Stepping Out Of Eden Questions Why Do Humans Act Human

Stepping Out Of Eden

What Role Did Extraterrestrials Play In The Formation Of Culture
Has This Ancient Mystery Finally Been Solved?

Science has manipulated DNA, mapped the human genome, and cloned both plants and animals. They estimate that humans share 99 percent of their DNA with chimps, but the 1 percent difference enables humans to create art, literature and religion.

We often wonder, what makes humans innately human? Is it our biological differences, our lack of body hair, the size of our brains, opposable thumbs or our ability to walk upright? What was the catalyst that spurred the transition from tree-dweller to an upright, tool-making being able to travel to the moon?

The evolution of man has adherents in multiple disciplines. Some hold firm to religious doctrine, while others believe evolution is nothing more than survival of the fittest and that humans are still developing. Other factions believe that humans were genetically engineered by extraterrestrials and are the result of an infusion of alien DNA.

Dr. Rita’s new book, Stepping Out Of Eden, offers a new theory that will leave readers questioning and contemplating the implications long after they’ve turned the last page. It incorporates perspectives from a variety of disciplines ranging from psychology, behaviorism, anthropology and science to religion, spiritualism and mythology. Through logical investigation into the mythic records, archeological finds and theological sources, she arrives at clear and concise conclusions. The book offers a broader view that questions many of humanity’s most dearly held beliefs about itself and answers many of the questions that people have, but are told not to ask.

A Companion Book To E.T. Chronicles

Stepping Out Of Eden picks up the story humanity that was left untold in my last book E.T. Chronicles What Myths and Legends Tell Us About Human Origins. E.T. Chronicles  is a startling and comprehensive examination of ancient myths and legends that describe extraterrestrial visitors and their encounters with humanity since the dawn of time.   It starts with “in the beginning” and ends with the advent of civilization.  It tells tales of a time when the Gods walked the Earth. It takes a fresh look at the Gods of myths and legends as they appear in our biblical, oral and written histories.

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Praise For Stepping Out Of Eden

Over the centuries, there have been many different theories about which essential qualities and characteristics can be understood to be uniquely human. In Stepping Out Of Eden, Dr. Rita Louise explores an impressive body of comparative perspectives on the subject, drawn from many different fields of study. These range from archaeology and anthropology, psychology and behaviorism, to ancient mythology, spiritualism, shamanism, ritual, and religion. A comprehensive, informative and enjoyable read!

Laird Scranton, author of The Science of the Dogon

This book is long overdue. It blends both sides of human endeavor both with style, insight, and clarity. It is pieced together in a cohesive narrative that leads on to a final question “Who Are We”.  This book is without equal and long overdue.

Steven Strong and Evan Strong, authors of Out of Australia: Aborigines, the Dreamtime

Stepping Out Of Eden, raises questions many of us have but few of us ask. Where do we come from? How did we arrive at our present state of evolution? Is there a purpose behind it all? Where are we headed? What comes next? In this wide-ranging, cross-disciplined montage, Dr. Rita Louise takes us behind oral histories, religious texts, and archaeological mysteries, to confront essential unknowns and ask important questions about our very existence as a species. Strap yourself in for quite a ride!

Jim Willis, author of Ancient Gods: Lost Histories

Stepping Out Of Eden presents a deep investigation of what the author calls the mythic narrative. And in doing so she exposes a trove of ideas from across a wide spectrum from fields of study which easily helps the reader to find a firm understanding of who we are.

Unafraid to tackle controversial theories Dr. Rita Louise ushers in with firm intellect and experience to demonstrate a systematic break down process explaining just how complex we are as a species. And I would add that after reading this book, how ambiguous our world and our ancient history continue to remain. But no longer are they so elusive that we find ourselves hindered in our efforts to continue seeking answers; and especially with the help of Dr. Rita’s new book. It helps! From ancient medicine, rituals to myths, she manages to present well written and brilliant ideas revealing a structured and fun methodof thought. This is a book I strongly recommend.

Anthony F. Sanchez, author of UFO Highway

In her integrative tour de force of our homo sapiens species on our home planet Earth, author, naturopathic physician, medical intuitive, and psychic healer Dr. Rita Louise lovingly guides our intuition to an scientifically informed Inner Standing of how we humans are designed from inside outto manifest inside our Universe of time, energy, space and matter withinthe interactive dimensional ecology of a humongous Multiverse as Souls based in the Spiritual dimensions of the Omniverse

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, author of Omniverse

Dr. Rita Louise has an uncanny ability to not only swamp us with fascinating facts about our ancestry, but leaves us in a state of amazement at the depth and complexity of her research. Whatever we may have thought of our ancient history, Dr. Louise will turn it upside down, substantiate her conclusions with an abundance of facts from diverse sources. All this to solve the mystery of what it is to be human.

A new mystery unfolds on every page. The book reads like a detective story which leads us to most surprising conclusions. Don’t miss it. It will amaze you, but most of all; it will leave you greatly surprised.

Stanislaw Kapuscinski, author of Delusions

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