Utilizing Life Cycles For Personal Growth

life cycles

Our Life Cycles Have A Natural Rhythm & Flow To Them

Everything on the planet has life cycles. From the waves crashing on the beach to the stars that cross the night sky, everything has a natural rhythm and flow to them. Cycles indicate a time of ending and along with it, a new beginning.

Our lives are filled with cycles. As one cycle ends, we are given the opportunity to create or recreate ourselves and our futures. We can tap into our life cycles and use them to mark a new phase of growth or to help us bring about profound and lasting changes within ourselves.

Our Saturn Return Life Cycle

For example: every 28 years, Saturn returns to its original location in the night sky. Our “Saturn Return” indicates a new chapter in our lives. Our Saturn Return marks the end of our youth and the beginning of our adult years. Upon completing 28 years, many of us found ourselves examining our true needs and the role we play in the world. It is then that we shifted our attention from meeting familial and societal pressures to concentrating on our careers, our families or whatever was important to us as we became unique individuals by establishing and living within our own norms and not the norms or others.

This time was used to evaluate where we have been, what we believe in and how we fit into the world. During this pivotal time in our lives we eliminated beliefs that we felt were not pertinent to us personally, professionally and spiritually, where we shed the external programming we were brought up with. This allowed us to individualize ourselves and begin down the path of becoming our authentic self.

The same holds true for the shorter cycles in our lives. Where Saturn crosses the night sky every 28 years, the moon moves through it cycles every twenty-eight days. The moon begins its cycle with the New moon, where it appears dark or invisible in the night sky. As the days go by, the moon seems to grow out of nothingness. Then, half way through its cycle twenty-eight day cycle (at day 14) it emerges as a full moon only to begin to fade again back into darkness.

Many believe we can use the life cycles of the moon to help direct the course our lives are taking for the month to come. It is on the New Moon that we can look inside and plant the seeds of our intentions and establish our vision of our future. The full moon on the other hand allows us to reap what we have sewn. It is said, the new moon brings fulfillment to what we have started. It illuminates how we did during the growing phase and gives us the opportunity to reflect on the progress, success or failure of our original intention.

New Years Signifies Another Life Cycle Return

Another cycle we are all familiar with is the beginning of a New Year. I’m sure everyone has made at least one New Years’ resolution. So whether it was to quit smoking, lose weight, change jobs or follow our dreams, the New Year has always been recognized as a time of new beginnings.

The same holds true for our birthdays. Our birthday represents the end of our annual cycle and the beginning of our own new personal New Year. At the beginning of every year of our lives, we are given the opportunity to start over again. We are given a chance look at what is working for us and to let go of the rest. It can be a time of reflection and turning inward, for identifying and revising patterns of successes or failures and bring about renewal and personal transformation.

We can use this time to identify what we want and where we are going for the year ahead. And unlike the new year which everyone celebrates, this is our individual time. It is the beginning of a private cycle and with it, another opportunity to bring about deep and lasting changes within ourselves.

So when your birthday arrives, spend some time reflecting on the year you have just completed and contemplate on the new year that awaits you. Take the time to evaluate where you have been and where you want to go. Think about what you want to do and accomplish in the year ahead and make a personal commitment to having and achieving those things.

And most importantly, have a happy and healthy birthday and wonderful New Year!

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