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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

malnutrition - vitamin deficiencies - health

Utilizing Herbal Medicine To Heal Malnutrition and Vitamin Deficiencies

Over the past decade, the popularity of herbal medicine has exploded. Walk into any drugstore, supermarket or discount store and you can easily find herbal remedies on the shelves. For those new to the world of herbal therapy, the most extraordinary and tantalizing thing about herbs are their proven action and their incredible versatility.

hopelessness-hippie - flower children - big-brother

Sellouts: Hippie Flower Children & The Establishment

Over the last six months, the feeling of hopelessness has become overwhelming for many of us. Every time we turn around there is a crisis. Someone we love dies, we loose our job or our child falls ill. After the situation we are facing is handled, it is not long before another challenge steps into our lives and once more the drama begins anew.

schumann resonance

Group Conscious & Increasing Schumann Resonance

The primary frequency detected around our planet resonates at 7.83Hz. It has been likened to the heartbeat of the Earth. It plays a significant role in DNA formation and our physical and mental health. It is the frequency on which bodies work, particularly the brain and heart.

life cycles

Utilizing Life Cycles For Personal Growth

Our lives are filled with cycles. As one cycle ends, we are given the opportunity to create or recreate ourselves and our futures. We can tap into our life cycles and use them to mark a new phase of growth or to help us bring about profound and lasting changes within ourselves.

Health - Healing - Stress Reduction

Stress Relief & Revitalization: Herbal Bath Recipes

One of the easiest ways of bringing a little rest and relaxation into our lives is by taking a hot herbal bath. Soaking in a bath is not only an enjoyable way of reducing tension in itself, but by adding herbs to your bath, you can further enhance its healing properties.

Health - Have Fun

6 Steps To A Health & A Happier You – Dr. Rita Louise

Balance in all things is critical to maintaining health, not only physical health, but emotional and spiritual health as well. In the hectic drive of today’s world, many women forget to take care of their most important asset, themselves. In an effort to help people of all ages learn to take care of and nurture themselves, here are 6 easy ideas you can use to bring health, balance and harmony into your life.

meditation & relaxation

Meditation & Relaxation Techniques For The Active Mind

Meditation is a practice that people want to incorporate into their lives, yet many have difficulty mastering. When we think, we envision an Indian mystic dressed in a colorful robe sitting in a lotus position on the top of a mountain. We may long to experience the states of bliss reported by these holy men, but find it challenging to achieve these deep states of contemplation ourselves.

Healthy Eating

Eating Healthy On The Go

Coming up with easy healthy food choices on the go can seem daunting if not impossible. What many people do not realize is that eating healthy, in addition to improving your overall health and vitality, can save you money.

Disease - Why Do We Get Sick

Why Do We Get Sick – Disease & Mind/Body

Western medicine has only recently begun to appreciate the impact our thoughts and emotions have on our health and has started to investigate the link between the mind and the manifestation of disease in the body. Their work has led them to identify a number of reasons why people get sick.