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Feeling Tired And Fatigued? Heal Your Chronic Stress Naturally

    How to Recharge Your Life By Managing Your Chronic Stress

    Are you feeling tired, confused and just fed up with it all?  Does it seem as if you are drifting all alone in a turbulent sea with no land in sight?  Well, you are not alone.  Every day I hear these words from my clients.  Many of these clients are filled with vim and vigor.  They typically have exciting and robust plans for the future and know the exact steps they are going to follow to get there.  However, even these well grounding individuals are struggling right now.  The intense movement and shifts in energy happening on the planet are affecting everyone.  This phenomenon is especially true if you are sensitive to energy

    Chronic Stress Basics

    If I were to sum up what is going on in one word, the word would be stress.  Stress is one of those generic terms used to describe situations in our lives which are unsettling in nature.  In order to reduce, eliminate or manage the stress and anxiety we are feeling in our lives, we need to know what the object of our stress is.    What is worrying you?  What is keeping you up at night?  What thoughts feeling or emotions are chronically invading your space?  This is often an indicator of what is creating the anxiety in the first place.

    When we are under stress we activate the fight or flight mechanism of the adrenal glands.  The hormones secreted by the adrenals allow us to run faster and jump higher.  They support us and our ability to handle the changing situations in our lives.  When we are under chronic stress, our adrenal glands are unable to rest and recharge themselves, thus leaving us unprepared for the next time we experience a challenge. 

    The Adrenal Glands And Chronic Stress

    Our adrenal glands are like the batteries in a flashlight.  If you leave the flashlight on, it is only a matter of time before the batteries are drained and the flashlight stops working.  Chronic stress keeps our adrenals running all day and all night long.  This non-stop usage can cause them to become fatigued. 

    When our adrenals are overworked, we are less able to deal with what is being presented to us on a day-to-day basis.  Instead of responding, we react and depending on how depleted they are, even the smallest thing that is perceived as a stressful stimuli can create an overwhelming reaction in us.

    For many the stress we are currently feeling revolves primarily around survival issues.  We experience a survival state when we lose our jobs, or do not having enough money to buy food or pay our bills.  We may be up into the late hours of the night worrying about getting sick.  We may also find ourselves feeling anxious about the current political environment and the direction the world is heading.  Anything the elicits fear within us can contribute to this unspoken emotional tizzy. 

    Chronic Stress And Empaths (Highly Sensitive People)

    We are all, on some level, emotionally impacted by what is going.  We are all a bit on edge.  But people who are empaths are highly sensitive to their surroundings and experience what is going on around them more intensely.  Empaths and other highly sensitive individuals take on the feelings and emotions of others.  They are often described as psychic sponges where they absorb the emotional energy of others and their environment.

    Sensations an empath may be experiencing can include a generalized sense of unease, feeling emotionally drained or completely exhausted.  Empaths may find they are having a hard time staying focused, are experiencing increases anxiety or an overwhelming sense of dread for no apparent reason.  They may feel as if they should be doing something, but are not sure of what that would be.  Tied to the swirling energies they may sense inside, they may find it challenging to prioritize their activities and decide what to do next. 

    Empaths & Physical Symptoms Of Chronic Anxiety & Stress

    Additionally, highly sensitive people may also be experiencing physical symptoms tied to the uncomfortable energy on the planet.  They may be plagued by unexplainable aches and pains or a shortness of breath.  Their sleep cycles and sleep habits maybe be disrupted.  Their inner circuitry, because of all of the free floating discord, may cause them to feel overloaded.  They may find themselves angry, frustrated or quick to anger or they may be apathetic and want to curl up into a ball and hide. 

    If you have been finding your inner world a bit out of sorts, especially if you do not normally feel this way, then you might consider the fact that you are an empath and did not know it. 

    The Chakras And Chronic Stress

    Let us take a moment to look at stress and anxiety from an energetic level, from the perspective of the 7 chakras that reside in the body.  The 1st chakra is associated with the physical body as well as our ability to survive in the physical world.  When our survival is threatened, the 1st chakra begins to close, thus limiting the movement of life force energy through it. 

    When our 1st chakra is affected in this way, two things typically happen.  Since the 1st chakra is physiologically associated with the adrenal glands, our fight or flight mechanism is activated.  If left unaddressed, our adrenals can remain turned on until the stress finally subsides.  Secondly, when the 1st chakra shuts down, in addition to the stress we feel, we also begin to experience the emotion of fear.  We experience fear when something happens to us which pushes one of our survival buttons. 

