Attached Entities, Trauma & Dissociation: The Entity Attachment Formula

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An Entity Attachment Adore People Who Have Suffered From Severe Trauma

‘Entity attachment’ is a term used to describe a very specific kind of relationship that forms between and individual and a non-corporeal being.  These specters of the spirit world can take many forms:  a discarnate human, an other worldly being (alien) or an interdimentional one.  Each of these invisible presences can form a toxic bond with susceptible individuals.  Some of these relationships can be quite benign while other can be downright abusive.

The interaction between an entity attachment and its victim is unlike a traditional haunting.  Entity attachments interact with select individuals in a very specific way.  These unseen beings are not tied to a specific location but are tied to specific people.  They do not scratch or bite.  They do not make things go bump in the middle of the night. 

Attached entities are stealthy and hide behind the scenes hoping not to be discovered. Most importantly, for those concerned about this phenomenon, you cannot randomly pick one up and take it home with you if you visit a haunted location.  The scene has to be set and the door has to be opened before one can step in.

Before we get into how they manifest in someone’s life, let us dig into what an attached entity is.

What Is An Attached Entity

Attached entities are the narcissists of the spirit world.  All entity attachments are parasitic in nature.  Most individuals who have an entity attachment are unaware of their ghostly intruder.  The entity’s goal is to manipulate you, your thoughts and your emotions.  They do this by keeping you a compromised state so that they can exhort their control over you and feed off of your energy.  They are not always endeavoring to pull your strings like a puppet.  It is when certain conditions are met that this dirty, secretive dance commences. 

How The Dance With An Entity Attachment Begins

Imagine something frustrating happens to you and you are triggered.  Internally there is a corresponding rise of emotions brewing inside.  For someone with healthy emotional regulation, their emotions might surge, but after a short while they will calm down allowing them to bounce back from the situation.

People with unhealthy emotional regulation have a harder time returning to a state of equilibrium.  They may want to scream and yell, throw something or curl up in a ball and cry in response.  They may find themselves unable to return to a healthy inner world for hours, days or even weeks after a triggering event.

This is especially true for someone who has experienced severe trauma and suffers from PTSD or c-PTSD.  A trauma survivor’s emotions can trigger quickly, be displayed on a grander scale and last a for longer duration.  These individuals are more emotionally responsive and have a hard time controlling the overwhelm they feel inside.  They experience intense emotions more frequently and feel unable to manage them once activated.

Attached entities revel in people who are emotionally dysregulated.  The longer the victim stays in a triggered and ungrounded state, the longer they can exhort their power and influence over them.

Entity Attachments Adore People Who Use The Freeze Response

When we are triggered, meaning, when something real or perceived threatens us, our bodies will react with one of three distinct stress responses:  fight, flight or freeze.  We fight for our lives or run away from an impending threat when our fight or flight responses are activated. 

The freeze response is like our fight-or-flight mechanism on hold.  Imagine coming up on a deer walking through a field.  The deer, instead of running away from you stops dead in its tracks and stares.  This is the freeze response in action.

We become paralyzed in fear when the freeze response is engaged.  There is an internal recognition that we will be unable to fight our way out of or escape from the situation.  To save ourselves from the inevitable pain we will experience, we disconnect from what is going on around us.  We dissociate.  This saves us from feeling the harrowing threat in front of us.  And while the freeze response is a valid way of ensuring survival, it also opens the door for an entity to attach.

Dissociation And The Freeze Response

We all dissociate at one time or another.  We are dissociating when we are driving our car somewhere and upon our arrival we do not remember the details of our trip.  Often our mind is wandering.  We are thinking about work or our family or a fun outing we had instead of paying attention to the road.  It is healthy and normal to dissociate in this daydreaming, mind wandering state.

When dissociation is tied to trauma, and our freeze response is activated, our mind disconnects us from unbearable feelings and emotions that may overwhelm us.  Dissociation helps traumatized individuals better cope with what might otherwise be too emotionally devastating to bear.  In cases, such as sexual abuse, a victim’s dissociation may be so severe they might not remember the harrowing events they have endured.  This is called dissociate amnesia. 

Entity Attachments And Dissociation

You might be wondering what dissociation has to do with an entity attachment.  To better explain this, let us take a look at one of the most sever forms of dissociation:  Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder).  Individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) ‘switch’ between their primary personality, their true self, to one or more alternative ones. 

Each persona that occupies the primaries body has a distinct personality.  They have their own names and unique set of characteristics.  Their mannerisms may be different as well as the tone of their voice.  The presenting personality may be a different gender. 

Recorded cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder have also shown instances where the base biology of the primary personality was different from the alternative ones.  Changes in blood pressure and heart rate were reported.  Some alternative personalities wear glasses or have allergies.  These medical facts support the notion that someone is invading the body.  Our biology is not something we can randomly change.  It cannot be faked.  Something deeper must be going on in these individuals.

Possessed, is an excellent word to describe people with this trauma based disorder.  When triggered, the true personality retreats into a dissociative space.  This allows for an alternative identity to come forward, take control and run the show.  Researchers do not know where these other distinct personas come from.  They do not look to the world of spirit for answers and the notion of an entity attachment is outside their world view. 

