Testimonials For Medical Intuitive Dr. Rita Louise

Testimonials & Other Kind Words About Dr. Rita Louise

“I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you and I think you have a wonderful gift.”

“Thank you and thank you! You’re the greatest! The information was bulls-eye and dead on the money – word for word.”
Patricia Joyner, Philadelphia, PA

“I shared with my doctor some of the things you saw, he ran some tests, and you were right again!”
Nancy Sibley, Dallas, TX              

Testimonial of Ruth D, Nashville, TN

I met Dr. Rita at the New Age Expo & Wholistic Fair in Nashville.  I was having some vision problems in one eye, and had been to three different doctors for this problem.  I had an MRI done to rule out MS, and was waiting to get the results back from that.  I had asked another psychic when it first happened what she thought it was and she said cataracts.  Anyway, I had a reading done from Dr. Rita and she said that it was an inflammation in my eye, and not in an MS way.  After going back to the doctor, and then to a neurologist with the results of the MRI, I found that Dr. Rita was absolutely correct.  It was an inflammation in my eye, and I don’t have MS.  Everything else she said in the reading was also very true. 

I will definitely be using Dr. Rita again for another reading.

Testimonial of Kim Perry

Dr. Rita

I just wanted to give you an update. We had a phone appointment at the end of November. You were totally right about things falling into place with my eating habits after the holidays. Actually, it came together right before Christmas and I have lost almost 10lbs. I’m not so overwhelmed with the amount of energy around me here in Dallas and things are going splendidly! Thank you for listening to me and your suggestions about overcoming the rut and protecting myself from the excess energy. You’re awesome!

Testimonial of Michael D. Root, San Benito, TX

Dear Dr. Rita,

Thank you for the amazing session we had yesterday! I have never before met someone who can address the unconscious core beliefs and behavior patterns that have been holding me back in life and creating unnecessary symptoms. I love the fact that you are able to get to the real issues so quickly and directly and can also suggest appropriate and practical action steps which allow me to move forward in good ways. There’s also a welcoming quality in your personal energy that inspires me to move forward. I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

God bless you and your unique gifts as you bring healing to our planet!

Testimonial of Nancy Sibley, Grand Prairie, Texas

Dr. Rita

I saw you again yesterday at the Health & Wellness Expo.

The first time you gave me a reading, you advised me to have a complete blood workup from my Dr. office. You said my thyroid was not working. You were right! After a complete blood work up, my thyroid function was not productive. Also, I was anemic, bad LDL’s. My thyroid is working properly now w/the right does of Synthroid. I had my blood taken a week ago and my Dr. called me and told me that my cholesterol was 181 and my LDL’s were 81. He said it was excellent.

The second time I met you was last June. I was very sick. I had chronic sinus infections, bronchial infections. I was treated with mega antibiotics for 3 months and finally was diagnosed w/allergy induced asthma. None of the medications worked and I coughed constantly.

During my reading, you said you felt I was working in “a totally toxic environment”, you said the building was “sick”. Your weren’t completely sure as to what, but you felt strongly it was chemical related and my body could handle the toxins. You suggested for me to quit, immediately and get out of there.

Within one week after leaving, all symptoms stopped. No coughing. A final Dr. visit revealed no asthma and a chest e-ray revealed no chronic lung condition. A year later, I am healthier than I have ever been and I have great energy and have noticed a more positive outlook on life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done for me. I look forward to a current reading.

Testimonial of Natascha

Hi Dr Rita,      

Thank you for the session today. I don’t know what you did or how you do your thing but I feel sooooooo good. So many fearful thoughts/reactions/behaviors have gone. My mind is freer; the thoughts stopping me moving forward in action just aren’t there. What you do is amazing and you don’t even mention it. Some things will take a little longer, I noticed toady that energies that before overpowered me are way smaller, how is that so? It’s like who cares, whereas before a weird battle would ensue or I’d feel belittled and become angry etc. Your work is so REAL and quick, placing me back on the clear track.

Thank you so much!

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Testimonial of Vickie

Hi Dr. Rita,

I just got done sobbing my eyes out in gratitude. I want to thank you so much for holding a higher vision of me. I have lived for a year with the feeling and belief that I don’t have a purpose. I have now reclaimed my purpose and live fully in it. Thank you for being a part of that process.

Testimonial of Lori Howe

Dr. Rita,

I have really enjoyed reading articles by you. They are very clear, not too wordy and definitely do not come across as so many can with a “superior” attitude. The Teacher in you shines through. Thank you.

Testimonial of Katherine Pratt

Dr. Louise,

I had to write to you and say thank you so much.  After our talk last week, I took your advice and started to talk with Katrina about the spirits and how to make friends with them.  We also asked the spirits if they would please stop scaring her and let her get a good night’s sleep.  IT WORKED! 

