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Distance Spiritual Energy Healing | Intuitive Healer

Dr. Rita Can Support All Of Your Health & Healing Needs

Since the earliest times, spiritual energy healing practitioners have utilized energy medicine techniques such as the laying on of hands, the power of prayer, and Reiki to help revitalize an individual’s health: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  

This pleasant, powerful, and profound energetic therapy is gentle and can assist anyone who comes for help. Spiritual healing accelerates the restoration of physical challenges. It supports our ability to transform and grow.  It can also help us to move forward in life with clarity and purpose.

We all go to the doctor when we are not feeling good. Many of us take herbs and supplements, exercise, and eat right to maintain good health, but what about our emotional and energetic well-being? This is where a distance healing from Naturopath and intuitive energy practitioner Dr. Rita Louise can support your ongoing health needs.

Distance Healing helps to give you mental strength so that you can face life challenges with more. You will be able to manage stress. You will feel lighter and have a sense of ease as you conduct your everyday activities, as well as feel more positive and loving towards life itself.

How Does Energy Healing work?

In western society, humanity’s view of our existence on earth is based solely on our interaction with the physical plane, where we live in a 3-dimensional world. The physical world, however, represents only one dimension of the human experience and embodies only a fraction of the reality of the universe.  

We are also made up of several unique unseen energetic components including our auras and subtle bodies, our chakras, or energy centers within the body, and our nadis or energetic channels that support the free-flow movement of our life-force energy (chi) through our bodies.

Why Did I Get Sick?

When we are in the midst of a traumatic event, we block the natural flow of energy moving through the chakras and subtle bodies. Said another way, when something harmful is happening to us, we tend to cringe. Our physical body tightens up as well as our subtle body as we brace for impact. This is a normal and natural reaction to stress-filled and adverse life events.

The repetition of negative events and unpleasant situations can cause our body’s muscles to tighten up and armor themselves. This life stress also takes a toll on our chakras, where they will begin to shut down and malfunction. This can lead to the manifestation of physical disease if it is not corrected.

For example, we may find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship, a job, or a habit. Over time, our chakras can become blocked, clogged, congested, or distorted. We might find that our bodies are constantly sore, we might suffer from fatigue, develop an ulcer, have anxiety issues, or even panic attacks.  

healing through the use of energy medicine and other energetic healing techniques happens when the movement of subtle energy is restored to the affected parts of the energy field. Healing charges the subtle self with “positive energy”. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and emotions have attached. This causes the “negative” energy to break apart and fall away.

Healing via energy medicine straightens, strengthens and heals energy pathways thus allowing our life force to flow again. This supports increased health and healing to the body. It is often experienced as a sense of deep relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.

In my over 20 years of working with clients as a medical intuitive and spiritual energy healer I can securely state that at least 85% of the clients I have worked with who have a physical health issue also had a corresponding mental/emotional issue that was trapped in their organs, glands, tissues, and chakras.  

How Can Subtle Energy Healing Help?

Distance energy healing works to restore the movement of your subtle life-force energy throughout your body.  It works to transform your limiting beliefs and toxic emotions that are trapped within your physical body, in your auric field, and your chakras. It provides you and your body with the opportunity to release them.  

Spiritual Healing charges the subtle self with “positive energy”. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and emotions have attached. This causes the “negative” energy to break apart and fall away.

My job as an intuitive healing practitioner is to help get your life force energy flowing again. This is achieved by breaking up energetic blockages, dispersing stagnant energy, and supporting the movement of chi through your body. This allows you to let go of your old patterns and move forward with your real life’s purpose.

Who Can Benefit From A Spiritual Energy Healing?

Anyone can benefit from a distance energy healing, even you! It has the power to improve your overall health and well-being. People schedule intuitive healings because they are suffering from a chronic illness, are experiencing pain, or physical discomfort. 

Many people will use energetic healing as an adjunct therapy to traditional healthcare to hasten the healing process. Mental and emotional issues such as anxiety, PTSD, and trauma have found amazing relief through this spiritual process.  

Sessions often end with clients, like you, feeling a deep sense of inner peace. These sensations only come from an enhanced sense of well-being. The amazing thing about energy medicine is that you do not believe in it or understand how it works. You just have to be open to the possibility of it.

Who Is Intuitive Energy Healer Dr. Rita Louise

I have over 20 years of experience as an intuitive energy healer working on people just like you! As a Naturopathic physician, I have had extensive training on how the physical body works. As a medical intuitive, I can locate imbalances in your energy field and remedy a wide range of problems.

