Like Pigs To Slaughter: Is Man’s Next Step Is Like A Can Of Potted Meat?

Potted Meat Food Product - artist Tim Boyd

What Does Potted Meat Have To Do With Our Next Step?

Is it the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?  For years, predictions have indicated that humanity is readying itself for a golden age, a so called new age that is right around the corner just waiting to roll in.  According to these forecasts, the air we breath will be clean and our environment pure.  Hunger, starvation and disease will be eliminated.  Most importantly, we will finally experience the peace and harmony we all desire and we will live in the spirit of brotherly love.

I too long for these events to take place, however, the reality that currently exists on our planet is very different and the choices we are making are sending us down a road that does not lead to salvation.

When I think about where we are going and how we are getting there, it can be likened to a can of potted meat.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with potted meat, it is a canned meat product that is found next to the Spam and Vienna sausages at the supermarket.  Its primary ingredients include cooked beef fatty tissue, beef hearts, beef tripe, cooked pork fatty tissue and mechanically separated chicken.  These tasty morsels are ground up into a paste-like consistency, mixed with lots of salt and chemicals, canned and sold for human consumption.

I’m sure by now your mouth is watering and you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into a forkful of this tempting delicacy.  And while I make this comment in jest, the reality is that three major food manufacturers fight for shelf space at the supermarket each hoping to capture the potted meat market.  The saddest or should I say scariest part of the saga is the fact that people buy it!  It isn’t as if only one or two people get the urge to munch down on some good ol’ potted meat, there are thousands if not millions of people around the country why buy it, creating enough value, based on sales, to keep it on the shelf.

What Does Potted Meat Have To Do With Our Next Step?

By now I know you’re wondering what potted meat has to do with our next step, but it has everything to do with it.  Take a moment and look around.  Every day, our air grows increasingly worse.  Obesity in children is running rampant.  The amount and quality of real, wholesome foods on the shelves at supermarkets are being overrun by prepackaged preprocessed chemically laden ones.  We fear for our safety, distrust our neighbors and hide in our hearts and in our homes.  And like the potted meat, even though we don’t really like it and know it isn’t good for us, we buy it anyway.

Let’s face it folks, we live in a chaotic world and in our haste we look for the easy answer.  We let big business, big brother and the corporate media decide what we want, what we need and how much we can put up with.  We’ve allowed the air we breathe, the foods we eat and the things we do to poison us and like pigs going to slaughter we do nothing about it, except perhaps complain.

Instead of working to bring in this new and golden age, many of us are sitting around waiting for it to show up.  There are some who believe that if we pray hard enough, hope deeply enough or say enough affirmations that things will somehow magically change without any effort on our part.

There are others who believe that it can only be achieved after a major calamity falls upon the earth recreating balance in the imbalanced world in which we live.  That it is only through the workings of karma that a profound shift can ever be achieved.

How Can We Create A Better World?

So how can we create this better world?  The first step is it needs to become our number one priority.  We must decide it is of utmost importance to us and let money, greed and personal gain take a back seat.  It necessitates a change in consciousness from “what do I want” to “what do WE as a people need”.  Until there is a dramatic transformation in the hearts and minds of man, the goal of a new world, while a nice thought is unachievable.

Unfortunately, many of us have chosen to stand on the sidelines and wait for the tide of personal and planetary changes to occur around us.  However, it is not until we stand as a unified whole, as a people undivided and demand that change take place that anything will happen at all.

Is it going to be hard?  Damn right it’s going to be hard.  Tom Hanks in the movie A League of Their Own stated:  “If it was easy, everyone would do it.  The hard…is what makes it great”.  Remember change doesn’t happen by hope or by prayer alone, it requires action.  So take a stand, make a decision, let your voice be heard, your greatness shine.  Don’t let karma rear its ugly head.  Just say no to potted meat and choose to bring in the future you desire.

Author’s Note Regarding Our Next Step

* Note:  This article was originally published in 2004.  As you can see, over the past 14 years, not much has changed in transforming this planet into a more desirable place.  In fact, the world seems more chaotic and divided than it did back then.  Will it take some kind of karmic, dramatic event for us to let go of our hostilities, our greed our need to be #1 so that we can address the bigger picture of how we can live together in a loving and caring community.  I hope not.

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