November 30, 2017 Psychic Prediction – Planetary Vibration



Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of November 30, 2017


By Dr. Rita Louise
November 30, 2017
Our focus this week’s reading is that our energy has turned inward. Any sticks and stones that are being tossed our way are bouncing off of us. We are finally getting back to business and taking care of ourselves and our own.

Here’s This Week’s Reading Planetary Vibration Reading

I’m not real sure where this week’s reading is going to go, but let’s begin and see where we end up. It seems as if the new, more relaxed energy that began last week is still with us and we are continuing to enjoy the lessened pressure and stress that we have all been under lately. For many, if there is bad news on the horizon, we aren’t paying as much attention to it or perhaps just don’t care. That is not to say if there is something going on in your immediate surroundings, with your friends and family, that you will just ignore it and carry on. What it does imply is that things that are happening on the world scene, such as what appearing on the evening news, just doesn’t have relevance or importance in our lives right now. We have come to recognize that it is just more of the same. Ho hum… boring!

Our focus this week has turned inward. Any sticks and stones that are being tossed our way are bouncing off of us. We are finally getting back to business and taking care of ourselves and our own. It is interesting, because we went through a very long phase where we were being affected by everything. Looking at it in hindsight, we were unable to establish energetic boundaries and protect our personal space. We were wide open to receiving whatever wild and discordant energy passed our way. I feel as if our concern for all of the craziness going on around the world caused us to open ourselves up, in a very heartfelt and loving way, only to have it suck us into our planet’s drama. I feel like the break we had from reality last week has helped us to separate ourselves from the “global mind” and become our own person again.

I had no idea how powerful a group vibration could be, but now I know better. For those who are new to these planetary vibration readings, this is a topic I have been discussing for a while now. I have also written an article that delves into the concept of Schumann Resonances that talks about the concept of a global mind as well.

I think for us, at this time, it is important to take a moment and notice the shift that has come in over the past week or so. It will help you to understand on a personal level how planetary vibrations can impact us. To me, it also exemplifies the importance of owning our space and maintaining healthy energetic boundaries.

What I find potentially sad or scary is the thought that we might be becoming used to all of the craziness. Have we become complacent when hearing about the corruption in our government, the sex scandals, the mad suicide bombers and our potential economic doom? I can only hope not, because that seems like a slippery slope to follow. It would be putting us on a path were we lose some of our most important traits, our compassion and our empathy. My hope is that we are regrouping, getting ourselves back together so that we can once again face the world. The cards do seem to indicate that. When the shift from nurturing our inner self to once again dealing with the world around us will happen, well keep watching these reading and I will let you know as soon as I do.

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