I have a keen understanding of how the aura, chakras, meridians, and other subtle energy systems work.  This is complemented by my awareness and appreciation of how our thought and emotions can impact your health and wellness. 

I also possess an in-depth knowledge of natural health remedies that support the overall function of the body. Combined, I can intuitively dig deep into your physical and subtle bodies, detecting, aligning, attuning, and ultimately transforming these systems, bringing them into harmony with your highest good.

It only makes sense that you would want to work with someone who has both alternative health credentials, exceptional energy medicine skills as well as a keen sense of intuition. 

Energy Healing Makes The News – Dr. Rita Louise on Channel 5

A Spiritual Energy Healing Session Will Help You Discover:

  • Where you are holding onto unfinished business
  • Issues of self-worth and fear of power
  • Unresolved traumas from your past
  • The source of unhappiness and spiritual confusion
  • The underlying cause of physical disease
  • The location of excessive or deficient energy flows
  • The state of health of your chakras and subtle body

Energy Healing Can Also Be Used To:

  • Reduce pain
  • Correct physical concerns
  • Improve sleep
  • Promote metal and emotional health
  • Help you to better cope with life’s challenges
  • Clear negative energy
  • Release emotional trauma locked in the body

What Common Conditions Have You Helped With Spiritual Energy Healing?

FatigueBrain Fog
Physical problemsSurgery Pre/Post
Back/Structural issuesInflammation
Muscle painCord cutting
Aural/Chakra clearingChakra balancing
Lack of motivation Feeling stuck
Trauma and abuse Relationship concerns
Lack of self-love/worth Personal/professional growth
Residential problems End of life transition

Have You Ever Worked With Someone Who Is Dying?

Over the years, I have worked with many of my clients whose elderly parents were getting ready to transition to the other side. I have worked with their loved ones so that their last days on earth can be experienced in peace and harmony. My energy healing sessions have helped them to let go of their fears and surrender to their next step. These have been some of the most powerful and emotional sessions I have ever done.  

Can You Do A Healing On My Home Or Business?

Are you having problems in your home or business? Does it feel negative, stagnant, or just not right? Do you have a resident ghost? Are you trying to sell your property but it just doesn’t seem to spark interest?  

I will design a residential energetic clearing specific for your home or office. I will intuitively examine the energy of your location in detail. 

This includes the building, its occupants, and the surrounding area. I will then perform intuitive energy healing on your property, clearing out any negative or stagnant energies encountered, and provide recommendations for any next steps if required.  

Aura Healing & Chakra Balancing Session

Getting an aura healing or chakra balancing session can positively impact all areas of your life — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The aura and chakras reacts to and records all of our life experiences. Depending on our reaction to these experiences, imbalances can occur. When our chakras are balanced, we can perform at your optimal physical, mental and emotional potential. When our aura and chakras are imbalanced, we often experience problems in our lives.

What many of us do not realize is that inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. Behind these obvious physical structures is a series of subtle energy centers of emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness. These include the aura, the chakras and the energy channels. These subtle structures are the link between the physical world and the world of spirit.

What To Expect From An Aura Healing / Chakra Balancing Session

This type of energy healing works to bring the aura and chakras back into alignment. During an aura healing and chakra balancing session, Dr. Louise will delve into topics such as:

  • Health and Physical Survival
  • Creativity and Intimate Relationships
  • Needs and Desires
  • Power and Control
  • Affinity and Self-Love
  • Intuitive and Psychic Abilities

As part of each aura healing and chakra balancing session, Dr. Louise will provide you with a detailed assessment the health of your aura, chakras and energy channels. She will help to identify which areas of your life that need attention and balancing.

Dr. Louise will help you to recognize issues or energies you are presently working on, life changes that you are currently processing, and explain where you are in this process of change and transformation. Dr. Louise will also provide intuitive guidance to help you restore energy, health and vitality to all areas of your life.

After a aura healing or chakra clearing session you may experience significant and substantial shifts in mind, body and spirit. You may feel a reduction or elimination of your symptoms, or even a sense of love, acceptance and deep letting go.

Experience The Benefits Of A Reiki Energy Healing

The receiving of a Reiki Energy Healing is a wonderful experience. The goal of this alternative health modality is to restore balance and harmony between all the parts of our being. Reiki works to create a state of equilibrium in our life-force energy. It raises the vibration in the body and words to heal and clear its energetic pathways. This allows our life-force energy to begin to flow again. The spiritual healing provided by Reiki promotes health and well-being to all of our parts, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This spiritual energy healing practice is an ancient eastern holistic health tradition that dates back thousands of years. The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words – Rei, which can best be defined as higher wisdom or universal and Ki, like chi or qi, is a term used to describe our life-force energy. This hands-on form of spiritual healing manipulates our life-force energy.

