This Week’s Psychic Reading – May 17, 2018



Psychic Reading Summary for The Week Of May 17, 2018

By:  Dr. Rita Louise

What is your inner self telling you? This week we are letting go of the ongoing drama in our lives and focusing our attention on ourselves, our health and wellbeing.

Here’s This Week’s Full Planetary Vibration Psychic Reading

In last week’s reading we discussed how we are working on how to choose our reaction to events happing in and around our lives. This energy is continuing with a couple of subtle shifts to its dynamics. Through our experience of observing the dynamics of what is going on around us, we are becoming less affected by them. We may hear their voices but we are choosing to respond differently or not respond at all. It is as if we are washing our hands of the ongoing drama and focusing our attention on ourselves, our health and wellbeing. This ability is growing on a daily basis.

If we chose to not react, as life challenges are presented to us, we can use the emotions they bring up to dig deeper into our psyches and explore what internal buttons are being triggered. So while we may think we are learning to better deal with the situations and people around us, what we are really discovering is what makes us tick. These insights are penetrating deep into our souls causing us to reevaluate, well everything.

On a more personal note, this period feels as if we are conflicted with ourselves. This dynamic doesn’t have to do with anyone else, but with ourselves properly. We have a vision where we think we should be heading or of what life about, but it does not seem as if we can get the two of them in sync. So instead of beating yourself up for the incongruities you may be experiencing, perhaps nurturing yourself would be a better choice.

We cannot direct the flow of the universe. We can only ride in its ebb and flow, allowing the fast moving water to take us to that perfect spot, the place of our highest good. We support this movement by paying attention to and acting on the inner guidance we are receiving. So what is your inner self telling you? Are you listening?

Listening is only one part of the equation. The second element is to take action on the guidance we are receiving. When we don’t listen it is like we are stuck close to the shore of our river, and our forward movement, the free flow of our lives is inhibited. Sometimes taking action on the insights we are receiving is hard. That is where things like grounding, deep breathing, meditation and yoga can help. They can assist us in transcending our fears and getting ourselves and our lives back into the flow of the universe.

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