The Weapons Of The Gods

Weapons Of The Gods - Ancient Aliens

Does The Universal Symbolism Of The Weapons Of The Gods
Imply A Commonality Amongst Our Mythic Tales?

Scholars contend that there is no relationship between Indian, Greek, Australian, Norse and the cosmology of the Americas.  They believe that each civilization conceived of their gods independently and that a deeper, older, universal tradition does not exist.  If this were the case, then the foundation of these societies; their myths, traditions, beliefs and iconography should be unique to them, their location and their history.

Yet when we look at a wide range of ancient and indigenous groups a pattern of commonality exists.  This is exemplified in the weapons of the gods.  Symbols used to describe the god’s weapons that are found in Indian readily appear in the oral and written descriptions of other cultures.  They also appear in their artistic images.  These representations seem to transcend time and location.

As we look at the myths and stories from around the world do they imply something deeper?

The Weapons Of The Gods

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