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Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods
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Man-Made:  The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods

“Man-Made” is a flight throughout our mythology and legends, inviting the reader to look at it with new, wide-open eyes.”

Philip Coppens – Author of The Ancient Alien Question


Rita Louise and Wayne Laiberte have mined the valuable resource of the world’s traditional systems of wisdom to help us understand our origins and destiny. They conclude we are not the product of chance combinations of matter acted upon by natural selection. Rather we are the product of what they call “unnatural selection,” by which they mean the intelligent action of higher beings. This understanding has major implications for our human civilization.

 Michael A. Cremo – Author of Forbidden Archeology & Human Devolution


“Man-Made” is an exquisite interweaving of cross-cultural creation legends going back millions of years that uncovers a startling new perspective: These global stories may actually be records of the intervention of the sky gods in human evolution! We think of the creation stories as cherished reports by early humans, so this reverse perspective generates startling new ideas. For example, the authors wonder if the nearly total cleansing of our species during the Flood is actually a record kept by the gods of Neanderthal extinction! A thoroughly engrossing epic sweep through millions of years of evolution grounded in sound science and excellent story telling, “Man-Made” is a must-read for all students of myth and global creation stories.

Barbara Hand Clow – Author of Awakening the Planetary Mind


Based on a comparative study of myths from around the world, and weaving in data from genetics, archaeology, anthropology, cosmology, and many other disciplines, Rita Louise and Wayne Laliberté come to the firm conclusion: “The gods who came to this Earth and created life on this planet were living breathing beings.” Absolutely fascinating and a must read for anyone interested in the “extraterrestrial question” of the origins of humanity.

Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D. – Author of Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future


With “Man-Made,” Dr. Rita Louise and Wayne Laliberte have made an incalculable contribution to our understanding of humanity’s true past, and with it, provided a glimpse into what may be a fast approaching, exciting new future of truth.

Mike Bara – Author of Ancient Aliens On The Moon


In Man Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods, Dr. Rita Louise and Wayne Laliberte take us on a fantastic and mystery-filled journey into the ancient past and the dawning of human civilization. It’s a journey that encompasses, gods, aliens (or are they one and the same?), ancient mythology, amazing legend, and even more amazing revelations concerning our origins as a species. As Dr. Rita and Wayne demonstrate, the world and history we think we know doesn’t even come close…

Nick Redfern – Author of The Pyramids and the Pentagon


“An epic book evidencing extensive research probing into our past presenting a congruent theory spanning ancient creation myths from all over the world.  Retells a plethora of interwoven stories exposing power-hungry gods from ancient times battling for control of the Earth from Babylon, China, India, Egypt, Mexico, and Africa. Offers new perspectives of biblical verses and  deciphers legends of  ‘the shining ones’, avatars, dwarfs, giants, ‘Sky People’, winged war-horses and fallen angels. Exposes dissension and conflict amongst the gods and massive evolutionary leaps in the fossil record showing synchronicities and parallels in time. Come and be intrigued with tales of magic potions, distended skulls, and eternal youth.”

Dr. Carmen Boulter – Director and Producer of The Pyramid Code TV series


A work of impressive research and thought-provoking analysis, Man Made: The Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods by Rita Louise and Wayne Laliberte traces the story of human evolution as told in the myths and legends of all cultures. These multicultural creation myths prove to be as truth-telling as the “facts” disclosed by our sciences of archaeology, anthropology, and geology. Most astonishing, the authors state that their findings reveal that the stories the ancient myths proclaim are not only the accounts of human history, but the revelations and the chronicles of the gods themselves.

Brad Steiger – Author of Worlds Before Our Own; Atlantis Rising


In this brilliant new book, “Man Made”, Dr. Rita Louise and Wayne Laliberte beautifully and eloquently, through exhaustive research tackles one of, if not the greatest of human questions; where do we come from? Citing the Bible, scientific papers and the oral traditions of many ancient cultures, they take us through a brilliant adventure, our history, to the quite possible conclusion that we are more than the products of Darwinian evolution.

Brien Foerster – Author of The Enigma of Cranial Deformation: Elongated Skulls of the Ancients


From their analysis of the Progenitors, to their look at the Golden Age, this book by Dr. Rita Louise and Wayne Laliberte is arguably one of the most solid attempts to uncover dark and hidden truths about us.  The structure and the choice of subject matter also serve Louise’s purpose of critically examining all of this world’s history, religions, cultures, ancients and of course the darkest and innermost thoughts of the people who are at the heart of this book. Louise & Laliberte clearly undercuts the ideas endorsed by many modern theological, New Age, UFO or Alien-based lecturers and authors by putting forth a reverse scenario coupled with clever workmanship to demonstrate how the truth is heavily influenced by the observer’s own perception. In “Man Made” the scales are manipulated to show the politics of representation within the minds of the Ancient Aliens establishment thus bringing forth a comfortless and disturbingly poignant analysis.

