Planetary Vibration Reading – June 6th, 2017



Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of June 6th, 2017


By Dr. Rita Louise
June 6, 2017

Things this week have taken a wonderful turn for the better. The rough patch that we have recently worked through seems to have finally lifted and we can finally see where we are going again. So instead of fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what to do, we can finally grasp onto something real, tangible and most importantly, feels congruent with our being.

This week we are being giving the opportunity to plant a new tree or take something that we had started cultivating in the past and with a bit of TLC, bring it back to life. Our dreams are not lost. In fact, this rough patch has shaken up the soil of possibility. It has caused us to take a step back from our problems. As we begin to move forward in this new energy, what we had planted in the past has the potential of being even bigger and better than we had hoped in the first place.

This doesn’t mean we can just sit around and wait for it to happen. We have to actively participate in the creation process. This time also requires us to trust – in ourselves, in the universe and in God. This trust will help to move us out of the lower chakras, which brought about the darkness we recently experienced, and get us back into “the flow” as they say. When we are in tune or in sync with the vibration of universal energy all is possible.

It is interesting… because the energy of others, which was so challenging last week has dropped off into the background. I think for many, they have gotten to a place of surrender. What else could possibly happen? We’ve all been through so much lately. When we reach a place of overload, when it seems like nothing else worse could possibly happen, we are able to detach from the egoic drama and just be.

So what if a star falls from the sky and lands on my house… We are effectively saying to the universe, give me your best shot… You can’t hurt me anymore.

In the immortal words of Kris Kristofferson, as sung by Janice Joplin, freedom’s just another word for nothing else to lose. Enjoy the freedom. Experience your wholeness. Savor in being one with yourself and remember what it feels like. It is in this energy vibration that all is possible.

Recognize that we can experience this feeling, this energy every day if we just stay out of our own way. I also want to say, as I have stated in the last video, we are being influenced by the energy around us. Take a moment to feel what it is like to be you and just you in your body, free of everyone else. Doesn’t it feel great?

Anyway, I hope this reading resonates with you. I would love to hear your comments.

Till next time….

Be Blessed!


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