November 9, 2017 Psychic Prediction – Planetary Vibration



Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of November 9, 2017

By Dr. Rita Louise
November 9, 2017
During this period, we still do not feel safe and even with a bunch of coaxing we are not interested in budging from our hiding spot. We are enjoying the safety the shadows hold for us at this time and are waiting for our opportunity to shine again.

Here’s This Week’s Reading Planetary Vibration Reading


So far, so good this week. Things seem to be holding with our continued forward movement, slow as it may be. We are also still in the process of letting go of old emotional baggage that has limited us in the past. With this release of emotional toxins we are making room for new energies to come into our spaces.

It feels like we are becoming a bit more daring, willing to take on bigger challenges. These baby steps are growing day by day. I still do not feel as if we are 100% comfortable with any forward movement but I feel like we are getting antsy not doing anything. I think for some this movement is in the physical world where slow, calculated steps forward are being taken and tasks accomplished. For others, the movement might be more on mental levels where ideas are being formulated and strategies planned. This too is an indication of forward progress.

I still detect a level of fear floating around. This is causing us on some levels to be indecisive. We are not 100% ready to immerse ourselves into those things that are calling our attention. The only way I can explain is, is as if we are conserving our energy, holding it close to ourselves or are not willing to share it with others. The feeling is as if, “If I put it out there, someone will attack it, invalidate it, disagree with it or retaliate against it”. This underlying feeling is causing us to hold back. Sadly, when we hold back energy in this way, the net effect is that our inner light is also affected. But at this time, that seems ok. We don’t want the spotlight to shine on us, enjoying the safety the shadows hold at this time. Said in another way, it is as if we are not trusting in the universe.

Normally I would say something to the effect that without trust, trust in God, trust in your higher self, trust in the universe, your will always be filled with trepidation. Trust helps us transcend the limitations of fear. With it, like a turtle that is hiding in its shell, we become willing to stick our heads out and begin interacting with the world again. During this period, I do not get the sense that we are ready to put our heads outside of our shells. We do not feel safe and even with a bunch of coaxing we are not interested in budging.

I guess the good thing happening during this period is that we are moving forward. It is like we are on a secret mission and are holding our cards close to our chest. Then when the time is right, we will do the big reveal – at least that is the plan, isn’t it?

As I have been talking about over the last number of weeks, I feel that people are tired of the hiding. They are even more tired of being afraid. Perhaps the cloak and dagger, stealthy, covert type operations we are employing right now as we move forward is our way of getting through this energy and back on track to who and what we are. Cross your fingers!

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