It is believed that the effectiveness of healing with Reiki is directed by a higher spiritual power that sends this powerful life-giving force to the perfect place within us. There are many forms or traditions of Reiki, but all Reiki treatments can be utilized to help restore health and well being. It is a healing practice that is available to any belief system.

What To Expect During a Reiki Energy Healing Session

In a healing session, you will sit or lie down with their eyes closed. It is your job to relax during the session. I will, utilizing a series of fixed hand positions, infuses the body with healing energy. My hands are held in each of these positions for several minutes at a time. Many of the hand positions correlate to the energy centers, the chakras that run up the spine. Reiki healing positions traditionally start at the top of the head and progressively work their way down the body.

Having a Reiki healing session is not like getting a massage and can be done in person or remotely. Reiki healing, when done in person, is performed on a flat surface such as a massage table , but this is where the similarities end. The muscles are not rubbed, kneaded, squeezed or pressed. Instead, the hands are placed gently on or held above the body. In fact, you do not have to remove your clothes to obtain the benefits of the healing energy of this health modality.

Individuals who have received Reiki report a wide range of things. During a session, some report experiencing feelings of warmth, heat or vibration as the practitioner works on them. Others do not sense anything at all.

Patients who have undergone a Reiki session often comment:

  • “I feel great, refreshed and free more grounded.
  • “I feel like I can see and think more clearly.”
  •  “I feel so calm and relaxed.”
  •  “I think I fell asleep.”
  •  “I could feel you working on me.”

The most common remark expressed by recipients of Reiki is the sense of relaxation, peace and an overall reduction in stress after a session.

Benefits Of Reiki Energy Healing

  • Reiki Energy Healing promotes harmony & balance
  • Reiki Energy Healing leaves you feeling grounded & centered
  • Reiki Energy Healing promotes deep relaxation and helps the body release tension and stress
  • Reiki Energy Healing helps clear the mind, improving your ability to focus
  • Reiki Energy Healing can accelerate the body’s self-healing ability
  • Reiki Energy Healing supports the physical, mental and emotional healing
  • Reiki Energy Healing can help to relieve pain
  • Reiki Energy Healing aids spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Reiki Energy Healing can compliment medical treatments & other therapies

What Happens After A Reiki Healing Session?

While many reiki healing practitioners do not provide insights into the healing session, Dr. Rita Louise, after each session offers her clients a “report of findings”. Dr. Rita, utilizing her medical intuitive skills, will sit down with you and discuss the session. She you with her intuitive insights that she gained during the session. She may also offer some common sense suggestions for after-care, such as drinking water and following your body’s needs.

Although people typically leave a Reiki session feeling refreshed, although at times they notice feeling more tired in the evening than usual. This is an indicator that your body is releasing and letting go of a large amount of trapped energy. Don’t worry! This is not an adverse reaction, but rather the body’s natural healing response.

Noninvasive Acupuncture & Meridian Therapy

According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, through the stimulation of specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of chi through channels known as meridians. This noninvasive acupuncture modality of meridian therapy goes back into our remote past.

The meridians are the invisible channels, which circulate “chi”, or life force energy, throughout the body. At times, the movement of energy (chi) through these channels can become blocked creating imbalances to the natural flow of energy. These imbalances can manifest as a physical health concern.

Getting An Noninvasive Acupuncture Session

Dr. Rita Louise is an alternative acupuncturist and merdian therapist. As a holistic health practitioner, Dr. Rita Louise is able to evaluate the movement of chi through the meridians and acupuncture points. This allows her to assess both physical as well as mental or emotional concerns that may manifest a health concern in the body.

In addition to her evaluative health services, Dr. Louise can support your healing process by providing noninvasive acupuncture and meridian therapy to clear the blockages of chi that inhibit the flow of subtle energy through the meridians.

Unlike traditional meridian therapy, Dr. Louise does not employ the use of acupuncture needles, acupressure or EFT to promote healing. Instead, she combines proven energy work and energy medicine techniques to assist in the restoration of health.

Will I Receive The Same Benefit Of An In-Person Session If I Receive A Distance Healing?

Long distance energy healing is a form of energy medicine in which healing energy is “sent” across time and space and is received by the recipient.  It is often done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between the client and the practitioner.

