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Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma

freeze response

The Freeze Response: The Fight-Or-Flight Response On Hold

Freezing is a universal fear response. It is like fight-or-flight on hold. When engaged, it permits us to not feel the harrowing enormity in front of us. We become paralyzed in fear. A stuck freeze response might also hold you back in life with fears of moving forward.

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn Stress Response

Emotional Regulation & The Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn Stress Response

Our body is naturally and automatically programmed to respond to frightening situations. Its goal is to minimize or avoid real or perceived danger. It is designed to protect us and survive physical, mental and emotional challenges. In the modern world, it can help us to perform better under pressure and better cope with demanding circumstances.

C-PTSD - Trauma

C-PTSD, Trauma And Our Stress Response System

Trauma affects everyone differently. Trauma affects everyone differently. Traumatic events push the nervous system outside its ability to regulate itself. Children who constantly experience emotional stress, such as a fear, judgment or rejection can end up developing c-PTSD. People who suffer from c-PTSD can have difficulty controlling their emotions and emotional responses.

wounded healer

A Journey Unraveling Our Inner World: The Path Of The Wounded Healer

The term “Wounded Healer” refers to a person who has undergone intense pain and suffering and used these injuries to transform him or herself. They emerge from this profound transformation more in touch with their authentic inner nature with a greater awareness of themselves. These individuals become a source of wisdom and inspiration for others.

abuse - trauma survivor - trauma healing - healing trauma

Loving Someone Who Is An Abuse Or Trauma Survivor

If you find that you have fallen in love with an abuse or trauma survivor, understand right up front that healing is possible. Sometimes by understanding what your partner has been through can help you to better support them as they work through their tangled up and confused inner world.

Simple Free Grounding Technique

Calm Your Mind & Spirit With A Free Simple Grounding Technique

Grounding is a great way to revive your energy as well as prepare yourself for meditating, doing healing work or even letting go of an uncomfortable situation at home or work. If you are interested, in learning how to ground your body, mind & spirit, here is a free recorded grounding meditation that you can listen to anytime.