Psychic Reading For The Week Of April 26, 2018



Psychic Reading Summary for The Week Of April 26, 2018

By:  Dr. Rita Louise

The energy this week has maintained a level of calmness that started a couple of weeks ago. This time has afforded us the opportunity to continue digging into ourselves and revealing our true inner nature.

Here’s This Week’s Full Planetary Vibration Psychic Reading


Things just seemed so much easier in the past. We had an idea, a mission, a goal or objective and we went for it. The object of our dreams would manifest into reality with minimal effort on our parts.

Today, things don’t seem to work that way anymore. We have an idea, and as we work to turn it into a reality, everything on the planet wants to get in the way of us achieving our goal, even small ones. Through our persistence, we may obtain a victory here or success there and then the next thing you know, some other weird happenstance robs you of the triumphal feels you were experiencing. It is frustrating at best.

The energy this week has maintained a level of calmness that started a couple of weeks ago. This time has afforded us the opportunity to continue digging into ourselves and revealing our true inner nature. We are in a cycle of learning and exploring. What do I want? What motivates me? Where do I go from here?

As humans, we have an inner desire to know where we are going. We want to have clarity on the path and direction our lives are taking. When we don’t know, it can leave us unsettled because we do not feel as if we are in control of our destiny. We are being called to live in the moment and follow the promptings we are receiving at that time. Interestingly, the best way I can describe it, and this was reflected in last week’s reading, is that this is not a time of thinking but a time of doing.

There is still a part of us that still doesn’t feel safe and are waiting for the tides to turn again and put us back into the line of fire. What we fail to recognize is that we are co-creating our reality. We are the ones who are choosing how to react to the challenges life is throwing at us. We can decide to get upset by what is going on around us, or we can choose to take a deep breath and work through whatever it is.

In India, Hindu’s believe in the concept of reincarnation. They think that the challenges we experience are temporary and transitory. They claim that these setbacks work to correct defects within our inner being so that through time, we will be able to exit the wheel of life and spend eternity in a perpetual state of peace. They recognize that suffering is part of the process of making us whole and trust that the misfortunes they experience have a higher purpose, one they may not be able to see at that moment.

Perhaps we in the west would be well served by incorporating this concept into our lives. By looking at the challenges in our lives from this perspective, we may be better able to navigate our lives easier and with less stress.

By accepting, and not resisting the things that are happening around us, we can maintain our integrity, and be true to who we are. This doesn’t mean that we have to roll over and take it. What it suggests is that we do not react internally in the same way as we had before. Even if we internalize the notion of “OK, this sucks. So where do I go from here”, we are accepting the circumstances life has presented. This does not mean that we have to like them.

So everyone, keep breathing, keep loving yourself and most importantly, keep checking in on these planetary vibration readings.

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