One of the astonishing advantages of long distance energy healing is that you do not have to be physically present.  You may not be in the same room or even the same state as the healer.  Remarkably the healing benefits you will receive are equally effective as an in person spiritual energy healing.  This means that you can receive a spiritual energy healing easily anywhere, at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

In today’s world, people do not always have success finding a spiritual healer who is close by. Long distance energy healing offers individuals who live far off the beaten path the opportunity to access these services.  It also allows an individual to receive a spiritual energy healing from a practitioner that they specifically want to work with regardless of their location. The use of distance energy healing can also be used in situation in which an individual, due to their health concerns, is unable to come to the practitioner’s office for a session.

How Long Distance Energy Healing Works

What the healers, shamans, and practitioners of holistic medicine have known for millennia is that we are all interconnected in a deep and profound way.  Modern science is just beginning to understand the principles that underlie how long distance healing works.  The benefits of distance energy healing is finally being verified and validated though case studies.  Recent discoveries in quantum physics can now provide the scientific underpinning for how the holistic healing phenomenon can and does work.

Scientists have come to recognize that “energy” is not restricted by time, space and location.  These finds fall in the face of the assumptions made by classical physics and account for it previously controversial status.

Bottom line, there is no difference between getting an in-person session and receiving long-distance energy healing. 

The non-touch nature of energy work makes it so that you can receive the benefits of an in-person session anywhere in the world. Many of my distance clients often comment that they can feel a tingling or other physical sensation in their bodies as I work on them remotely. I have worked with clients from across the United States, from Europe, Africa, and India to name a few.

What Happens During A Distance Healing Session?

We will spend the first few minutes of our session going over your spiritual energy healing goals. We will delve into your health history, your aches and pains, questions, and concerns. The session will shift once this is completed and I have a moment to align with my intuition. 

Once our session goals are established, we hang up the phone or get off of Skype. I have found that this format allows me to enter a deeper trance-like state and fully engage with you, your body, and your concerns. You should find a comfortable place to sit or lie down because it is your job to relax and allow the healing to proceed. You can play some soothing meditative music if desired during this time.

What Will You Do During The Healing Session?

I am often asked, “What are you going to do?” and I never have a direct answer. I do what your body tells me in the way that it wants it done. 

If your body wants the gentleness of Reiki energy sent to it, that is what I provide. If your body shows me a backhoe and wants all of the trash taken out at once, I will employ the backhoe. I will adjust bones, stretch muscles, calm inflammation, realign chakras, clear meridians and dialog with your inner child, if and only if I am being guided to do so.

Our bodies are always talking to us. It always tells us what is wrong and what it wants and needs to heal. Using my intuition, I will dig deep into your body and listen to what it has to say and work to correct the problem. I might be drawn to a specific area to begin my work. An image or a feeling will let me know that something is wrong and I will receive spiritual guidance on how to correct the concern.

I always take notes of what your body, mind, thoughts, and emotions have to say as I work on a specific area. Once a location feels complete, I will move on to the next area and repeat this process. 

Don’t be concerned your body might not have much to say. It is always there ready, willing, and able to support your healing goals.

Wrapping Up The Energy Work Session

At the end of our specified time, I will call you back and review any insights I received during the distance energy healing. They might be the identification of negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

I might address areas where I worked and the energy did not fully release and perhaps additional work is needed. I might suggest an herb, supplement, meditation, or other natural therapy to support your health goals.  

You will then have the opportunity to ask any final question or get additional clarity regarding something we discussed as the spiritual energy healing concludes. We will discuss if a follow-up session is needed and when it would be scheduled. Follow-up sessions support your healing goals and your ability to achieve lasting change. 

Energy Healing Follow-up

After a Spiritual Energy Healing session, you may experience significant shifts in mind, body, and spirit. You may feel a reduction or elimination of your symptoms, the sensation of love and acceptance of your situation or a profound sense of letting go.

It is important to note that some of our deepest work happens right after an intuitive healing. It is advisable to be kind to yourself, drink lots of water, and stay away from alcohol and junk food. Try to give yourself and an hour or two before reengaging in your workday. Take time to reflect on the insights you gained from the session or any wisdom that may come to you after. 

Risks and Side Effects

Energy work is always safe and effective. However, it is not a one-size-fits technique. A healer’s ability to listen to your body is critical when doing this kind of work. Sometimes, an unskilled practitioner will overdo it, and try to shift too much energy all at once. This can leave a client feeling overloaded or put them into a “healing crisis”. 

