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Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Counseling & Energy Medicine Training

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Counseling
& Energy Medicine Certification Training

Imagine if you could help someone experience positive, dynamic and meaningful changes that transform them from ordinary to extraordinary.  Discover how to help those who need your aid as they work through important life changes, challenging situations, breaking negative patterns and discovering a new direction for better healthier living.

Perhaps you are looking for a way in which to make a career change or start a new career in a field in which you can have more control over the direction your live take?  Working in the fields of alternative health and healing may provide you with the answers you are looking for.  This is especially true in the fields of medical intuition and energy medicine.

If this sounds like you, then the Institute of Applied Energetics Medical Intuition, Intuitive Counseling or Energy Medicine Training Program may be right for you.

Why Become A Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Counselor Or Energy Medicine Practitioner

Medical Intuition, Intuitive Counseling, and Energy Medicine are among the most stimulating and gratifying career choices available these days. The Institute of Applied Energetics is the leader in online home study training for those interested in becoming a certified medical intuitive, intuitive counselor or energy medicine practitioner.

As health costs keep rising, people are seeking out alternative ways of addressing their health concerns.  They are also becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with chemical and surgical treatments.  This puts Energy Medicine Practitioners, Intuitive Counselors, and Medical Intuitives in demand.

What Is Energy Medicine?

The science of Energy Medicine is simple. Here, energy is the medicine. Energy Medicine is based upon the philosophy that we are all filled with a subtle life force energy that animates us, giving us life. Energy medicine practitioners believe that an imbalance in the movement of our life force energy can profoundly impact us. These imbalances can interfere with our ability to be ourselves. They can prevent us from feeling whole and keep us from experiencing a state of inner peace, happiness and contentment.

Energy Medicine uses our intentions and imagination to facilitate the releasing of stagnant life force energy from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Even a small amount of stagnant energy can leave us feeling out of sorts or un-centered. Replaying traumatic situations over and over in our mind, feeling depressed, irritated, hurt or ungrounded are all an expression of an imbalanced energy flow. Over time, these imbalances can cause aches and pains in the body and if left unchecked can manifest as physical diseases such as diabetes, gallbladder dysfunction, high blood pressure and cancer.

Energy Medicine allows us to restore the movement of subtle energy in the body. It can be used to help us eliminate discordant beliefs, emotional blockages, as well as revitalize our organs, glands and tissues. With it, health can prevail.

What Is Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition refers to the ability to assess health on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Medical Intuition allows the practitioner to “look” into a person’s body and evaluate the health and function of the organs and glands, the muscles and bones and any other physiological system within the body. In addition, medical intuitives are able to help identify the limiting thoughts, discordant beliefs and emotional traumas that can underscore disease and interfere with our ability to heal.

Medical intuition, in and of itself, is an evaluative tool. In the strictest sense of the word, a medical intuitive is not someone who dispenses recommendations or provides advice. Their function is to evaluate and identify issues and imbalances, reporting their findings to their client. It can be likened to someone getting a cat scan or having a blood test done – data is collected and evaluated and the results are reported to the treating physician whose responsibility it is to identify a disorder and provide a solution. From this perspective, information regarding problem resolution is traditionally not found under the umbrella of medical intuition.

Medical Intuition, Intuitive Counseling And Energy Medicine As A Career

Medical Intuition, intuitive counseling and Energy Medicine are among the most exciting and rewarding career choices available today. As medical costs continue to rise and people become increasingly aware of the risks associated with chemical and surgical treatments, they are seeking out alternative ways of addressing their health concerns. This puts Medical Intuitives, Intuitive Counselors and Energy Medicine Practitioners in great demand.

The fields of Medical Intuition, intuitive counseling and Energy Medicine is a great career choice for anyone interested in exploring the principles of alternative health, healing and the disease process. It is for people who want to learn more about why people get sick and how to help individuals identify the mental, emotional or spiritual issues that manifest themselves as physical discomfort or disease. It is also for individuals interested in finding out more about the energetic systems in the body, how to work with them and how to transform energetic imbalances into patterns of health and wellness.

Well trained practitioners in the fields of medical intuition, intuitive counseling and energy medicine come prepared with a deep understanding of how to detect, evaluate and transform the subtle energy systems within the body. By utilizing practical methods for pinpointing illness and imbalances they are able to provide details about how these imbalances affect the body’s ability to function properly. They will also possess specific techniques for working with subtle energy and correcting energetic imbalances that may underscore a person’s ability to experience radiant health.

The most fascinating thing about exploring a career change to working as a medical intuitive or energy medicine practitioner is that everyone has the ability to develop the skills necessary to flourish in these fields. So if you’re sensitive to energy, want to explore the world beyond the five senses or are looking for a new career as an alternative health care practitioner? Then working as a medical intuitive, intuitive counseling or energy medicine practitioner may be right for you.

Introducing The Institute Of Applied Energetics

The Medical Intuition, Intuitive Counseling and Energy Medicine Training Programs, offered by the Institute of Applied Energetics, are specifically designed for those interested in pursuing professional careers in alternative health.

It is for people who want to make a dramatic difference in someone’s life.  Think about it; you can take your career to the next level while helping others make a dramatic, long-lasting life change using our exclusive home study program approach.  Experience the satisfaction of bringing health, healing, and wholeness back into people’s lives.

Be a catalyst for changing the way healthcare is done around the world.

Interested In A Career As A Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Counselor Or Energy Medicine Practitioner?

If a career change working as a medical intuitive or energy medicine practitioner sounds right for you, specialized training is available.  It is offered by the Institute of Applied Energetics, the leaders in distance learning training. 

You can check out their online distance learning programs and even start your training right away by downloading their free 50 page Jump Start Your Intuition training guide.  Open the door to your new life today by starting a new career in the worlds of alternative health and healing.

Enrollment Is Simple …

Jump Start Your Intuition

Getting started in any of the Institute of Applied Energetics home study training programs has never been so easy. In fact, you can start your training right now by downloading our free   Jump Start Your Intuition  course. You will receive everything you need to begin transforming your life.

Start your free training right away.

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You will be well on your way to enjoying all the benefits we’ve talked about more!  Let’s get started right now!

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