Planetary Vibration: May 31, 2017



Planetary Vibration Reading For The Week of May 31 – June 6


By Dr. Rita Louise
May 31, 2017

Many of you may have gotten a bit of a break from the challenging energies we faced last week. As if, we found a hole in the darkness and realized that there just may be a light at the end of the tunnel. You had the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your soul, even if it were only for a short while.

This week, starting May 31 and going until June 6th, we are going through yet another interesting and taxing phases. It may seem as if everything and everybody is screaming at us wanting attention. Look at me. Help me. Fix me. Take care of me.

These incessant thoughts and feelings knock us out of our grounded space, pulling on our 3rd chakra energy, as they seek satisfaction. The 3rd chakra is associated with how we use our energy…and these forces compel us to use our energy to take care of them – first!

On the other side, a part of us sees what is going on and even though everyone wants us and needs us, we recognize the value of honoring and nurturing ourselves. We realize that we can only find inner peace and wholeness when we take care of our needs, wants, our desires and ourselves before everyone else’s. It is only from this place that we can serve…

To work with the energies this week, it is again important to let go of the analytical mind and get back into your heart and your feelings. Let your inner light shine through your fourth chakra, let it expand out of your heart center and move out any darkness it may find within your auric field.

Boundaries also play a key role during this phase. Whether you strengthen your auric field, surround yourselves with golden light or just say no, each will help us move that “needy” energy out of our spaces and allow us to be ourselves again.

So breathe! And let your light shine for the whole world to see.

Till next time I’m Dr. Rita Louise

Be blessed.


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