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Endorsments – Dark Angels


What Others Have To Say
About Dark Angels:  An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities



By:  Dr. Rita Louise

Dr. Rita’s book “Dark Angels” brought to my mind hidden but important aspects of our lives, aspects which the average person is most often not aware of. More than that, we instinctively refuse to consider the possibility that there could be some negative energies residing in our bodies. We fear an invasion of dark forces, and by not understanding their nature, we block an opportunity to deal with them and their negative impact on our lives.

The book has been eye opener for me, and a very precious one, because I gained an understanding of the mischievous nature of these negative energies that underlie many health conditions.

“Dark Angels” allows us to understand what approach can be taken to work/deal with these dark entities and other “guests” that find ways to show up in our reality. The book is written in a language that is easy to understand and provides clear directions and explanations. It helped me realize how I can resolve many of my current emotional challenges by following Dr. Rita’s guidance. It made me look into the eyes of the “unknown” and deal with those difficult feelings and problems I could not resolve for many years.

After reading this book I contacted Dr. Rita to ask her for help for my loved one who has complex Bipolar problems. I am using this opportunity to thank Dr. Rita for the wonderful reading and the healing work she has done to help me. She is truly amazing!!! Everything she saw in her reading makes complete sense, and what she said lets me work energetically with related problems in a more precise way. Thank you Dr. Rita for bringing more Light into my life…

A. Gelbert
Nanaimo, BC CANADA

Divider1“Dark Angels is a fascinating and personal look into the world of ‘other world’ entities ranging from ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ type hauntings to full-blown demonic possession. Starting with her own experiences as a child and into her college years, Dr. Louise takes the reader on an intimate as well as practical look at the kinds of beings we can encounter, and not just in the afterlife, but here and now.  In addition, Louise brings her knowledge of both psychology and parapsychology to play and explains how and why these types of phenomena occur and what each of us can do about it.”

Mark Stavish, M.A.,
Director of Studies for The Institute for Hermetic Studies

Divider1“Dark Entities is a brilliant journey into the real world of the supernatural.  Dr. Louise has removed the candy coated shell from the public perceptions of attaching spirits and negative entities.  In return, she leaves the world with a far more enlightened view of what really goes bump in the night.”

Mitchell Earl Gibson MD
Author of “Your Immortal Body of Light”

Divider1Rita Louise’ book captures the reader with insights in to a subject so few of us understand, yet Rita makes it easy to understand and see , how we can understand the elements of angels how they make themselves known and what they might be trying to say to us. A must read book!

Charles Lightwalker PhD
President, International Association of Medical Intuitives

Divider1“Thank you Dr. Rita Louise for writing the book Dark Angels.   Your book provides a perspective on how negative and unseen influences can affect people’s well-being in ways we tend not to want to think about.  I am particularly interested as I have had similar experiences.  My clients will also be happy to have your resourceful book to help them understand and resolve some issues that seemed irresolvable.”

Carol Anne Munro, O.M.
Integrated Healing Facilitator, Speaker, Writer, Artist