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  • Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Meditation - Digital Download


    Heal and clear the pathways of manifestation as you open yourself up receiving what is most appropriate to you in the now. Find the insights and guidance you need as you work in alignment with your highest good.     

  • Meditating On The Kabbalah - Digital Download


    Utilize the guidance and symbolism represented by the Tree of life with our Meditating On The Kabbalah audio cd set. You will learn to employ and utilize its universal principals to enhance and heal every aspect of your being.

  • Open To The Divine Meditation - Digital Download


    Heal every aspect of your being as you open yourself up to receiving the divine. Find support as you move forward in life. Clear away limitations that may be keeping you from experiencing your potential fully.

  • Reconnect With Your Soul Meditation - Digital Download


    Go deep inside your being, clearing all of your communication channels and reconnect with the inner guidance your soul provides.

  • Nature's Pharmacy E-Book


    Comprehensive and easy-to-use, Nature’s Pharmacy offers in-depth profiles of herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and their healing uses. It is an essential guide for anyone interested in home health care and is perfect for novices and experienced herb practitioner users alike.