What Are The 12 Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Channels In The Body?

Chinese Acupuncture Meridians channels

The Chinese acupuncture meridians are invisible channels which circulate qi, life force energy, or subtle energy throughout the body.  Many people have heard the term meridians, especially in relationship to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Unlike the chakras, which are energy vortexes that allow for the free flow of subtle energy from the outside world into our subtle body, the meridians transport this vital life force substance within the body. Read more

How To Know If You Should End A Relationship | 9 Signs To Consider

end a relationship - end the relationship

Your relationship feels like it is dying.  The magic has faded away.  You are constantly fighting.  The quality time you used to spend together is dwindling or non-existent.  You feel like the two of you are drifting apart.  There is a part of you that is wondering if you should end the relationship but you are unsure.  Should I stay or should I go? Read more

Why Some Stay In Unhappy, Abusive Or Narcissistic Relationships

Stay In A Toxic Relationship

All healthy relationships have high and lows but many people will stay in a toxic relationship long after the sparks of passion have lost their luster.  This concept is most puzzling in narcissistic relationships where an individual will stay in an abusive situation.  Researchers, however, have uncovered a number of reasons why people stay in bad, low-quality relationships, ones that do not meet their needs.  Read more

Why Am I Afraid Of Being Happy: Cherophobia

Why Am I Afraid Of Being Happy: Cherophobia

We all want to be happy and many of us search for happiness in the things we do.  We want to have satisfying romantic relationships, a successful career and a nice home.  The pursuit of happiness, in fact, is the central focus of the self-help industry where it tries to inform and instruct people in the ways of experiencing a blissful existence.  While most people actively pursue happiness, there are many who fear it.  These individuals have a happiness phobia called ‘cherophobia’. Read more

Are You Happy In Your Relationship Or Just Comfortable?

happy in your relationship

Are you happy in your relationship or just comfortable?  This is a question that we all ponder as time goes on and the thrill and excitement we first felt when we met someone begins to dim.  We all want to love and be loved.  We grow up being told about the ‘happily ever after’ we will experience once we find Mr. Or Mrs. Right.  Once we say “I do”, however, it often seems as if there is nothing more to strive for or to look forward to.  We have achieved our objective.  We have moved in together or gotten married and wonder, now what? Read more