Dark Angels: Home Protection Kits


By:  Dr. Rita Louise

What do you do if you find you have an unwanted ghostly visitor in your home or somehow affecting your life? Hoping it will go away might sound like an effective solution but it will probably not fix the problem. Our Home Protection Kits can help you to get rid of a pesky ghost. Our Home Protection Kits can raise the vibratory level of your home and work to clear the negative energies that may be effecting you and your environment.

How can our Home Protection Kits help? Especially when we are talking about ghosts? Simply… In order to get rid of what may be pestering you, steps need to be taken to shift, change, and transmute you, your location and the energy of the unwanted presence in your life.

When a ghost will not take its next step, more often than not, it is because it has some unresolved issues that need to be addressed. The ghost may be filled with pride or apprehensive of what is on the other side. It may be unable to surrender itself to the wonderful possibilities awaiting. It may be depressed or suffering from a deep emotional trauma. Its ego is clinging onto physical life instead of allowing whatever is going to happen, happen. Helping to heal these emotional wounds can help your ghost move on.

Our Home Protection Kits can also be used to create an energetic grid of healing and protection around an environment. They are designed to protect a space, be it our homes, apartment or even your cubicle at work . They can be used to create a safe place for you to be and work to keep your location free of outside influences.

Each Home Protection Kit comes with 4 specially selected healing stones. Each healing stone has been cleared of negative energy and is charged with the energy and vibration of its intended use. All Home Protection Kits also include a velour pouch and a step-by-step instruction guide for their use.



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