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Endorsements – Avoiding The Cosmic 2 x 4

subtle energy - chakra healingWhat Others Have To Say About
Avoiding The Cosmic 2×4



By:  Dr. Rita Louise


A thought provoking look into the fine art of the Chakras

When it comes to reading about the metaphysical, healing and such, I am not a big fan. For the most part, these books are subjective in nature, relying mostly on the “touchy-feely” parts of the experience, employ big words that are utterly misused and attempt to explain it all on Quantum Mechanics with absolutely no accurate sources quoted to back up the claims. Enter Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4.

Not only does Dr. Louise employ the scientific methos in her presentation, but offers a rich resource of studies and research to back up her subject matter. She ties in to Quantum mechanics, psychology and medicine, to provide a thought provoking look into the fine art of Chakras, and the foundation for exactly how it all ties in to the physical and mental wellbeing of the patient. Couple this with her compelling story-telling ability; you have a book to entertain you at several levels.

I must admit, I began the book on a flight from Houston, Texas to Newark NJ, and I was finished with it when we landed. I simply was too riveted to it to put it down. Kudos. FINALLY A PROFESSIONAL BOOK ABOUT A MUCH OVERLOOKED ASPECT OF HOLISTIC HEALTH!

David Roundtree
Author of Paranormal Technology


This is the book we’ve all been waiting for!

What an amazing book! Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4 is a road map to understanding the energetic principles that underscore health and disease while teaching you how to realign your body, mind and spirit so that they function in harmony with one anther.
Charles Lightwalker
International Association of Medical Intuitives


A Rich Synthesis of Healing Imagery and Technique

You are about to treat yourself to some soulful nourishment and very likely to an expansion of your notions of who and what you are and what it is possible for you to achieve in the areas of health and healing. This book offers a doorway to a whole new way of living!
Jack Elias
Author of Finding True Magic


Clarity About Energy

I found “Cosmic 2×4” to be fascinating and informative. Never before have I read anything that explained our energy centers, what they do and why it is so important to keep them open and flowing with such clarity. It helped me understand myself and the power of natural healing even better.

Veva Red ND
Maumelle, Arkansas


The world needs leaders like you!

I am very very excited to read your carefully delineated description of the influence of energy as it relates to health. Your straight-forward style makes it easier to understand such complicated levels of interactions. Thank you so much for adding clarification to the knowledge of energy and improving the quality of life and health.

JS – Alternative Health Care Instructor
Fairfield, Iowa


A Fine Forum for Subtle Energy

Rita Louise has provided us with a fascinating and insightful study of ourselves as energetic beings. Taken from the perspective of the chakra and qabalistic blueprints, she has shown us how to develop a deep understanding of our inner selves by showing us how to experience the flow of energy throughout our bodies. This book written by one of our first medical intuitives is a must-read for those interested in the self-healing process!

Marilynn Mackey
Dallas, TX


Holistic Networker – Book Review

If I didn’t know the author, I’m not sure I would have picked up this book based on the title. Luckily, I know that Dr. Louise has a profound innate talent for healing and I eagerly read this book from cover to cover. Dr. Louise writes with depth and clarity about issues of our very being: What are we made of? Why does disease come over us? How can I live a more balanced and whole life? This book will not disappoint or confuse you. Written in a conversational style, with excellent examples and illustrations, Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4, brings the whole subject of energy medicine and our subtle energy bodies into vivid reality.

Dr. Louise skillfully introduces the concept of energy medicine with an introduction to the frequency spectrum and the way in which wavelength determines the reality of physical matter. She makes reference to the Qabalah in an interesting and helpful way. I think even practitioners familiar with these concepts will find something of interest here – even if it’s just a new way of describing to family members what they do when they work with the aura and the energy bodies.

I particularly recommend doing the exercises in the final chapters. These exercises and visualizations will help you to experience the different aspects of your body’s seven energetic centers, called chakras.

Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4 will not only help you to feel more at ease in your own body, but it will also help you to appreciate and understand the energetic dynamics that manifest between people. I especially recommend this book to people with no background in holistic and energetic medicine. It is a helpful primer, a useful handbook, and makes an excellent gift.

Tony Cecala, Ph.D.
Holistic Networker
Dallas, TX


Spirit Spot DFW – Book Review

Avoiding the Cosmic 2X4 is written in a text-book style. This book could very easily be incorporated in a class teaching the reader to use the information within to realign their own bodies. The layout of sections and chapters follows a logical, easy to understand format. Speaking on our energetic nature and on to our spirit and self and the chakras, the author has given us insight to the layers of self often ignored by medical science. 4 wands – One of the Best!

Brenda Roberts
Dallas, TX