November 2 , 2017 Psychic Prediction – Planetary Vibration



Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of November 2, 2017

By Dr. Rita Louise
November 9, 2017
This week’s summery We have our eyes set on observing, evaluating and integrating what is going on around us. Personal boundaries and willingness to honor ourselves and our feelings take center stage.


Here’s This Week’s Reading Planetary Vibration Reading

Well things finally feel like they are getting back to normal again. The congestion that we have been experiencing, the feeling of being stuck, trapped or unable to move should be lessening and affording us the opportunity to breathe. With the release of the pent up negative energies we have been holding on you may feel like you can move forward again. This cycle indicates growth and movement but not at a breakneck speed. We are still climbing the latter of who we are, working our way out of the depths of darkness that have surrounded us for quite a while now.

In this upcoming week, we have our eyes set on observing, evaluating and integrating what is going on around us. We are taking in this information and then checking in with the core of our being to ensure that the steps and actions we take are congruent with all of us. Any caution, hesitation or concerns that arise are coming up to help ensure that you are on the right track. This is not a time for making rash decisions, especially surrounding issues that may have long standing consequences.

It is interesting, because the ongoing, chronic pressure that you may have been experiencing on the top of your head or as if you had the weight of the world on your shoulders, seems to have magically lifted. You can smile again, laugh again and perhaps experience a sense of freedom once again. Thank God!

In the same breath, I sense that there is an unwillingness to just take it anymore. This sentiment may best be expressed by Popeye the Sailor when he says, “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” It is not that we will go crazy, experience uncontrollable rage or anything like that. There is, however, an inner solidity; a rock hard core that has emerged that has become clear on what acceptable behavior is to us and what is not. Tied to it is a willingness to honor ourselves and our feelings. In one word, this change is called “boundaries”.

Personal boundaries are guidelines or rules that we internally create which identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards us and how we will respond when someone exceeds these limits. It is a wonderful first step to identify what we will or will not accept. The harder part, for many people, is the second part of the equation which has to do with having and maintains our boundaries. What will you do if someone crosses them? I think many of us have gotten in the habit of not doing anything. I think that time, the time of inaction, for many of you, has passed. Even if you choose to not do anything in the exact moment your boundaries are being transgressed, you will becoming increasingly aware that they have. As they say, awareness is everything and if you are aware that your boundaries are being crossed it will only be a matter of time before you take action and do something about it.

All in all, things are finally looking up on the planet. I don’t know if it is because we have officially moved into the holiday season, with Halloween just behind us or if things are finally resolving. In any case, what I do know is that is feels great to finally move out of the shadows and back into the light.

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