December 14, 2017 Psychic Prediction – Planetary Vibration



Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of December 14, 2017


By Dr. Rita Louise
December 14, 2017

This week we begin our rebirthing process. Perhaps it’s time to set out on a new adventure. Do things you haven’t done in a while. Get around old friends or make some new ones. Engage in activities that will bring joy to your heart and a smile to your face.


Here’s This Week’s Reading Planetary Vibration Reading


Wow, yet another interesting array of events are unfolding. The energy on the planet is scattered at best. It seems as if everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Our energy is ungrounded at best. To move through this, IMHO is to get it in gear, put your big girl panties on and move forward. The restlessness you feel inside is an indication that it is time to get off the sidelines and start putting your money where your mouth is. My impression is that we still lack clarity on what to do, but it seems as if doing something is better than not doing anything at all.

This week we are being called to begin our rebirthing process. We are beginning the process of redefining who and what we are. This work is going on in the 1st chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. It supports our ability to feel grounded and secure. It might seem as if the world is falling apart around you, but the discord is helping you work through old emotions, primarily fear that is trapped in this energy center. Once you move through it, you will begin to feel safe in your own skin again or as if you have at least some control over where your life is heading.

You may feel like you need to make a final decision on an important issue. This is not the case – at least not at this time. Your inner world is being turned upside down right now. Use the time, and transitional nature of this vibration to look at your possibilities and options. Take a step back and evaluate what is being presented to you, even if it seems outlandish and improbable. Acknowledge any fears that might exist surrounding your potential decisions. You never know, good, bad or indifferent, those far-out dreams may come true.

In the meantime, it seems imperative to pick something to do and put your focus and attention on it. This will help with the level of nervousness you may be experiencing, or the unsettled feeling you may be having. Sitting stagnant in one place is not helping the matter. Use the task as a meditative tool. Allow your body, mind, and soul to focus on it. Let it absorb you and take your mind off the business at hand.

An expansion of our inner being is also on the forefront. Perhaps it’s time to set out on a new adventure. Do things you haven’t done in a while. Get around old friends or make some new ones. Go to the movies or a walk out in the park. I know many times it may seem easier and safer to climb into bed and hide, but the sensation of isolation it creates is not helping in your forward progress. Granted it may seem counter-intuitive, but I feel there are rewards in doing so. In this area, chose wisely. Do things that will enliven you and bring a smile to your face. This is where the expansion will be the most effective. In the same breath, pass on those activities that elicit dread in your psyche. My knee-jerk reaction to this is that it will turn out exactly how you expected, bad. So why waste the energy.

Bottom line, the energy seems challenging this week. Do what you can to lighten your load. Love yourself, nurture yourself, LISTEN to yourself. It is through love and affinity for ourselves that we will create the most significant changes in the days the follow.

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