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Are you feeling sick and under the weather?  Has a chronic illness got you down?  Then perhaps you should get on the phone and work with a medical intuitive.  While the term medical intuition has only come into the English vernacular in the last 20 years, the skills that a medical intuitive utilizes have been used since the beginning of time.  Medical intuition, as the name implies, is the ability to assess the health of the body using their intuition.  This non-invasive holistic health assessment tool can provide remarkable and accurate insights when wielded by the right practitioner.

Dealing with a complicated physical problem is like trying to solve a puzzle.  You may find yourself going from doctor to doctor in your search for an answer.  Yet no matter what you try, you still don’t feel well much less in optimal shape. 

A Medical intuitive reading by Naturopath and Intuitive healer Dr. Rita Louise can help you to understand what is going on in your body and how to bring about lasting changes. 

It is challenging to feel like you are stumbling around in the dark looking for a solution.  This is where an intuitive reading can help you in your search for clarity.  It can save you time, money, and frustration by getting to the root cause and underlying issue of your health concern. 

Who just wants to mask the symptoms?  We want to heal!  A medical intuitive reading is a quick, easy, painless, and effective way to achieve that goal.  

How Medical Intuition Works

A medical intuitive’s work can be likened to a CAT scan.  A CAT scan uses X-rays to make detailed pictures of structures inside of the body.  The medical intuitive, during an evaluation, makes use of their X-ray vision to image the workings of the body in their mind’s eye.  Most medical intuitives are not medical doctors.  They can, however, describe the look and feel of what they are seeing be it inflammation in an organ, degeneration in a joint or toxicity in the body.  In many instances, they can also detect issues that may be newly emerging in the body but are not severe enough to show up in traditional medical tests.

The use of a medical intuition evaluation as a diagnostic tool also provides additional benefits.   In addition to providing insights into the health and wellness of the body, they are often able to help you to understand why you got sick in the first place.

A Medical Intuitive Can Detect Emotional Triggers

The medical community is now starting to recognize the impact of emotions on health, but the implications go deeper than the effects of stress on blood pressure. A Medical Intuitive can provide in-depth insights into the emotional triggers that give rise to a condition of disharmony in the energetic system, thus creating a state of disease in the physical body.

But the implications go deeper than the effects of stress on blood pressure. A Medical Intuitive can provide in-depth insights into the emotional triggers that give rise to a condition of disharmony in the energetic system, thus creating a state of disease in the physical body.

Perhaps you were abused as a child, were taunted in school or suffered a nasty divorce.  The trauma you suffered, instead of letting it go, became trapped in your body.  Now, because of these past hurts and unresolved emotional pain, you are experiencing health issues such as digestive disturbances, migraine headaches or severe allergies.    In many instances, when the emotions that surround an illness are addressed miraculous improvements in our health can occur.

Misconceptions Associated With Medical Intuition

Medical intuition is a diagnostic tool.  Like the CAT scan, they image and assess the body.  In a very technical sense, it is not in their scope of work to provide holistic health solutions to your health concerns. Their function is to evaluate, identify issues and report their findings to their client.

This distinction can be very important to understand when looking for someone to work with.  A number of medical intuitives have extensive training in many holistic health therapies.  If you are looking to discover “what” you can do about your health concern, this is something you might want to consider before picking up the phone.

The second concern is this.  A growing number of practitioners have begun identifying themselves as medical intuitives.  During a session, instead of looking deep into the physical body, they will assess the subtle body, including the aura and the chakras.  This information can be invaluable, but if you are experiencing pain in your right knee and want to know what is functionally causing it, than working with one of those practitioners might not be right for you.  In any case, any competent medical intuitive is able to evaluate the health of the aura, chakras and subtle body.

How Can An Intuitive Health Reading Help Me?

A health session can provide you with invaluable information about any chronic or acute illnesses you may be struggling with.  Using my “x-ray vision”, I can pear into your body, let you know what is going on, and provide you with a plan to regain your wellness. 

During medical intuition reading, I will assess persistent health challenges and offer insights into potential physical problems long before they appears as a disease.  That’s right, I can let you know you are driving around on bald tires long before you find yourself sitting on the side of the road with a flat!

I have worked with thousands of clients worldwide with undiagnosed health problems.  I have assisted individuals who traditional allopathic medical doctors were unable to help.  I have provided a second opinion to people who have challenging health decisions to make.  I have also worked with people who want to care for their bodies in a holistic, natural way. 