    End The Confusion & Overload

    At this time, with so much going on, the path forward is so unclear that we often do not know which way to turn, what steps to take or if a decisions we make will be right, wrong, profitable or disastrous down the road.  With things moving, changing and shifting so quickly, while there is not any magic bullet or sure fire way out of it, there are a number of things you can do to lessen the effect of the crazy world we live in.

    So let us roll up our sleeves and get started. 

    Main Stream Media And Chronic Stress

    To begin, take some time to explore what is being said in the media about our current situation.  Doesn’t it always sound really bad?  We are constantly bombarded with how tough times are followed up by statements of how they can help you survive.  As you watch, read, listen or even talk to friends, you might find yourself surrounded by a blanket of fear. 

    My question to you is this:  is this your truth, your reality?  If it is not, stop buying into the energy of fear, scarcity and lack on the planet.  Wishing, hoping and dreaming of better things to come only leaves us sad, frustrated and blaming our lot in life because we do not have more.  Instead, recognize the abundance in your life.  Many times we become complacent in our thinking and do not recognize all we do have.  Take a look around, acknowledge your blessings and say thank you, thank you, thank you. 

    If what is going on is significantly impacting you, it might also be a good idea to take a break from watching the news or participating in social media.  Both can keep our fears going, increase our anxiety and feed into our chronic stress.

    Mindfulness And Chronic Stress

    It is important to recognize that what you might be feeling inside may not be yours.  Try taking a personal inventory.  Do you have food to eat?  A place to live?  Are you or someone you love at risk?  If the answers to these questions are no, then perhaps what you are experiencing is coming from the world around you.  While it might not eliminate everything you are feeling, at least you can begin to recognize it for what it is.  You are reacting to the energy on the planet. 

    Challenging as this may sound, but it is possible to separate who you are and your inner truth from the “reality” that is being pushed on you from outside sources.  If you experience fear, acknowledge it.  Remember fear is an emotion and emotions are designed to flow through the body.  Do not hang on to.  Like a bad joke, laugh at it and let it go.  Take a few deep breaths and allow it move through you – do not let it become you.  While this technique may take some getting used to, it is a wonderful and actually simple method to master. 

    Support Your Physical Body And Adrenal Glands To Combat Chronic Stress

    If you find yourself under chronic stress, it is also important to support the body nutritionally.  The most common symptom of adrenal insufficiency is fatigue. Other symptoms include: not feeling rested after sleep, inability to deal with life stressors, poor memory, a low sex drive, frequent infections due to a suppressed immune system, inability to concentrate, depression, mood swings, irritability, weight gain, weakness, and hormonal imbalances.  There are a wide range of adrenal support products available at your local health food store and online. 

    Take A Hot Bath To Relieve Frazzled Nerves And Reduce Chronic Stress

    Another way to combat the effects of stress on the body, try soaking in a hot Epsom salt bath for 15 to 20 minutes.  Add a few drops of Lavender or Nerol oil to it for added benefits.  Baths are a great way to help the body discharge emotional energies it may be holding on to.  Epsom salts are made up of magnesium sulfate crystals, which can help calm the body and mind.  Lavender or Neroli oil can help to soothe frazzled nerves, reduce anxiety, promote a feeling of calmness, and bringing about a restful night’s sleep.

    Finding Some Quiet Time Always Helps Chronic Stress

    Another way of lessening the amount of emotions you may have absorbed is to find some quiet time.  Meditate, go for a walk outside, work in your garden, exercise or read a book.  They are all great ways to naturally release unwanted energies that might be overloading your system.  Any activity that engages you be it physically, mentally or spiritually will work. 


    Most importantly, during this time, it is critical that we breathe.  Danger, real or perceived activates our stress response, which causes us to shallow breathe or hold our breath.  Stress can also negatively affect our immune system.  When we breathe deeply, it activates our parasympathetic nervous system which makes it easier for the body to relax.  It can help to reduce inner tensions and allow you to be more present with what is going on in the here and now.

    This Too Shall Pass

    Finally, it is also important to acknowledge that this too shall pass.  What is going on is not a forever thing.  Sometimes recognizing there will be an end to what is happening can help relieve anxiety and reduce the worry you may be experiencing.  

    Let’s face it; our planet is in the midst of stress filled times.  We can choose to add our feelings of lack, fear and survival to the already intense emotions prevalent in the world today, thus making them stronger.  On the other hand, we can choose to raise our hearts and our heads above it and fill ourselves and our lives with feelings of love, gratitude and abundance.  This, more than anything else, will move us out of fear and into grace.

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