For the past four nights, she has slept through the entire night with no bad dreams.  This is the longest period without nightmares that we have had in over a year.  She told me that one of the spirits is named Nostramo and he wears an orange shirt.  He talks to her because he is stuck and we have to help him get “unstuck”.  There was something else about 3 minutes that I didn’t really understand.  Another one is named something like Kenan or Keena.  This is the one she is really scared of and she still doesn’t want to talk with or about it.

Thank you again.  I was at my wits end and now I have hope of a good night’s sleep again.

Testimonial of Rex S., Dallas, TX

Two years ago I received a severe neck and shoulder injury from a fall. My health deteriorated into constant pain, numbness, fear, and depression. I was told by traditional medical doctors I needed surgery, that I had developed neuro-muscular disease, and Parkinson‘s.

I was saved from their inaccurate diagnosis by Dr. Rita. She is truly amazing. Through her evaluation, Dr. Rita determined that I had an energy blockage in my shoulder, my cervical spine was torqued, and I had a past life issue. She accurately advised me how to correct each one.

Thanks to Dr. Rita I’ve taken the necessary steps needed to correct my condition. My life has taken a positive drastic change. Thank you so much Dr. Rita.

Testimonial of Rina

Dr. Rita,

I feel very blessed just reading the article published in Self- Improvement newsletter that was from you. It seemed that you were talking directly to me, such an amazing good super feeling- almost an enhanced capacity to relate and thoroughly enjoy the beauty and mysteries that surround us yet so eloquently explained by what you had written. Yeah, that’s real connection, now I am more confident to reach out to someone who’d been on my mind almost this whole month. The thoughts of “What ifs” are now gone, instead it’s a Go for it kinda feeling and gut.

I highly appreciate you, Rita!

Testimonial of Michelle

Hello Dr. Rita,  

I just wanted to tell you that came across your website, “Living in Wholeness” and just wanted to tell you that your article has inspired me in many ways. I think we all need to look at life as living in wholeness.

Thank you for your inspiration!

Testimonial of Rev. Michael K, Wofford Heights, California

So far Rita you are the only one that is getting close to the problem, believe me I have seen many healers about this and they all come up with silly reasons that make no sense.

Testimonial of Jackie M, Arlington, TX

Dr. Rita,

I just wanted to relate a recent experience. I was treating with an MD for a urinary tract infection. I returned to the doctor for a retest. The office test indicated that the infection was still there. I went to see Dr. Rita a few days later. She advised me that she didn’t think I still had the infection and attributed my continuing problem to other factors.

Later that same day, the doctor’s office called with the results of a culture that was done on my specimen… and guess what…. it showed no infection….So Dr. Rita is right…again!! Thanks, Dr. Rita…..

Testimonial of Anupama B, Dallas, TX

I have been having bladder and vaginal problems. Dr. Rita told me that I have a bacterial infection and nothing else, as I was very scared. The doctors have told me that I have a bacterial infection after that. This has been troubling me since it has been going on for an year now. I am very thankful to Rita as half my pain is gone now. She is very understanding and talked to me as if I were her close friend. That reduced half of my worries.

I recommend Dr. Rita to everyone. I feel she is very accurate.

Testimonial of Shirley Hamm

On September 7, I attended a psychic fair in Lynnwood, WA. I went to have my astrological chart done. While waiting I saw Rita Louise. I had met her at the North Star Bookstore in South Everett. So I checked and was able to get in to have a reading by Rita Louise. As she finished, she said something is going to happen for you around the third week in September. She said that this would not only make me happy, but it would make a lot of people happy.

On the third Thursday in September, the bookkeeper for the place where I was working, was told to figure out how many hours each of us had worked between July 1st and September 30th. This was because there was money left over from a grant and the Board of Directors said it was to go to the employees.

Testimonial of Crimson Holz

Dr. Rita,

I have had two readings by you and the last one I had asked a question about my father. You told me that the cancer had spread. I found out last night that he is not in any pain and that the cancer spread to his brain, liver and bowls. If I had never had the reading by you, I would not have been prepared for what was about to happen. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

Testimonial of Nancy Sibley

Dr. Rita,

I saw you in Downtown Dallas not too long ago. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect when I first sat down. I had been to the Dr. and he told me a few things that he thought might be going on with my health and body and scheduled an appointment for a complete blood work-up. Between these appointments, I was feeling pretty bad and really wasn’t up to attending the Health & Fitness Expo (where I saw you for the first time).