Anthony F. Sanchez  – Author of UFO Highway


“Man-Made is a truly enjoyable, informative, and well-researched overview of the concept of ancient gods and their mythical relationships to humanity, as seen through the eyes of widespread cultures.”

Laird Scranton – Author of The Science of the Dogon


An Essential Publication For Serious Researchers. Book Review

We are rapidly approaching a time in our understanding of our ancient past, where we will finally correctly interpret the stories left to us by our ancestors. For hundreds of generations the same stories have been told all over the world. Seemingly unconnected societies, we are now discovering, often upheld the same basic mythology. Could it be that they are all recounting the same creation story? It certainly seems that way. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, The Sumerian’s, The Mayans, The Babylonians, The Zulu’s, The Egyptians – What do all of these cultures and their religious beliefs, as-well as those of many others from around the world have in common? Their creation stories all seem to match the same basic outline. This would seem to be a very improbable state of affairs if we were to only view the situation through the accepted modern understanding of our past.

It is because of this we must admit that a new, fresh perspective in needed – and boy does this book offer one!

 In 228 pages, freethinker Dr Rita Louise proposes the argument that perhaps our ancestors were not as stupid and under-evolved as we have been led to believe. With an impressive body of research and more importantly evidence, Dr Rita suggests that we should be looking at our ancestors creation stories in a more literal light. She compares story after story to show the reader exactly why she came to her conclusions – and, in my view, an extremely valid point is made.

 Modern Historians tell us that our ancestors didn’t understand the universe with its planets, stars and galaxy’s. However when we look at their supposed mythology in depth, we soon realise that they understood far more than they should have been able to before the invention of telescopes and other scientific equipment. In this book we learn of a plausible explanation for how this could have come about. It is argued that if we take the creation stories at face value, rather than seeking hidden meaning, and assume that our planet was visited by alien beings who our ancestors believed to be gods, the whole thing starts to make much more sense.

For anyone who watched the “Ancient Aliens” series on television and thought “Hang on a minute, they might have a point” I advise you to read this book. There is so much more information than any television program has ever told you. In this case, it really is important to read the book.

 An essential publication for serious researchers.

Brother Truth – The Conspiracy Review


Book Review

This is an interesting read. It is not bogged down by a ton of repetition or unnecessary details. In short, it is an easy read, with a lot of information packed in. What the authors attempt to do is break down our history as told in the common elements of our shared mythologies. Taking primarily from India, Egypt, Australia, and the Americas, they show a surprising amount of common elements, which makes one wonder just how that is possible since these cultures were supposed to have built up independently. Some of the similarities are rather startling, but others could be dismissed if it weren’t for the sheer amount of them.

Rita and Wayne put together a potential history of our far antiquity, and break it down to different worlds, leading up to the current one. For someone familiar with mythology and ancient astronaut theory, some of this material will be familiar, but they are able to dig up some novel pieces of information, and the overall theory is rather unique. It is also at odds with some accepted notions, and overall gives some good food for thought.

It is not a scholarly work. There are no footnotes, and it is not written in a dry manner at all. It flows nicely, reads well, and keeps your interest. It’s not likely to change your world, but it will entertain and perhaps create some more questions that would be fascinating to answer. If you are not familiar with the subject, this is a great start. If you are, you will still likely find it interesting, especially after it gets moving along.

Seriah Azkath


Book Review

When we refer to mythology in people’s mind it is like referring to fairy tales. However, if we look at mythology as we look at history then we get a completely different perspective and understanding that opens new doors for comprehension of the world mythologies.

In this book, Dr Rita Louise presents the stories in mythologies and religions from all over the world, presenting the creation myth through the eyes of the Hindu, Sumerians, Mayans, Babylonians, Egyptians and many other civilizations….more. When we refer to mythology in people’s mind it is like referring to fairy tales. However, if we look at mythology as we look at history then we get a completely different perspective and understanding that opens new doors for comprehension of the world mythologies.

In this book, Dr Rita Louise presents the stories in mythologies and religions from all over the world, presenting the creation myth through the eyes of the Hindu, Sumerians, Mayans, Babylonians, Egyptians and many other civilizations. She presents how remarkably similar the stories are, something that cannot be explained since most of those civilizations were thousands of miles apart and with no apparent means of transport.

Dr Louise raises some important and intriguing questions: what if the stories told by our ancestors weren’t just fictions of their imaginations? What if they had something important to say that we now cannot understand and comprehend? We know that they had advanced astronomical knowledge, built great monuments with incredible architecture that even our architecture today cannot be compared to theirs. Who gave them that knowledge and how did those evolutionary steps happen in such a sudden way?

The book is packed with information but yet is easy to read. You will learn about the myths of creation and ‘the great flood’ through an exploration of many different myths and religions. Furthermore, Dr Louise presents the theories on human evolution and how many questions still puzzle archaeologists and biologists.

It is another highly recommended book that will give you a fresh new perspective to see things out of the box.