You Do Not Have To Have DID To Have An Attachment

This discussion is not meant to imply that people who dissociate and have an attached entity also have Dissociative Identity Disorder.  It also does not imply that someone who has suffered trauma and dissociates has an entity attachment. It does mean that someone who has trauma based dissociation issues is more prone to attracting one into their lives.

True Dissociative Identity Disorder is a rare occurrence with only around 1.5% of the population being affected by it.  Dissociative Identity Disorder sits on the far end of the dissociative spectrum.  In Dissociative Identity Disorder cases, the true personality retreats so deeply into the self that the subsequent personality is able to take over the body.  Most people who suffer from entity attachments do not dissociate this severely but the process is the same. 

How An Entity Attachment Gains Control

Entities are tied to specific emotional triggers that leave the victim feeling hopeless, as if they are damaged goods or worthless.  When the specific trigger is activated, an individual with poor emotional regulation may find themselves in a whirlwind of emotions.  They will quickly dissociate and enter into the realm of ‘intrusive thoughts’.

Intrusive Thoughts:  The Bane Of Emotional Regulation

Unwanted and intrusive thoughts are thought patterns that are stuck in our head.  It is like hearing the lyrics to a song over and over again and are unable to make them stop.  These thoughts may revolve around work, an important decision or a relationship issue.  We can have intrusive thoughts on just about any topic if there is a powerful emotional charge tied to it.  Worry and rumination are the most common forms of persistent negative thinking and a clear indicator that we are stuck in the freeze response.

This is when an entity can make its move.  When we are in this state, when we are triggered and plagued with intrusive thoughts, we are no longer in the present moment.  Our inner critic gets turned on and our minds are filled with negative intrusive thoughts that we are unable to break away from. 

One of the devious goals of an attached entity is to keep you in this state.  They will poke and prod you.  It will tell you how bad or unworthy you are.  It might have you reflect on all of the awful things someone has done to you.  An entity will do this to keep you out of your body and out of the present moment. 

Entity Enters The Aura To Control Us

Our energy is low and our thinking is negative when we are triggered.  The protective barrier that surrounds our body, our aura, dims and becomes less defined during these times.  Our auric field acts as our first line of defense – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It helps us to be clear about who we are, what we think and how we feel.  Our aura, when we are upset or triggered, is unable to readily protect us from foreign invaders in this state. 

An attached entity will start by sending out cat-like tentacles (cords) into our bodies and specifically the chakras.  Then the games begin.  Once connected, it can spur on our negative thinking which further deteriorates our protective aura.  With our personal defense mechanism compromised, the entity is able to enter further into our personal space. 

Attached Entities Control Our Thoughts & Emotions

We naturally assume that what we are thinking and feeling are our thoughts and emotions.  This is not always the case.  We can naturally take on the energy of others, which we automatically think is our own.  Highly sensitive individuals often absorb emotional energy from the world around them.  The might find themselves feeling anxious, upset, frightened or overly excited for no apparent reason and are often mystified as to why their mood changes so rapidly and at times so unexpectedly.  It is because what they are feeling inside are not their own emotions but something they have picked up along the way.

The same is true when an entity is active within our energy field.  The thoughts and feeling we have may be ours, but they are being influenced by the attached entity.  This is one of the reasons why they act so stealthily, because they do not want you to know that they have snuck inside and are now manipulating your mood.

Recovering From An Attached Entity Attack

The entity will continue this cat and mouse game until a time comes and we are able to break the cycle.  Someone might tell a silly joke that makes us laugh.  We might do some journaling, meditation or perform some other mindfulness practice.  Whatever the act, it allows the victim to come back into the present moment and regain control of their auric field.  This forces the entity to back off, reducing its influence on the individual.

For someone who has regained control of their body and mind from an attached entity attack, it can feel as if the clouds have parted and the sun is finally shining on them again.  They can reexperience themselves and finally feel whole and grounded.  Physically, they might feel exhausted and emotionally drained at the end of one of these encounters.

This feeling of wholeness will continue, that is, until the person is triggered once more and the cycle starts over again.  

Getting Rid Of An Entity Attachment: Attached Entity Removal

There is a belief by many who have been plagued by an attached entity that getting rid of it is a onetime thing.  They think that they can go to a priest, an energy healer or shaman and have this nuisance removed like taking out the trash.  This is not the case. 

The only way of permanently getting rid of an entity attachment is by dealing with the root cause, by dealing with the emotional trigger that gets activated.  This will ensure that the person stays in the present moment with their aura strong and their energy high. 

Unsuccessful Healing Of An Attached Entity

Countless healers around the world who work with people to remove an attached entity are blamed for their lack of ability.  Their clients come to them with an unrealistic expectation of what is involved.  They do not recognize their total and utter participation in this secretive, dysfunctional dance.

In many cases, the healer can help the person regain wholeness; strengthen their auric field thus moving the entity out.  The client will feel good for a while but then, “the entity comes back’ and the healer is invalidated for not doing the job.  “They did not get rid of the entity.”

What many clients and healers do not recognize is that they must also address the underlying trauma and subsequent emotional dysregulation that caused the entity to attach in the first place.  This is the only way for long termed healing and relief from an entity attachment to occur.

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