March 29, 2018 Psychic Prediction Reading



Psychic Reading Summary for The Week Of March 29, 2018


By Dr. Rita Louise
March 29, 2018

This week, I feel as if our clarity and sense of self is returning and with it, we are able to put our money where our mouth is.  The stress and tension we had been experiencing may have left us feeling a bit drained, so take some time and do something loving for yourself.  .


Here’s This Week’s Full Planetary Vibration Psychic Reading


How have you been feeling this week?  Perhaps a bit more grounded or clear? Are you noticing an emerging sense of direction or reconnection to your inner being?  If so, you are right on track for this week’s psychic planetary vibration reading.

In last week’s reading, I discussed how the energy on the planet was lightening up.  How we were separating the wheat from the chaff and coming back into our own power.  The stress and tension we had been experiencing before may have left us feeling a bit drained.  This fatigue is because our bodies were working on letting go of all the toxic emotional energy we were carrying.

This week, I feel as if our clarity and sense of self is returning and with it, we are able to put our money where our mouth is.  We are finally willing to use our energy for ourselves and begin the forward movement process.  For some, on the surface, they feel unsure about what direction they should take, but the reality is, is that under the surface, they know what they want.

The dynamic of uncertainty is coming into play for some because there are people around them that are not in agreement with the direction they are choosing.  This has created hesitancy within ourselves, causing us to second guess our desires.  So, if you are experiencing this in your life right now, recognized that the confusion, or inability to commit to yourself, is being sabotaged by the people around you.  It is their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that are infiltrating your energetic space creating this dynamic, not you.

This week also calls for us to nurture ourselves.  Take some time off.  Go to a movie.  Get some exercise.  Meditate.  Take a nice hot bath.  Do something loving for yourself.  These simple acts will help us to further ground into our bodies and assist us as we reconnect with the universal flow of energy.


Simple Stress Reduction Exercise


Grounding is critical when talking about maintaining health.  It supports the movement of energy in the body and is solely responsible for our ability to let go of the things that are keeping us stuck and not moving forward.  Grounding also helps us to reconnect with ourselves.  This is especially true if we are being affected by other people’s energy.

Grounding is simple.  All you need do is take a moment and close your eyes.

Imagine that you can turn a knob like one on the kitchen faucet.  This knob controls a small valve at the base of your spine.  By turning it, you will be opening up your energetic release valve which allows you to let go of the things you are holding on to.  The more you turn it, like the one on your kitchen sink, the greater flow will be.

Watch as all of the things you have been holding on to naturally and effortlessly begin to drain from your body.

Try taking a few nice deep breaths.  This will support your body’s ability to let go.  You might feel as if something is draining from your body.  You might experience more clarity, calmness or at least begin to feel relaxed.  These are all signs that your grounding is working.

Give yourself a few loving minutes to let this process happen.  Then, when you are feeling complete, take a couple of additional nice deep breaths.  Deep breathing helps to recharge the system and helps to fill in all of the places where that negative/trapped energy used to reside.

If you try this exercise, I would love to hear from you and what you experienced.

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Be Blessed.


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