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    Purchase Dr. Rita's newest release iKon: Deconstructing the Archetypes of the Ancients and get a copy of her books Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods and Avoiding The Cosmic 2x4 bundled together for HUGE Savings!

  • The E.T. Chronicles: What Myths and Legends Tell Us About Human Origins


    The E.T. Chronicles is a startling and comprehensive examination of ancient myths and legends that describe extraterrestrial visitors and their encounters with humanity since the dawn of time.    

  • iKon: Deconstructing the Archetypes of the Ancients


    iKon: Deconstructing The Archetypes of the Ancients challenges you to open your mind to a completely new way of thinking of our past, a past that is being hidden from us, yet is right in front of our very eyes. Are you ready to step outside the box of conventional thought?

  • Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods

    from $7.99

    Mythology is filled with stories of torrid romances, elaborate and intricate plots, violence, scandals and conspiracies. It tells tales of a time when the Gods walked the Earth. Take a fresh look at the Gods of myths and legends as they appear in our biblical, oral and written histories.
    Limited Edition Copy!    

  • Dark Angels: A Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities

    from $7.99

    When talking about beings without bodies; angels, ascended masters and spirit guides aren’t the only kids on the block. Dark Angels talks about the bad kids in town. Who are these bad kids? As a child, you might have met one at night…under your bed, in your closet or down a dark hallway. What are we talking about? We are talking about ghosts, spirits and attached entities.    

  • Avoiding The Cosmic 2x4


    Treat yourself to some soulful nourishment and an expansion to your concept of who and what you are. Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4 brings the whole subject of subtle energy and energy medicine into vivid reality.

  • The Power Within - Psychic Healing Primer


    The Power Within is the premier “how to” guide for developing your psychic abilities and exploring your healing potential. It will show you step-by-step how to develop you psychic healing abilities.

  • Power Within Companion Audio CD


    Let Dr. Louise guide you to just the right spot in this audio companion CD.  It is filled with audio recordings of key exercises from the book The Power Within.

  • The Power Within - Power Pack


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    Buy The Power Within & The Power Within Companion Audio CD together & Save Big!    

  • Meditating On The Chakras DVD


    Take a pause from your busy routine and let go of the anxiety that is creating tension in your life with a guided meditation that will balance your chakras. Calm your mind, relax your body and make positive mental, emotional and physical changes.    

  • Meditating On The Kabbalah - Audio CD Set


    Utilize the guidance and symbolism represented by the Tree of life  with our Meditating On The Kabbalah audio cd set.  You will learn to employ and utilize its universal principals to enhance and heal every aspect of your being.      

  • Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Meditation - Audio CD


    Heal and clear the pathways of manifestation as you open yourself up receiving what is most appropriate to you in the now. Find the insights and guidance you need as you work in alignment with your highest good.     

  • Open To The Divine Meditation - Audio CD


    Heal every aspect of your being as you open yourself up to receiving the divine. Find support as you move forward in life. Clear away limitations that may be keeping you from experiencing your potential fully. Digital Download Version

  • Reconnect With Your Soul Meditation - Audio CD


    Go deep inside your being, clearing all of your communication channels and reconnect with the inner guidance your soul provides. 

  • Clear Negative Energy Kit


    Our Clear Negative Energy kit will help you dispel harmful energies. This kit can be used to shield you and your environment from unwanted influences. This kit is designed to protect you from the negative effects of friends, family, neighbors or any ghostly presence that may be effecting you. This kit also guards against psychic attack. The Clear Negative Energy Kit heals energy blockages, especially for those who are unable or unwilling to let go of the past. Its healing ability can help to eliminate negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear and resentment.

  • Amplify Energy & Intention Kit


    Our Amplify Energy & Intention Kit supports all of your healing and protection work. It is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with one of our other Home Protection Kits. The Amplify Energy and Intention kit allows you to set your own healing intention and works to augment the power of your intentions. This kit is very programmable and will hold your intention for extended periods of time. It can also be used with one of our other Home Protection Kits to amplify their healing and protective qualities.

  • Transmute Lower Vibrations Kit


    Experience an environment filled with wonderful peaceful energy. Our Transmute Lower Vibrations Kit does just that. This powerful and protective kit transforms lower vibrations into higher ones. It can be used to change the negative energy you may be experiencing in your home. The natural calming properties and strong healing powers of this kit can help to relieve stress and sooth irritability. It can be used to dissolve feelings of sadness and grief while encouraging an promoting our own inner strength. It can also be used to dispel feelings of rage, anger, fear and anxiety and support a state of peace and tranquility.