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energy cords - energetic cords

How Energy Cords Affect Us: Cutting The Energetic Cords That Bind Us

Have you ever wondered why, after ending a relationship, you cannot seem to get the other person out of your mind? Do the gory details of your relationship circulate unceasingly in your head? You may have tried everything in your power to stop thinking about them but for some unknown reason you are unable to do so. You may be experiencing this because you have emotional energy cords connecting you to your former friend, colleague or lover.

unconditional love

What Is Affinity & Unconditional Love?

For years, I struggled with this concept. Based upon my understanding I was led to believe that it was my duty, my responsibility to give of myself, my time, my money and my energy with no expectation of a return – ever.

internet dating

Online Dating Tips: Finding True Love On The Internet

Where do you go to meet the man of woman of your dreams? I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in looking for “the man of my dreams” at a bar. I have never been asked for my phone number at the supermarket, a concert or a trade show. What about online dating.

love relationship

The Law Of Attraction And The Soul Mate Relationship

Over the last few years the concept of meeting our soul mate has taken on mass proportion. There are hundreds if not thousands of books and articles that discuss what a soul mate is and how to attract one into your life. Here are some tips on finding your soul mate.