My health readings are done in person, over the phone, via Skype and even Zoom.  So regardless of where you live in the world, you can schedule a time with me to talk about what is ailing you.

Who Is Medical Intuitive Dr. Rita Louise?

I have over 20 years of experience performing intuitive readings.  As a Naturopathic physician and intuitive healer, I have had extensive training on how the physical body works. 

I have an in-depth knowledge of diet and nutrition, supplements, herbal remedies, mindful meditation, energy healing, guided imagery, flower essences, essential oils, and other natural therapies. 

I also possess a keen understanding of how the aura, chakras, acupuncture meridians and other subtle energy systems and their impact on your health and wellness. 

Combined I can offer you a comprehensive assessment of the root cause of any health concern.  It only makes sense that you would want to work with someone who has both alternative health credentials as well as a keen sense of intuition. 

Dr. Rita Louise discusses medical intuition on Channel 4 news.

Medical Intuitive Dr. Rita Louise on channel 5 news.

A Medical Intuitive Reading Can Help You:

  • Enjoy a holistic approach to wellness
  • Find out what your body is trying to tell to you
  • Discover what is causing your pain or health problems
  • Learn what beliefs may be affecting your health
  • Uncover any past traumas that may have led to your condition
  • Take an honest look at yourself and your life
  • Stop wasting money on supplements and therapies that you do not need
  • Get the answers you need and finally know what to do
  • Be empowered with the information you need to heal
  • Experience an increase in your overall vitality as your health revives

How Does It Work?

Having a medical intuitive reading is similar to working with a traditional medical practitioner with one twist.  Instead of x-rays, cat scans, and a battery of tests, I use my gift of intuition to identify what is really going on. 

Factors that might contribute to your medical issues may be environmental, infections, nutritional imbalances, toxicity, physical and emotional trauma, energetic imbalances, or unresolved emotional issues.  Once the root cause is identified, a personalized holistic plan is developed to help restore wellness. 

There are a number of different ways I receive intuitive information during an intuitive health reading.  I like to say that I am an intuitive multimedia platform.  I see images, feel into your body and receive messages from you, your guides, your higher self, or your body. 

Dr. Rita’s Intuitive Abilities

My primary channel is clairvoyance.  A clairvoyant is someone who “sees” pictures in their mind’s eye.  Thus, if you have a bleeding ulcer, I can intuitively see that when I look at your stomach.  Similarly, if you have calcium build-ups in your joints (arthritis), I can see that as well.  I can also differentiate between a build-up of calcium in your joints and the deposit of uric acid crystals, which is the leading cause of gout.

I am also clairsentient.  Your pain is my pain.  My head will start to throb when I tune into your head and you have a headache.  The same is true if you have a backache or any other pain in your body.  Don’t worry, once I move on to another body part, any discomfort I am experiencing quickly passes.  This ability allows me to sense the intensity of your discomfort as well as tune into your emotions. 

Finally, I am clairaudient.  This ability combines auditory information from God, your body, your guides, my guides, and other spiritual beings.  They offer brief insights into what is going on.  It might be a word, a sentence, or an in-depth conversation.  Often it is through this ability that I can identify any toxic thoughts or limiting beliefs that are affecting your health 

Who Is A Medical Intuitive Healing Good For?

My intuitive readings are designed to help you make profound changes in your life, but it is going to take some work on your part.  We will be working with natural therapies, remedies and lifestyle changes. 

They do not work like prescription medications that just mask the symptoms you are experiencing.  Natural remedies take time to unwind, heal and restore your body’s systems. 

Most importantly, as part of the intuitive healing session I will provide you with a plan, but it is your responsibility to put the plan into action.  This is the only way that lasting changes will ever take place.  Together we can co-create your health and vitality.

What Is Involved In A Medical Intuitive Reading? What Can I Expect?

It is always a good idea to prepare in advance for your medical intuitive reading and healing.  We all know where our “owies” are.  Are you suffering from constipation, candida, or acid reflux?  Perhaps you do not know what is going on but you have symptoms like fatigue, anxiousness, or physical discomfort. 

Regardless of what potential health problem is concerning you, spend some time identifying what you would like to focus on.  Many clients bring a prioritized list to their readings to ensure that we give the most critical items the time and energy they deserve.

You will want to be in a quiet place, free from distraction as we do our reading.  We will be talking about private health information, so the ability to talk freely is essential.  Also, we will be talking over the phone, or on your computer, so ensure it is charged or that you are close to an electrical outlet if required.

