Fear & Imagination: How Our Mind Can Overrun Reason

Does Our Imagination Contribute To Our Experience Of Fear?

The other day the overhead light in my office went out.  Not only did the light bulbs stop working but the entire ceiling fan quit.  For the next few days, I sat in my office working by the light that emanated from my computer monitor.  The thought of having to replace the fan or worse yet, having a major problem with the wiring in my home was overwhelming.

Three days went by with me fumbling around in the dark before I mustered up enough nerve to take action.  Finally, by the end of the third day I went down to the circuit breaker and toggled the breaker.  I held my breath as I flipped the switch.  Slowly the blades of the ceiling fan started to turn.  I recall staring at them wondering if they were really turning or if what I was seeing was a figment of my imagination. 

After a few tense moments, I pulled on the chain that turned the lights on.  It was a miracle…  They worked!  The lights came on.  I was shocked.  My belief and my conviction that there was something seriously wrong had totally overwhelmed any thoughts that this could have been a simple problem with an equally simple solution.  I was amazed, in retrospect, how this situation paralyzed me.

We all have events crop up in our lives where we have found ourselves sitting in the dark. The question we need to ask, when we are in situations like these is – Why?

Our Imagination Can Control The Triggering Of Fear

The simple answer is that we are trapped by fear.  We are afraid.  We are afraid and fear a potential negative outcome.  Our response to the feelings of fear we are experiencing often times is to wait, procrastinate, ignore or avoid the issue entirely.  This does not make the problem go away.  Instead, it just sits in the background, builds up steam and gets our imagination going. 

When we are in fear, we may let our imagination work triple time creating every imaginable dooms-day scenario we can muster.  Our imaginations can wreak havoc on us.  Our imaginations, especially when it is fear based, can cause us to believe something is true even if we do not have any evidence to support our theory.  Many times, we end up believing that leaving well enough alone is better than discovering what we fear is true.  Who knows, we might find ourselves living out one of the nightmares we had envisioned. 

Now granted, our thoughts regarding the potential outcome of a situation may in fact play out exactly as we imagined.  In most cases, however, what we think, what we believe and what we fear have no basis in the reality at hand. 

The sad part about this whole scenario is that we we will never know what the truth is until we take steps to move forward.  We have to suck it in, take a deep breath and take a leap of faith.  In my situation, it was more like a flip as opposed to a leap, but I think you get my point.

Life Challenges Can Cause Our Imagination To Escalate Our Fear

In life, things happen and when something challenging occurs we can get caught up in our problems, our fears and our insecurities.  The thought of taking our problems, issues and concerns and shoving them in a box, and burying the box in the closet, does sounds appealing at times like these, but this will not fix the problem.  In these times, accept where you are and move on.

So the next time something happens to you that is unexpected or out of the ordinary, observe it, acknowledge it and move on.  Ask yourself, what should I do now or next.  Then, listen to yourself and do it.  There is no reason to sit alone in the dark.  By taking steps forward you will soon see the light that is at the end of the tunnel.

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