Thankfully, no one will get sicker or die if a session goes awry, but who wants to feel worse when the goal is to feel better. Working with a trained professional minimizes your risk of having negative effects after a session.


What others have to say about their Medical Intuitive Evaluations, Intuitive Counseling or Energy Healing Sessions.


Thank you and thank you! You’re the greatest! The information was dead on the money – word for word.


I just got done sobbing my eyes out in gratitude. I want to thank you so much for holding a higher vision of me.


I love the fact that you are able to get to the real issues so quickly and also suggest the appropriate action steps follow.

Noteworthy Healing Cases

A 15-Minutes Healing Session Miracle

I was working at a health expo performing 15-minute sessions for show participants. I had a woman sit down at my table. She had a tooth pulled several months back. The tooth penetrated her sinus cavity, had become infected and the hole into her sinus not healing. Her dentist wanted her to go to an oral surgeon to have the hole surgically sealed the following week.  

I started to work energetically on her. I drained the bacterial that was sitting in her gum tissue, restored blood flow, and applied an energetic antibacterial cream to the affected areas. Intuitively, I sutured the hole in her sinus shut. Our session ended.

It was a few months later that I received a call from a woman wanting to schedule a distance healing session. It turned out to be my previous client’s sister. She filled me in on the details of what happened after our session. That night, her sister reported to her that her sinuses started draining. From what I gathered, it was so intense it kept her up all night. She went to the oral surgeon later in the week. When x-rays were taken, the doctor was shocked. 

Not only was the hole into her sinus sealed up, but bone (a sign of long termed healing) had also started to form where the tooth had been removed.  

It was truly a miracle!

Realtor Requests Residential House Healing

I have a client who is a realtor. Periodically he will call me regarding problem properties he is trying to sell. On one of our distance healing calls, we discussed a property that wasn’t showing well. He suggested it was in a good neighborhood, was priced right, and had wonderful amenities. He was stumped as to why it just wasn’t producing offers.

I started our session doing some energy work on the house. I noticed that there was very sad energy in the home from the previous owners.  He confirmed this. The past owner had recently ended her marriage in an unsettling divorce. I worked to clear out her despair and revitalize the overall feel of the home.  

I also noticed a dark-colored ceiling in one of the rooms. Shocked, he confirmed that one bathroom had a dark-colored ceiling that seemed to have been overlooked when the house was painted. I suggested that he paint the ceiling. I also recommended that he diffuse orange essential oils in the home to support the brightness of the energy we had recently achieved.

The house sold within 2 weeks of the recommended updates.

Can I Learn To Be A Certified Energy Healer?

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Imagine if you could use energy healing to help someone experience positive, dynamic, and meaningful changes that transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Some people are naturally talented at transforming subtle energy and can amaze us with their innate skills and abilities. For others, through training, it can be developed, honed, and allowed to blossom into a finely polished skill. 

You can be a catalyst for change by becoming a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. Using my unique home study program you will be able to implement and witness the transformative effect these proven energy medicine techniques have on supporting mental, emotional, and physical health. We all want to help people live happier, more fulfilled lives. You can be part of the solution today.

You can open the door to becoming a certified energy medicine practitioner starting today! Learning to be a spiritual energy healer has never been so easy.

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How Can I Get A Spiritual Energy Healing From Dr. Rita Louise?

Taking action is the key to making positive changes in your life. This includes your health. So don’t wait! Take your next step right now and schedule a distance energy healing from medical intuitive Dr. Rita Louise today!

You can opt for a 15, 30, 60, or 90-minute healing. Typically, a 15-minute intuitive reading is good for one question/health concern.

I recommend ALL new clients schedule at least a 30-minute intuitive healing to begin but use your judgment. If you have a lot going on in your life, you might want to start with a 60 or 90-minute initial consultation.

Several prepaid, discounted packages are also available for those wanting to work with me and experience deeper levels of healing.

I look forward to helping you regain your health and improve the quality of your life.

Reserve Your Distance Spiritual Energy Healing Here!

Go ahead and click the image below and pick the intuitive reading package that best suits you. I will email you within one business day to set up a time. Contact Dr. Rita Louise if you have questions regarding scheduling a session time.

You will be well on your way to enjoying all the benefits we’ve talked about more!  Let’s get started right now!

Disclaimer: A medical intuitive is not a medical doctor. This means that, by law, they are not allowed to diagnose, treat, alleviate, mitigate, prevent or care for any disease of any kind, in any way. If you have a health condition, it is important that you consult your primary care physician.