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Psychic Reading Summary for The Week Of May 24, 2018

Our internal energy feels low as we move into this next forecast period.  Our constant vigilance to keep our internal environment seems to be taking its toll and leaving us feeling fatigued.


Here’s This Week’s Full Planetary Vibration Psychic Reading


Our internal energy feels low as we move into this next forecast period.  The exhaustion we are experiencing may be physical, mental or emotional and in some cases it may be all of the above.  Even with our best efforts to hold and maintain our space and sense of self it is as if there is always someone beating at the door trying to rob us of our vitality.  This constant vigilance seems as if it is taking its toll and leaving us feeling fatigued.

At this time, our creative juices are flowing.  We are coming up with great ideas and transforming those ideas into reality.  The issue it seems that once created it is as if they are falling on deaf ears and leaving us with the feeling that even though we have worked hard and accomplished a lot, we are in no better shape than when we started.  This situation is leaving us frustrated at best.

It’s interesting, because for the first time in a while we are not struggling with ourselves.  We are experiencing a level of clarity as to what direction we need to go.  But when we reach outside of our own personal space and feel into the energy around us, what we sense doesn’t feel good or right.  This discomfort is causes us to shut down the movement of energy that is coming to us, thus inhibiting the natural flow of the universe.  To be honest, it is the weirdest dynamic I have ever experienced.

Let me explain this last statement.  In nature there is a natural ebb and flow to everything.  Like the waves on a beach, we naturally send our thoughts, needs and desires out into the universe.  Likewise, we are also designed to receive similar energy and information.  This dynamic allows us to interface with the world around us on spiritual levels.  Right now, what I am sensing is that we do not want to receive energy from the world around us.  It feels uncomfortable and well can downright hurt.  The more we shut ourselves down to receiving from the world around us; we are also inhibiting our ability to send energy out into the universe.

You know, the universe works in mysterious ways.  Personally, I have been having a problem understanding what the heck has been going on in the past few days, but now I have my own answer.  I hope this reading will provide you with insights into what is going on in your world and help you to shift your energy into a more open and accepting dynamic.

Anyhow as always, I’m not sure where we will be next week, so I hope you will check in on next week’s psychic reading.

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