The Fate Of Genetically Modified Food

genetically modified food

What Is The Social And Health Impact Of Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s)     By Dr. Rita Louise If you consume what is considered a traditional American diet, did you know that you were already eating genetically modified food? Foods such as soft drinks, processed foods and even the oil that … Continue reading

Trepanation: The First Recorded Surgery – Brain Surgery


  Ancient Medical Procedures Still Baffle Scientists     By:  Dr. Rita Louise In the modern age, when we think of surgery, we think of doctors working in sterile environments using finely crafted tools on an anestitised patient.  That was not always the case.  The history of early surgical techniques … Continue reading

The Ancient Culture of Australia

  Unraveling The Mysteries Of Our Ancient Origins     Dr. Rita Louise explores ancient human origins through a discussion about the indigenous inhabitants of Australia and their culture. In this talk provided in celebration of the one year anniversary of, Dr.  Rita proposes that in seeking to unravel … Continue reading

Extraterrestrial Gods – Part I

  Myths And Legends Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods     In this interview, Dr Rita Louise, Author of Man-Made: The Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods, provides some startling insights into the creation myths and legends from cultures around the world and through the ages. Dr Rita also raises the possibility … Continue reading

Extraterrestrial Gods – Part II

   Extraterrestrial Gods – Part II     In this second part of the interview with Dr. Rita Louise, Author of ‘Man-Made: Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods’, Dr. Rita provides valuable insights into the ancient ‘Gods’ referred to in the myths and legend of the past and describes how mankind … Continue reading

Medical Intuition: Insights into Health & Wellness

  Do Our Thoughts And Emotions Impact Our Health?     Medical intuition is the ability to assess health intuitively.  In this presentation, medical intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise will illustrate how our thoughts and emotions impact our health, as well as ways in which to assess our own emotional health.  … Continue reading