July 19, 2017 Psychic Prediction – Planetary Vibration



Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of July 19, 2017


by Dr. Rita Louise
July 19, 2017

Our energy, as the weeks pass, keeps moving, changing and flowing. This week the focus is on forward movement. We are being given the opportunity this week to let go of our outdated personal belief systems, which will open the door for new ones to blossom. I always find it interesting when faced with challenges we are always given the chance to learn and grow. I have found over the years that if you listen to the inner messages being given you, you can pass the test, move on to the next level of our inner growth and don’t have to experience the same lesson over again.

The phase of seeming ongoing assaults has been working its way into the background but out of its ashes we are being reborn.

We are still in the process of purging the old and making our way to the new us, but forward motion in this area is strongly indicated. If you are feeling alone, isolated or even stuck, this is just the outward manifestation of the huge changes that are going. So don’t look at it as a bad thing, nurture it and cherish it. It is letting you know that you are changing…

There is a lot of activity going on deep within our psyches. We are reestablishing our goals and most importantly, we are reintegrating ourselves, where we are learning to love ourselves even more. On some levels, we are being freed from the BS that society holds. It is not that we don’t have to deal with the world in the state it is right now, but we have taken a step back and can more readily see what is going on. This allows us to not take it as personally as we have in the past. And, while events in our lives may still seem annoying, we are not being hurt emotionally or feeling the inner pain that was associated with similar life events in the past.

This change is spurring on a rebirth of who we are with an emphasis on looking in and tuning into our own information verses valuing ourselves based on other people’s opinions. What a wonderful energy.

In any case, I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the healing energy that is coming in.
If this reading resonates with you, I would love to hear what you have been experiencing and how this week’s energy it is affecting you and your life..

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I’m Dr. Rita Louise

Be Blessed.

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