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If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you…

Thank you for your participation in the Midlife to NewLife Summit:  Upside of Divorce.  We hope that you have learned some tools and techniques to help you clear your blocks, awaken yourself to your life purpose and manifest your dreams.

To help you in your ongoing journey of self exploration we have two great gifts that we are offering to you for free.  These include our Meditating on The Chakras meditation and our JumpStart Your Intuition training guide.


Free Gift #1:  Meditating On The Chakras

Meditating On Chakras

Guided Meditation To Balance The Chakras
Imagery To Heal The Body, Mind & Soul

We all are under a lot of pressure these days. Working with guided meditation is a wonderful way to give to yourself. The young and old alike can perform this stress relieving relaxation technique. Individuals in the peak of health or ones who need to restore vitality in their lives can do it.

Take a pause from your busy routine and let go of the anxiety that is creating tension in your life. Chakra balancing is know to calm the mind and relax the body. Couple that with the healing energy guided meditation offers. Experience positive mental, emotional and physical changes right from the start.

The energy healing benefits of guided imagery have been used since the beginning of recorded history and are still being used today. Everyone knows how good it feels to take a walk out in nature. As we breathe in fresh air, the sun recharges our batteries, leaving us feeling alive and refreshed.

Meditating On The Chakras guided imagery is very simple to use, yet can produce extremely powerful changes in the body, mind and soul. Download your copy today and enjoy the healing benefits chakra balancing through guided imagery offers.


Free Gift #2:  Jump Start Your Intuition



Get Personal Insights Into What Intuition Is All About.

Open the door to a completely new world, the world of intuition, health and healing with our free online training course.  It is an exciting and amazing way of looking at the body, the disease process, and ways in which to restore health.

Working in the fields of  energy medicine, intuitive counseling and medical intuition is all about  understanding, tuning into, evaluating and manipulating subtle energy.

Identifying and clearing an imbalance is something that you can learn to do.  In our Jump Start Your Intuition training, we will be taking the first step towards this goal.

You can download your free 50 page home study training course and open the door to your intuition.  Whether you are looking to use spiritual healing to improve your life, or to become an energy medicine practitioner, intuitive counselor or medical intuitive, our Jump Start Your Intuition program is will open the door for you.

Fill out this simple form and you can access your free gifts right away!  It’s that simple!


Dr. Rita


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