Healing Your Inner Child: How To Do Inner Child Work

Healing Your Inner Child Is Simple To Do

Accessing our wounded inner child is one way in which we can find the root cause for many of the emotional issues we experience as adults.  Through it, we can learn to tap into the emotions, beliefs and negative experiences that we have over the years learned to suppress.  It allows us to bring these feelings and emotions into our conscious mind so that they can be addressed.  This self-discovery work allows us to shine the light on our inner world and affords us the opportunity to restore our unique and authentic nature.  Through it, we can heal.

Healing your Inner child involves connecting to this unconscious part of our being.  It gives us the chance to communicate with our younger, wounded self without judgment and invalidation.  It can be used to provide the hurt parts of ourselves with the love, care and compassion it so desperately desires.  It gives us a chance to heal our pain and make peace with ourselves. 

Healing Your Inner Child Allows Us To Parent Ourselves

The tools associated with healing your inner child and inner child work allow us to parent ourselves.  Crazy as this may sound, we can use the adult portion of our consciousness to sooth ourselves and provide us with the nurturing we did not receive as a child.  This powerful therapeutic modality works to heal deep trauma and help us break free of our ongoing dysfunctional patterns of living.  It can literally set us free.

Connecting to your inner child can be scary.  It requires strength to peek inside ourselves and revisit all that we have experienced.  It can be terrifying to look at the source of our suffering.  It is easier to blame others than to take responsibility for ourselves and what we bring to the table.  We may also choose to find activities to distract us from ourselves and our emotions.  Many would rather live a mediocre existence; a life filled with stubborn ignorance and suppressed pain than to own the direction their lives takes. 

It does not have to be that way and inner child work can help anyone interested move past their old inner wounding into a new and happier life.  Each of us can begin down the path to living life as a “wounded healer”.

How To Heal Your Inner Child

There are a number of different approaches to healing your inner child, our wounded, younger selves, but they all revolve around the concept of communicating with the child inside.  Some people find it helpful to work with a counselor, therapist or coach.  Others decide to travel done this road of transformation by themselves. 

A Simple Approach To Healing Your Inner Child

One simple approach to creating a mindful dialog between your adult self and the child inside is to think about a question you might want to ask.  Then find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and allow your body to relax.  Try to imagine your younger self sitting in front of you.  Some people find it helpful to hold a stuffed animal or doll, to represent this aspect of their being. 

When you are relaxed and ready, ask your inner child a question.  Wait a few moments for a reply.  Do you internally hear a response?  Perhaps you are seeing an image in your mind’s eye or are feeling a sensation in your body.  This is your inner child communicating with you.  Do not try to control the direction this dialog takes.  Instead, be open to whatever comes up. 

Take A Few Deep Breaths As You Healing Your Inner Child

Take a few deep breaths if you feel like you are struggling to get an answer or if the answer you receive is starting to trigger you. 

Take A Moment To Reflect Supports Healing Your Inner Child

Take a moment to reflect on what you sense.  If you have further questions, ask your inner child.  What does he or she have to say?  Many people record the responses they receive on a piece of paper or in a notebook.  This is a great way of keeping track of what your inner child wants and needs from you.  In time, you might even be able to carry on a whole conversation with your inner child. 

Painful feelings may come up as you tap into any wounded parts of yourself.  You may uncover a deep-seated hidden emotion or belief.  You might sense sadness, anger, fear, frustration, abandonment and more.  These feelings, abet uncomfortable do create a wonderful opportunity to explore them further.  You might want to ask yourself “why do I feel this way”.  You might be surprised at the answers you receive.  You can use this method to dig into the depths of yourself and to reassess your beliefs from a different perspective – from an adult healing perspective. 

Work To Heal Your Inner Child When You Are Triggered

Regularly, ask your inner child how he or she is doing.  If she is excited, be excited with her.  If she wants to cry, be the parent she never had.  Wipe away her tears and comfort the little girl inside.  Provide her with nurturing and reassurance.  Ask her what she is feeling and what she wants or need from you right now.  Let her know that it will be ok and that you are there for her and always will be. 

Though the simple step of dialoging with your inner child, healing and transformation can occur.  The scars that you received as a child can begin to fade away and a new day can dawn.  If you have never connected with your inner child, now is your chance to start.  Be open to all of the possibilities this practice provides and the healing transformation it can offer. It will help you to reparent yourself an become more authentic to experiencing a bliss-filled life.

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