Entities Motives: What A Parasitic Attached Entity Wants From You

parasitic attached entity motives

A Look At What Drives A Parasitic Attached Entity

Based on Dr. Rita’s book: Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities

Dealing with an parasitic attached entity can be like interacting with the power and influence of a religious, social or political cult. These cults may look wonderful at first, but the reality is all they want from you is your obedience.

Cults will often use trickery, manipulation and mind control to win you over. They work by telling you how happy or successful you will be if you follow their guidance. They will hide the truth of who they really are and what they actually want. They will only make their hidden agendas known when they think you are ready. Then once their hold over you is complete they will use coercion, guilt, character assassination and even intimidation to keep you from leaving their influence.

Parasitic Attached Entities Act Like A Cult

A parasitic attached entity will do the same thing. They will lull you in with their promise of a better life, protection, strength and security. Once inside and firmly attached the game changes. What was once promised goes by the wayside.

Where they once provided you with good positive thoughts and ideas you are now filled with negative ones. They will tell you over and over again how bad, unloved or worthless you are. These negative tapes can keep playing in a never-ending loop over and over again in our heads. This is done to control you and keep you in a altered or negative emotional space.

While this interaction may be detrimental to you, for them it is desirable. They will keep pushing your buttons and try to trigger you into a deeper emotional response. And the deeper, darker and lower you go and the longer they can keep you in this emotional place, the happier they are. Relief can only be experienced if we can manage to move the entity out of our space. This is when we can reestablish our sense of self.

Many times a parasitic attached entity will not reveal its true motives when confronted. They will silence themselves and will not want to divulge its hidden agenda. In my mind, their silence says loud and clear they are out for no good. It is not that they can’t tell you or don’t know. To the contrary. They will blatantly say they aren’t going to tell even if their reply is through their deafening silence.

Parasitic Attached Entities Lie

It has also been my observation that all parasitic attached entities lie. They always try to make it appear as if they are looking out for you even if what they are telling you is how bad you are, how good another drink would make you feel or by providing you with guidance that ultimately isn’t in your best interest.

In some instances, the communication an individual receives from their attached entity will tempt the person into doing things such as cheating, lying, stealing or even worse. The parasitic entity may also tell the person how to get away with the misguided deed. It will often help the sufferer get out of trouble if caught in an act of indiscretion and will provide them with more lies, deceptions or excuses they can use.

The entity will do whatever it takes to get both of them out of a jam. This can mislead the individual. They believe they are receiving good and helpful advice from their entity. From the sufferer’s point of view, they never get caught, never get in trouble or never have to take responsibility for their actions. To them, life is good, so why change.

A lie, specifically if it will keep them out of trouble, is much easier than telling the truth and dealing with the consequences of the deeds. What they don’t realize is they are being deceived into believing they have no choice but to be this way. They think lying, cheating and being out of their integrity is their only option. This is their truth, their reality, distorted as it may be. If they only knew this is not who they truly are.

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