Mythology: The Stories Of The Gods


Did Our Ancient Ancestors Steal
The Mythological Stories Of The Gods?



By:  Dr. Rita Louise

Mythology:  Stories Of The GodsMythology is the vehicle which carries stories of our past and delivers them into the present.  Much of our mythology recounts and chronicles the lives of the Gods.  These stories were once accepted as true recollections of our history and offered an understanding of who we are and where we came from.

These tales were passed from generation to generation, through oral traditions, until they were finally carved into stone or written on cloth, skins, bark, paper or papyrus. 

Some scholars contend the mythological stories we have today (even in their most archaic form) are creations of a vivid imagination and the stories are simply flights of fantasy.  Other researchers conclude that the Gods were living breathing individuals in our remote past. 

Is it possible the stories we have of the Gods are true?


Mythology:  The Stories Of The Gods – Part I



Mythology:  The Stories Of The Gods – Part II



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