September 21, 2017 Psychic Prediction – Planetary Vibration


This is a Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of September 21, 2017


By Dr. Rita Louise
September 21, 2017

Allow your energy to move and flow to wherever it wants and needs to be. Become the observer and not the director in the route your life is taking.


Here’s This Week’s Planetary Vibration Reading


Wow is the energy ever moving and changing minute to minute. First we are up, then we are down, motivated and full of energy and then not so much. A hot bath and a comfortable bed are all we can think of.

I get the impression that this week will be a continuation of lasts week’s hurry up and wait energy. It is so interesting, when I look at the cards I laid out for this week’s reading, the cards are telling me that there are a number of openings and new energies happening this week. Tied to it, however, instead of the energy and enthusiasm one would expect, the feeling tied to it are fatigue, lack of inspiration, apathy or just the feeling of being drained. It is like we have run out of gas, or better said, we have gas, but we do not want to turn the car on.

This is a very weird vibration. As I feel into it I get the sense of betrayal. Like we have been there and done that and we do not want to be fooled again. I feel like the possibility being presented to us isn’t being met with apprehension but with a sheer lack of eagerness, passion or gusto. It seems more like we want to sit on the bench and watch. Why waist all of our good time and energy for not. It seems like it is better to sit on the sidelines and allow others to play out the drama. We know all too well that it is only a matter of time until we will get sucked back into the drama ourselves that is if you have ever left it.

Wow, how depressing is that?

On another level, our 7th chakra, the chakra on the top of our heads, and our first chakra, the chakra located at the base of our spine, are both being affected right now. When 1st and 7th chakra issues are present at the same time it can leave us feeling as if our energy is stuck. Many may be feeling isolated or disconnected from themselves, the world around them or the divine. Others may be experiencing this energy as a lack of trust, non-stop ongoing negative thoughts, emotions that are running rampant or as a lack of trust. Some of us may be ping-ponging back and forth from one set of feeling to the other.

The message I am receiving regarding this time is to not take it personal. Do not cling onto what is not working. Allow your energy to move and flow to wherever it wants and needs to be. Become the observer and not the director in the route your life is taking. I get the sense it is from this observational position that we will come to see the madness we are calling life right now and learn to step out of the whirlwind, where we will finally find that clear moonlit pasture we have been dreaming of. By stepping out of it or back from it, IS the way we will find our true path and finally navigate forward. It is interesting because it makes it seem that the chaos, the lack of trust, the ever changing emotions and energies we have been dealing with lately are just an illusion and have nothing to do with us, our energy and our happiness.

Well I hope this helps. Pretty powerful stuff, if I say so myself.

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Be Blessed.


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