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Psychic Reading Summary for The Week Of May 10, 2018

There is a strong desire within us to maintain a sense of inner peace. One of the biggest things we are learning at this juncture is we can choose to react to situations around us. We can get caught in the heat of the moment or we can step back and stay in neutrality.


Here’s This Week’s Full Planetary Vibration Psychic Reading


There is a strong desire within us to maintain a sense of inner peace. It not only feels good, but we have discovered that from this place of calmness within our psyche, we can navigate the world more effectively. This sentiment has been growing on the planet for the last several weeks.

One of the biggest things we are learning at this juncture is how to choose. We have always had the ability to decide how we want to react to a situation. The problem is that we really didn’t know we could. The events that have recently transpired in our lives have provided us with the opportunity to see this dynamic in action. Perhaps your way of navigating this newfound ability is by taking a deep breath or two to allow your nerves to calm down. Others may choose to move into a different room for a moment to gather their thoughts.

Regardless of your methodology, each of these things is helping you transmute the highly charged energy of crises, catastrophes, and drama in our circle of influence to something less intense and more manageable. If you think about it, the things that happen in our lives aren’t emotionally charged. Where the hurt, pain, anger, and frustration come from is our reaction to these events, not from the event itself.

If this is something unfamiliar to you, I think it is important to bring this dynamic into your conscious awareness. When we are tied up in a whirlwind of sensations it can cause us to not think clearly. Any decisions we might make during times of inner stress are not coming from a place of wholeness or from the depths of our soul, but are instead coming from an emotional and perhaps irrational part of us that is seeking balance. This emerging dynamic is creating a wonderful chance for us to learn a new tool which will assist us in the days and weeks to come.

This newfound skill is also affording us the opportunity to open ourselves up in many other ways, including our communication space. When we feel whole and one with ourselves, we can communicate our needs and desires from a place of neutrality. We are able to reveal what is going on inside of ourselves without fear because we are sharing our reality from a grounded place. It is also allowing to further explore the depths of our being where we are continuing to discover who and what we are and what makes us tick.

It is my hope during this forecast period that you will take a step back and become the observer of yourself and your reactions to the things that are happening around you. It is by bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness that an even greater transformation can be achieved.

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