Calm Your Mind & Spirit With A Free Simple Grounding Technique

Simple Free Grounding Technique

Simple Grounding Technique To Help Calm The Mind & Sooth

Based on Dr. Rita’s book: The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist

Grounding, or being grounded, implies a feeling of stability, certainty, clarity, and strength. We use it when describing someone who is secure, confident yet yielding and has a down-to-earth quality about them. Grounding brings us, as spirit, back into our bodies here on the physical plane. By reconnecting with our bodies, we often experience an increased sense of clarity, balance and the ability to be in the present moment.

When someone says they feel grounded, it is because they are enjoying the connection or reconnection with the earth that has been lost at one time or another.

We feel grounded because our inner life force energy, our “chi“, is moving and flowing. Many things can interfere with the movement of life force energy through our bodies. Fear, especially from trauma is a big one. When we hold onto this energy, it contracts the body making it hard to let it go.

When we ground ourselves, we give ourselves the opportunity to release this unwanted energy and begin to see the truth about it, our truth.

Grounding: An Alternative Perspective

Let us look at grounding in a different way. In electrical terms, objects with an excess of charge – either positive or negative – can have this charge removed by a process known as grounding. We have all experienced a discharge of energy when we get shocked after walking across a carpet and then touching something made of metal. The shock is caused by a buildup of static electricity, which was instantaneously discharged as soon as we came into contact with the metal object.

When an item is grounded, the excess charge is transferred from the charged object and the “ground”. A lightning rod is a classic example of a ground. When the electrically charged lightning hits a lightning rod, the charge, instead of being transferred to the building it is attached to, follows along a wire that is firmly planted within the earth. The wire creates a conducting pathway for the electrical charge, where it is dissipated deeply within the earth.

We Ground Via A Grounding Cord

Like a lightning rod, we can create a conducting pathway to discharge excess energy from our bodies. This is called a grounding cord. We all have grounding cords through which we anchor ourselves, our physical and subtle bodies into the earth. Some are long, some short, some release mental and emotional energy efficiently, others not as effectively. It is through our grounding cord that we can reconnect with the earth and release trapped emotional energy.

It serves as a vehicle to let go of surplus or stagnant emotional energy from our bodies. A grounding cord is also a part of our subtle energy system, which includes the auric field and the chakras. Creating a grounding cord is an excellent way to help calm the body, mind, and spirit.

Free Simple Grounding Technique Guided Meditation

Grounding is a great way to revive your energy as well as prepare yourself for meditating or doing healing work. It can also help you when you are dissociated, feel emotionally dysregulated or even letting go of an uncomfortable situation at home or work. If you are interested, you can find a free recorded version of this exercise that you can download and listen to anytime.

So please enjoy the rest and relaxation that grounding your body using this free simple grounding technique provides!

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