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  • The Power Within - Power Pack


    Save 22%

    Buy The Power Within & The Power Within Companion Audio CD together & Save Big!    

  • The Power Within - Psychic Healing Primer


    The Power Within is the premier “how to” guide for developing your psychic abilities and exploring your healing potential. It will show you step-by-step how to develop you psychic healing abilities.

  • Transmute Lower Vibrations Kit


    Experience an environment filled with wonderful peaceful energy. Our Transmute Lower Vibrations Kit does just that. This powerful and protective kit transforms lower vibrations into higher ones. It can be used to change the negative energy you may be experiencing in your home. The natural calming properties and strong healing powers of this kit can help to relieve stress and sooth irritability. It can be used to dissolve feelings of sadness and grief while encouraging an promoting our own inner strength. It can also be used to dispel feelings of rage, anger, fear and anxiety and support a state of peace and tranquility.


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