John Black



A growing number of serious, level-headed researchers and academics are beginning to see a convergence of elements between the ancient spiritual/religious worldview with that of the current worldview promoted by modern science. The authors of “Man Made” are at the cutting edge of this promising new potential. All mankind stands to benefit if the divisive differences between religion and science can be logically and reasonably resolved.

This book is highly understandable, concisely written and covers one of the major facets of this potential convergence … the remarkable similarity between the classic mythology of our most ancient cultures. Separated by vast distances, oceans, distinct languages and millenia of time, the core elements of these legends are uncannily similar, yet come from highly disparate peoples. How can this be? The amount and degree of these similarities defy the mathematically statistical odds of simple coincidence.

As an example, there are over 600 known variations of “Noah’s Flood Story” from cultures as distinct and far ranging as the ancestral Australian Aborigines to the ancient North American Eskimo tribes, which reach back in time for as far as 6500 years and longer. There must be a better explanation than simple coincidence and this book will offer a logical and compelling alternative. However, it is very important for YOU to know that “Man Made” is directed toward the average reader in an effort to better describe a more accurate understanding of human history than the version we we were taught in school, church, college and were “coerced” into accepting. The information in this book is one of the keys which will ultimately unlock the gate to a new, higher level of human evolution, which is about to shift and take place in the 21st Century. Read. Think for your self. Enter the future. The future is here.

Robert Steven Thomas Author of Intelligent Intervention


Man-Made: The Chronicles of our Extraterrestrial Gods is BRILLIANT

Man-Made’ is an exceptional read on the topic of alternative human origins theory. The book quickly pulls you in with a personable style of writing. I found myself connected with the authors as though I was having a casual yet incredible conversation over a morning coffee. The style is never pretentious or condescending to the reader, having said this; the book is crammed with information.

After reading the book from cover to cover, I lent it to my Mom, who’s been talking my ear off about it ever since..

I don’t want to spoil the experience for those who haven’t read it, so I’ll spare the details, but suffice to say.. this is a hit!

Russell Scott – Host of  The West Coast Truth


One of the Year’s best!

Dr. Rita Louise has absolutely nailed this one! Understanding our possible origins from a formal interpretation of ancient texts and writings can be daunting as researchers try to connect the dots. But this fantastic work seamlessly does this for us. I was thrilled by the easy pace especially with the bombshell information. The Authors of Man-Made promise new potentials….I promise you will be challenged with eyes wide open!!!! It’s not often we have work this significant available! I just wish there were more stars to rate this book….on a scale of 1-10…it’s a 12!!!!!

Chase  Kloetzke – Host Of Project White Paper Radio


Our Real Origins?

Can I get an Amen?!? Finally a book that addresses questions long thought of but never answered. How can so much similarity between myth, legend, folklore and religion be overlooked or considered coincidence? Many have hinted or alluded to these similarities, but none, until now, have laid it out in an easy to follow, chronological story.

Man-Made is a godsend, pardon the pun. Much like Lemuria and Atlantis, highly advanced civilizations flourished on Earth millennia before our “history” began. And when history has tried to reach back, we call it the history of religion or mythology or …

The authors have, indeed, captured my interest and given me a better understanding of the potential roots of our existence. Man-Made is a must read for those seeking a better understanding.

Jerry Cox


Wow! Interesting read!

Dr. Rita Louise has taken the major world religions and woven them together in a cogent theory concerning our origins. I couldn’t put this book down. It will give me something to think about for a long time. Thank you so much!



Man Made The Chronicles was outstanding & thought provoking

The book Man Made was very well researched and interesting. The sequence of the books chapters helps make the subject even more understandable. The histories, myths and the correlation of facts lets you make your conclusions. It’s not so technical that you feel like you’re reading a textbook at all, in fact it’s a joy to read and experience while opening your mind. I can very highly recommend this book! Buy with confidence for an enjoyable read.



Simply fantastic!

This book pulls up the curtain that is hiding the truth. It was a fantastic walk down ancient history creation stories and how these stories could actually be real. It has profoundly changed my thinking about the world. I never realized the number and diversity of creation stories from all corners of the planet. It is amazing how they are all very similar. This is a must read book! The exploration that we maybe a genetic creation makes sense out of many unexplainable ancient history pieces. Breakthrough thinking and up to date info on DNA history! Love it, but not for the rigid religious.

John L. Hovan


Deciphered Myths?

The authors of “Manmade: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods” gathered, studied, and compared ancient myths from across the world for similarities. How is it that ancient peoples from different continents and times, and with no connection to each other have passed their stories down hundreds and even thousands of years that are basically the same story? The authors’ findings comprise this book and give us an insight of where those beliefs could have originated. For instance, cited are numerous myths about ‘cosmic eggs’ from which shining gods emerged; does this refer to our ancient ancestors witnessing beings emerging from space vehicles? Following in the writing traditions of Velikovsky, Danikin and Sitchin, this fresh approach adds still more pieces to the puzzle of humanity’s origins on planet Earth. An interesting read, recommended to those who are still searching for answers to the question, “Where did we come from?”


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