I had a reading and you were right on the mark. You gave me all the information that the Dr. gave me in the first visit and shared some other things that you saw. I shared those things with my Dr., and even though he was skeptical, he ordered further blood work, and again you were right. I am taking medications and also using alternative supplements.

Today, I saw you in Addison, TX and received a “healing” reading, and yes, there was pain in my back and neck. I do have trouble breathing. You told me you felt it was past hurt that I shoved back. Also, my husband is pretty critical and negative. I have had a lot of hurt and a mother in my past that squelched every dream and plan I ever had.

You explained also that I was holding back from moving forward. I had several readings and everyone said the same thing. I was told to move forward with classes and courses in healing with herbs, etc. I thank you for your positive input and the feedback you gave in bringing my energy into perspective to reach my goals.

Thank you for your insight! You are a very gifted, caring person and I have enjoyed your sessions.

Testimonial of Carla Burhans

Dr. Rita,

Thanks for all your help. Just having someone give me a few minutes of undivided, caring attention helped enormously. And your medical intuition was very astute, esp. about being all head/no body and having a tennis ball for a stomach….these are things I also intuitively know about myself, but don’t know how to go about changing. Appreciate your ability and help very much.

Testimonial of Peggy

Dr. Rita,

I really enjoyed meeting you and thank you so much for our visit and relating these problems to me. You are right on every turn and I have already started working on these things.

Testimonial of Warren

Dear Dr. Rita,

I wanted to thank you for what you did for me the other day. You are truly a miracle worker and a soulhealer. I will never know to what degree it was your hands, or the flower essence, or the Holy Spirit, but whatever it was, I felt better immediately. I had plenty of energy for my long drive, and when I reached my destination I was met by some people that can only be described as angels. May God bless you!

I do know one thing that helped was your instruction to “let go” of Martha. I still do not know how things will turn out with her, and I still miss her dearly, but I can peacefully accept that “what will be, will be.”

I am sure I will want to see you again, hopefully under less distressed circumstances!

Testimonial of Amy

Hi Rita,

This is Amy. I just wanted to let you know how effective our session was. I don’t know if you remember this or not, but you said that my communication somehow had a connection to my heart or something along those lines. I can’t remember you’re exact wording. Well, you said that you broke that connection. And you know, you really did.

Usually when I have to talk to someone about something and if I’m nervous or it could potentially become a heated debate I would cry or have to fight back tears or my words would get stuck in my throat or something would happen to prevent me from saying what I wanted to. But, this morning I had to talk to my supervisor about an issue and I just said it. I was able to say exactly what I wanted to say and I didn’t feel that silly emotional attachment to the whole thing. It was amazing. I never understood why I had this problem or how to go about fixing it.

So basically, I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you and I think you have a wonderful gift. I know people used to think I was silly when I would get so emotional over simple things. Now I hope that connection never reconnects!

Testimonial of Frank Mounts

 Dear Rita,

Just a line to thank you for your help at a time when things were looking very bleak for me. My impairment has progressed now to more of an inconvenience than anything!

The doctors are not telling me to just keep doing whatever I’ve been doing as they had little hope for any substantial recovery and have no idea as to why I’m where I am at this time. It was a personal triumph the last time that I went for a checkup to have the doctor call my name, looking for a patient in a wheelchair, getting up and walking over to say “Hi” as he just stared at me.

Needless to say the hours of tests that followed were studied by all and the conclusion was and is that the nerves in my legs were rebuilding and coming back “On Line”.

Miracle, perhaps, but if nothing else, you gave me the ability to look inside myself for help and not sit around asking “Why Me”.

I am now looking to the future to find a new life, having put aside any personal goals to be a responsible family man, husband and father. Being “Thrown Away” when I became ill and no longer able to provide still hurts me but through your guidance and belief in ones inner abilities showed me that new path to the rest of my life, “Upright and Strong”.

Testimonial of Catherine Adams

Rita Louise did a reading on the energies in my house and the surrounding area. She identified beings controlling the neighborhood, former occupants of the house that I was able to verify and energy between my husband and I that affected the overall energy of the house. She also moved out unwanted energy, allowing us to create the kind of atmosphere that we desired.

However, the most startling change we noticed was after she cleared the beings out of the neighborhood that had been creating an atmosphere of apathy for all of the neighbor’s occupants. Beginning the next day, the people in the four different residences immediately across the street and nearby on either side of our house made drastic changes. One couple put in a sod lawn and planted flowers all in one day, two others put in new driveways, and another cleared out overgrown plants and planted flowers.

As for my husband and I, we noticed that we felt better about our home and neighborhood after the reading. Rita has done other readings for me that have helped me understand the situation at hand, but the house reading produced the most startling results I have experienced so far.

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