The Mysterious Phenomena Of Elongated Skulls

Cranial Deformation - Elongated Skull
Image courtesy of Maunus

Elongated Skulls:
Why Have Multiple Societies & Cultures
Around The World Participated In This Bizarre Tradition?

Elongated skulls have been uncovered on every continent of the globe.  Cranial deformation, the deliberate method used to elongate skulls is a distinct and painful tradition.  It is a form of body modification in which the skull is intentionally deformed . 

Cranial deformation dates back to deep antiquity and was practiced around the world.  How was it done?  Why was such an agonizing procedure performed on infants?  What was their motivation?  Was it a medical intervention or was something deeper, more important to their society and culture being done to infants that we today in the modern world cannot understand.

Dr. Rita Louise delves into the mystery that surrounds elongated skulls.  In this video she explores the cultural, mythical and ritual purpose of this bizarre custom. 

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About Dr. Rita Louise

A gifted and talented clairvoyant medical intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise helps people identify the root causes of their concerns.  She is a Naturopathic physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics that trains students in the art of medical intuition, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine. She has authored six books and produced several feature-length and short films.  Dr. Louise has appeared on radio, television and in movies and has lectured on health and healing, ghosts, intuition, ancient mysteries and the paranormal. Her books and articles have worldwide circulation. 

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