Planetary Vibration Reading – June 28th, 2017


Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of June 28th, 2017


By Dr. Rita Louise
June 28, 2017

Huge shifts are happening this week.  Things feel like they are beginning moving again.  We finally have a sense of direction, a place to go and that is up, up, up.

The major congestion we had been experiencing in the first chakra has finally released and we can thankfully let down our guard, relax and manifest our desires into the physical world.  For some, the list of things we need to do may seem long.  There were a lot of things that were ignored over the past weeks.  Our get up and go … left.  Now is your chance to knock some of the projects off the list and start to feel good about yourself again.

There also is a sense of freedom tied to this energy.  You may at last experience the sensation that you can breathe again.  There is still some lingering doubt that this good feeling will not last long but my impression is that it will.

There are always going to be the regular ups and downs of living, but anything we do experience during this period we will be able to take in stride.  We may also find ourselves unwilling to take a lot of bologna from other people and are more willing to express ourselves, what we want, need and expect from others.

Work, forward movement is the focus of this week’s reading.  Not your day to day work but the projects we have been putting off because we just didn’t have the energy to deal with them.  They take front seat again and finally get the attention they have wanted.  Tied to this are opportunities to learn new things, create a group effort and achieve the goals you had put forward for yourself months ago.  What a great vibration!

I hope this reading resonates with you.  I would love to hear if you have been experiencing this planetary vibration in your life and how it is affecting you.

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Till next time….

I’m Dr. Rita Louise

Be Blessed.


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