The Intuitive Health Reading

We will spend the first few minutes of our session going over your medical intuitive healing goals.  We will delve into your health history, your aches and pains, questions, and concerns.  The session will shift once this is completed and I have a moment to align with my intuition. 

Our bodies are always talking to us.  It always tells us what is wrong and what it wants and needs to heal itself.  Using my intuition, I will dig deep into your body and listen to what it has to say as I identify the root cause of your medical problems.  This includes evaluating what is going on physically but also pinpointing what emotions or limiting beliefs may be causing your physical health concerns in the first place.  Many times, it is our trapped thoughts and emotions, which keep us from getting well.

My medical intuitive readings are extremely detailed.  A lot of information comes through so it is always advisable to have a pen and paper nearby as we explore the wisdom and secret messages your body holds.

Personalized Healing Plan

Many healing practitioners practice a one size fits all approach to wellness.  I will intuitively generate a personalized intuitive healing and health plan, tailored to your body and your specific needs.  The plan is designed to bring your body back to its natural state of health and vitality. 

The healingplan may include herbs and supplements, dietary changes, or exercise recommendations.  I may also suggest other complementary therapies such as chiropractic, massage, homeopathy or a detoxification plan.  Mental and spiritual practices may also be included.

At times, we have waited too long before seeking help with a health concern and a referral to a doctor may be advised, especially if traditional medical intervention is required.  Remarkably, you might start to feel better once your confusion has lifted and you receive a solid plan of action. 

Session Conclusion

You will then have the opportunity to ask any final question or get additional clarity regarding something we discussed as the medical intuitive reading concludes.  We will discuss if a follow-up session is needed and when it would be scheduled.  Follow-up sessions support your healing goals and your ability to achieve lasting change.  They also provide us with an opportunity to adjust your healing plan as you move from “dis-ease” to optimal health.

Session Follow-up

It is important to note that some of our deepest work happens right after an intuitive healing reading.  It is advisable to be kind to yourself, drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol and junk food.  Try to give yourself and an hour or two before reengaging in your workday.  Take time to reflect on the insights you gained from the session or any insight that may come to you afterward. 

What Common Illnesses Have You Worked With?

I have worked with a wide range of health conditions during a medical intuitive reading.  They include but are not limited to:

Weight lossDigestive disturbances
Respiratory issuesLiver and gallbladder congestion
Back and structural issuesWoman’s health
AnxietyInflammatory disorders
Multiple chemical sensitivityNegative Spiritual Attachments

Can Medical Intuitive Healing Be Used In Conjunction With Traditional Medical Treatments?

An intuitive health reading works well with traditional medical treatments.  It provides insights that western medicine often overlooks or is unable to detect through standardized testing.  Working with a medical intuitive gives you a leg up since you will already have an understanding of what is going on before you walk through their door.  This will afford you the chance to receive the specific medical intervention required. 

What Type Of Information Comes Through In A Medical Intuitive Reading?

My First Medical Intuitive Experience

My very first validated medical intuitive experience occurred long before I studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and years before I received my degree as a naturopathic physician or performed my first official medical intuitive reading. 

I was working as an electo-mechanical designer at a firm in Silicon Valley, California.  I was friends with a lab tech who worked in the office next door.  His manager, a congenial older man would say hi to me whenever I would visit. 

He was absent from work one day and on the following day, as I made my daily rounds to say good morning, I noticed he had a small round band-aid on the top of his balding head.  My cognitive mind, upon seeing the band-aid thought, “Well, he must have a zit on the top of his head and he covered it up with a band-aid”. 

For some reason, that morning I walked up to him, looked him straight in the eyes face, and blurted out “Where were you yesterday, having them check for a brain tumor?

His face flushed and he walked quickly out of the room.  I was shaking and my entire body was covered in goosebumps.  I didn’t understand what was going on and retreated to my desk shaken and confused. 

It was a short time later that my friend revealed to me that indeed, that was where he was the previous day, being checked for a brain tumor.  It was not until years later that I realized what had happened.  I tuned into his health challenge intuitively.

Woman Heals Fibroids Without Medication

I had a client come to me for an intuitive reading.  Her doctor wanted to perform a complete hysterectomy because of her noncancerous uterine growths – fibroids.  She was not in agreement with his course of action and wanted to explore her options. 

