Our ability to see mental image pictures.
Clairvoyance: Our ability to see and interpret psychic information.

Seventh Chakra

Knowingness: Our ability to just “know.”
Trance Mediumship/Body: Our ability to leave the body.
Trance Mediumship/Being: Our ability to allow another being into our body.

Communication Cords:  How An Attached Entity Communicate With Us

Communication cords are energy channels that connect one point to another. They can be compared to a wormhole that cuts through the fabric of time and space. A more rudimentary way of thinking about cords is to picture them as the string that travels between two tin cans that lets you talk to your friend.

Communication cords allow energy and information to be transmitted between two people. They keep the lines of non-verbal communication open between friends, lovers and even our enemies. I have never met anyone who didn’t have at least a few cords attached to them.

A classic example of a cord in action is in the instance of a new mom. The infant, dependent on his mother for survival, will often create a cord between its first chakra, its survival center, and its mother’s. When the child is in need, such as when he or she is hungry or has a soiled diaper, it will send a message to its mother via this cord. This connection can be so strong it can awaken its mother out of a deep sleep.

Communication cords can also be created between an entity and ourselves. In most instances the entity will attach to one of the upper three chakras of the body, that is either the fifth, sixth or seventh chakra. The fifth chakra is responsible for our communication space. Through it we receive information non-verbally on audio channels. The sixth chakra holds our inner vision and our visual space. It is also responsible for how we see the world and where we form our reality and belief systems. The seventh chakra supports our ability to receive inspiration and divine guidance. It is also identified as the location where we, as spirit, can enter and exit the physical body.

When a communication cord is formed between an attached entity and one or more of our chakras, the parasitic attached entity has a direct connection into our being. The clarity by which we experience the parasitic entity’s lies and distorted truths reinforce our belief in their reality. We see the world through their unrealistic view of it and we assume it is true.

Attached Entity Case Study:  Jason

My son CJ, a number of years ago, had a close friendship with a young man named Jason. I believed Jason was having a negative influence on CJ’s behavior. Jason had also befriended one of my girlfriend’s son. Tara didn’t like the influence and control this young man exhorted on her son either. It was our observation that whenever our sons spent time with Jason they would return home acting mean, aggressive, self-righteous and arrogant. Now granted, they were teenagers, but we both could see a noticeable change in them whenever this young man was around.

My friend and I are both psychics. We decided to take a look at Jason’s energy. We wanted to evaluate his motives or rationales. We were interested in finding out how and why he influenced our children so greatly. It wasn’t long into our reading of Jason’s energy field that we both detected the presence of attached entity. These entities would not only prompt his misbehavior they would also cord the boys – or perhaps more correctly stated – enlist Jason into cording the boys. This would on an unconscious level, control them, their thoughts and their emotional state.

One day we decided to do a joint intervention with our sons. Trying to remain calm so that the encounter would not turn into a shouting match we began our discussion from an educational perspective. Both boys were brought up around metaphysical and new age topics. We knew that they would have some understanding of what we were talking about. But for the sake of clarity we started at the beginning.
Do you know what attached entities are?” we asked. To which they both replied they did.

We had them explain what their definition of what an entity was, especially a parasitic attached entity. Their reply was perfect and fully to our satisfaction. We then shared with them our belief that Jason was affected by a number of entities attached to him. We also let them know that his entities were influencing their behavior for the worse.

Before we had a chance to continue, CJ jumped into the conversation. He let us know that he was aware of his friend’s entities. In fact according to CJ, Jason had three attached entities  connected to him. To our surprise he was able to rattle off their names. He also let us know that Jason was well aware of his attached entities. Apparently he worked with them and communicated with them on a conscious level. This scared Tara and me. It is bad enough being unconsciously controlled by an entity. To befriend it and allow it to guide you into mischief… that is really bad.

What they didn’t know was communication cords had been created between the entities and themselves. The cords were plugged into various parts of their bodies and chakras. They also didn’t consider that maybe, just maybe, the negative really funky attitude they were walking around with wasn’t actually theirs. We also told them that we believed that unless they became free and clear of Jason’s influence they were going to end up getting into trouble. Trouble was not a place we wanted to go. They agreed.

We then taught the boys how to remove the cords from their bodies and subtle energy space. I think they were both relieved when they were able to feel themselves in their bodies without the influence of their friend’s attached entities. I know that when I looked at them after the healing session, they both looked a bit spent but peaceful.

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