The Secret To The Law Of Attraction

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Tips For Working With The Law Of Attraction
Discover The Secret Of How To Use It Successfully

Have you ever wished upon a star? Dreamed of far and distant places? Imagined yourself being successful or prosperous? What the world would be like if we could manifest anything we wanted with just a thought. I bet it sounds impossible. Well it is not. Working with the Law of Attraction makes anything possible.

Working with the Law of Attraction is simple if you understand its basic premise. It is not about what we want, but at the same time, it is ALL about what we desire. It does not work when we come from a place of ego. It functions when our heart, mind and soul is in alignment with our higher power – source. This is when miracles happen and can experience the life that we truly desire.

Watch the following video and learn more about the Law of Attraction. Dr. Rita Louise delves into the concept of the Law Of Attraction and discusses our role in conscious creation. Video also features: Eldon Taylor, Keith Blanchard, LaRue Eppler and Egan Sanders.

The Secret To The Law Of Attraction

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About Dr. Rita Louise

A gifted and talented clairvoyant medical intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise helps people identify the root causes of their concerns.  She is a Naturopathic physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics that trains students in the art of medical intuition, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine. She has authored six books and produced several feature-length and short films.  Dr. Louise has appeared on radio, television and in movies and has lectured on health and healing, ghosts, intuition, ancient mysteries and the paranormal. Her books and articles have worldwide circulation. 

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