She wanted a second opinion and perhaps a wellness plan that would turn her health around.  I evaluated her uterus and provided her with recommendations and a strict timeline she would need to follow.  If she were not vigilant about her program, then she would have no choice but put surgery back on the table. 

Bottom line, she had 6 months to start turning things around.

Shifting my attention from her physical body and her fibroids I wondered what caused them in the first place.  I asked her “Do you have a boyfriend?”  She replied, “Yes“. 

Without batting an eye, I said, “You need to dump him.”  Taken aback, she asked me why.  I shared with her a core belief that stated, “I want you to love me the way I love you“.  I informed her that he was unable to do that.  Our session ended.

Fast forward 6 months.  I was exhibiting at a health expo when this same client walked up to me.  With a bright smile, she exclaimed, “They’re gone!” 

I asked if she was talking about her fibroids and she confirmed my question.  My client truly listened to what I had to say.  Not much after our reading, she ended her relationship with her boyfriend and did nothing else.  No herbs, no supplements, no nothing. 

She just got rid of her boyfriend (the underlying cause of her fibroids) and they miraculously went away all by themselves.

Even Medical Intuitives Can Be Stumped

Sometimes there is not a happily ever after ending to a medical intuitive reading.  I had an older gentleman come to my office for a health reading.  He was frail and needed assistance to get around. 

An alternative health practitioner himself, he could not figure out what was happening to him.  I saw what appeared to be a line transecting his body when I intuitively looked at him.  The line ran across his upper chest and was moving downward.  His life force, his vitality above the line seemed weak while below the line, it appeared to be functioning normally. 

Sometimes, even skilled medical intuitives are stumped by what they see.  They might be able to detect a malady but are unable to attach a catchy medical term to it such as “Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome”. 

What I did know was that the line was moving quickly and urgent medical intervention was required.  I suggested to him, and his wife, that they go see a doctor immediately.  She informed me that they had an appointment with the neurologist in 4 months. 

I remember looking at her and saying, “He doesn’t have that much time”.  I recommended that they go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

It wasn’t much after that I received a call from my client’s wife.  Thankfully, they follow my suggestion.  He was admitted right away once they entered the emergency room.  She called to tell me the prognosis. 

He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and was put on hospice care.  I later found out that he passed away 3 months after our visit but a good full month before his scheduled neurologist visit.  Had they heard the pressing message I received for him, well who knows what would have happened.

What Other Services Do You Offer

I offer a number of intuitive health and healing services including:


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Can I Learn To Be A Medical Intuitive?

Jump Start Your Intuition

Accessing intuitive insights is like our ability to draw a picture or tear up the dance floor.  Some people are naturally talented and can amaze us with their innate skills and abilities.  For others, through training, it can be developed, honed, and allowed to blossom into a finely polished skill.  We all are intuitive!  It is something we are all born with.  This includes you.

You can open the door to your intuition through my home study training programs offered by the Institute of Applied Energetics.  Learning to be a medical intuitive has never been so easy.

In fact, you can start your training right now by downloading my free  Jump Start Your Intuition course. You will receive everything you need to begin transforming your life today!

JumpStart Your Intuition Today!

How Can I Get An Intuitive Reading From Dr. Rita Louise?

Taking action is the key to making positive changes in your life. This includes your health.  So don’t wait! Take your next step right now and schedule a medical intuitive reading with Dr. Rita Louise.

You can opt for a 15, 30, 60, or 90-minute medical intuitive healing.  Typically, a 15 minute intuitive reading is good for one question/health concern. 

I recommend ALL new clients schedule at least a 30-minute health reading to begin but use your judgment.  If you have a lot going on in your life, you might want to start with a 60 or 90-minute initial consultation. 

Several prepaid, discounted packages are also available for those wanting to work with me and experience deeper levels of healing.

I look forward to helping you regain your health and improve the quality of your life.

Reserve Your Intuitive Health Reading Here!

Go ahead and click the image below and pick the medical intuitive reading package that best suits you. I will email you within one business day to set up a time. Contact Dr. Rita Louise if you have questions regarding scheduling a session time.

You will be well on your way to enjoying all the benefits we’ve talked about more!  Let’s get started right now!

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Disclaimer: A medical intuitive is not a medical doctor. This means that, by law, they are not allowed to diagnose, treat, alleviate, mitigate, prevent or care for any disease of any kind, in any way. If you have a health condition, it is important that you consult your primary care physician.  

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