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Attached Entities: The Bad Guys Of The Spirit World

    What Is An Attached Entity

    The first question most people ask when talking about attached entities is, what do we experience when an entity has attached and entered our personal space? It can be summarized into two words – control and manipulation.

    All spiritual attachments are parasites. Their vibration is low. They are typically ego driven, emotionally negative and out for themselves. When they are in our auric field we experience their thoughts, feelings and emotions, however nasty they may be.

    The vast majority of people with an attached entity are unaware of its presence. The sufferer assumes they are responsible for creating the ongoing patterns of negative thoughts and undesired emotional responses they are experiencing. They end up owning the entity’s energy as their own. They eventually believe “this is who I am.” They mistakenly live out their lives surrounded by these lies and feel powerless to change.


    Difference Between A Ghost And An Parasitic Attached Entity?

    Unlike angels and spirit guides who support us, or ghosts who may come and visit from time to time, attached entities take their interaction with us one step farther. They penetrate the auric field.

    The aura is the electromagnetic field around our bodies. It is our personal space. Our aura can also be thought of as a boundary which defines limits. It can be likened to a border that marks where we end and another begins. 

    Our auric field is what separates us from others and it works to help identify who we are as individuals. It also acts as our first line of defense – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It helps us to be clear about who we are, what we think and how we feel.

    How Does It Feel To Have An Entity Attached?

    Think about a time when an uninvited individual stood too close to you. I’ll bet it made you feel uncomfortable. This person was standing inside your auric field. The feeling of physical discomfort you experienced was an indication that your energetic boundary had been violated.

    We are often consciously aware of this kind of violation and even more so when we are touched or hugged without permission. The feelings of anxiety or uneasiness we experience develops because our boundary is being crossed. Our personal space is being invaded.

    An individual’s emotional energy can also enter the auric field. When we take on another’s emotional energy we typically react to this intrusion subconsciously. We experience this unwanted energy as a part of ourselves instead of recognizing it as an intrusion.

    Instead of recognizing them for what they are, we think, believe and interact with the thoughts, feelings, needs and desires we sense are our own. We assume we are the ones who must deal with them. We take responsibility for what we perceive within ourselves and endeavor to satisfy the need or resolve the problem.  This is what happens to us when we have an attached entity inside our auric field.

    What It Feels Like To Take On Someone Else’s Energy

    New car shopping, for example, often leaves us vulnerable to someone else’s spiritual energy. Has this ever happened to you? You go to a car dealership just to take a look at the new cars. Just for fun you take a car out for a test drive. The highly motivated and energetic salesperson directs your attention to all of the outstanding features of the wonderful car you are driving.

    The salesperson points out how smooth it rides, how well it handles, and brags about the unbeatable gas mileage. He may have you recall the inadequacies of your current car. Then he may ask you to notice how good it feels to drive this brand new car. Then before you are done, there is the coup de grace. “If you act now.” adds a sense of urgency to your already saturated energy space.

    Everything feels so good to you as you drive the new car. You get excited about the wonderful opportunity being presented. Now you feel compelled to act. You think, “I have to have this.” Then before you know it, you have taken out your checkbook, signed contracts and are the proud owner of something you may or may not have wanted in the first place.

    Once you leave the dealership, the energy of the sales person dissipates from your auric field and you wonder what the heck you have just done to yourself.

    Taking On Other People’s Energy:  Another Look

    I’ll bet there have also been times when you have tried to handle a problem and found that the issue only rolled around and around in your mind to no avail. No matter how hard you tried to solve the problem you were unable to come up with a solution. I would suggest that in these situations, the problems you were trying to resolve really were not yours.

    We take on energy from other people, including their troubles, all of the time. We are especially susceptible to this among our friends and family. Once their emotional energy has penetrated our aura, we respond to it by trying to fix the problem. Unfortunately, as is often the case, we cannot fix it, heal it or resolve it because it wasn’t ours in the first place.

    What Makes Attached Entities And Spiritual Attachments So Bad?

    Like the emotional energy of others, we can also allow a parasitic attached entities to enter our auric field. When an spiritual attachment penetrates our aura it is classified as being “attached.”

    Angels, spirit guides and ghosts do not enter the auric field. They respect our boundaries and honor us and our personal space. Spiritual attachments, on the other hand, do not care about boundaries and believe it is perfectly okay to come into our energy field.

    This lack of respect for us is the reason why “attached entities” are put into a lower, more harmful, category than ghosts. Even if a ghostly presence is mean, vindictive and spiteful, he or she is still honoring us and our personal space. Bottom line, all spiritual attachments are the narcissists of the spirit world.

    I firmly believed, in the past, that these non-corporeal beings were uninvited guests who had somehow invaded our space. Upon closer examination of individuals suffering from entity attachments, the overwhelming majority invited them in unintentionally. For now it is important to recognize the significance of having one of these beings in our auric field.

    What A Parasitic Attached Entity Wants From You

    Dealing with an parasitic attached entity can be like interacting with the power and influence of a religious, social or political cult. These cults may look wonderful at first, but the reality is all they want from you is your obedience.

    Cults will often use trickery, manipulation and mind control to win you over. They work by telling you how happy or successful you will be if you follow their guidance. A cult will hide the truth of who they really are and what they actually want. They will only make their hidden agendas known when they think you are ready. Then once their hold over you is complete they will use coercion, guilt, character assassination and even intimidation to keep you from leaving their influence.

    Negative Spiritual Attachments Act Like A Cult

    Parasitic attached entities do the same thing. They will lull you in with their promise of a better life, protection, strength and security. Once inside and firmly attached the game changes. What was once promised goes by the wayside.

    Where they once provided you with good positive thoughts and ideas you are now filled with negative ones. They will tell you over and over again how bad, unloved or worthless you are. These negative tapes can keep playing in a never-ending loop over and over again in our heads. This is done to control you and keep you in a altered or negative emotional space.

    While this interaction may be detrimental to you, for them it is desirable. They will keep pushing your buttons and try to trigger you into a deeper emotional response. And the deeper, darker and lower you go and the longer they can keep you in this emotional place, the happier they are. Relief can only be experienced if we can manage to move the entity out of our space. This is when we can reestablish our sense of self.

    All Spirit Attachments Lie To Control and Manipulate You And Your Emotions

    It has also been my observation that all parasitic attached entities lie. They always try to make it appear as if they are looking out for you even if what they are telling you is how bad you are, how good another drink would make you feel or by providing you with guidance that ultimately isn’t in your best interest.

    In some instances, the communication an individual receives from their entity attachment will tempt the person into doing things such as cheating, lying, stealing or even worse. The parasitic entity may also tell the person how to get away with the misguided deed. It will often help the sufferer get out of trouble if caught in an act of indiscretion and will provide them with more lies, deceptions or excuses they can use.

    The negative entity will do whatever it takes to get both of them out of a jam. This can mislead the individual. They believe they are receiving good and helpful advice from their entity. From the sufferer’s point of view, they never get caught, never get in trouble or never have to take responsibility for their actions. To them, life is good, so why change.

    A lie, specifically if it will keep them out of trouble, is much easier than telling the truth and dealing with the consequences of the deeds. What they don’t realize is they are being deceived into believing they have no choice but to be this way. They think lying, cheating and being out of their integrity is their only option. This is their truth, their reality, distorted as it may be. If they only knew this is not who they truly are.

    How Does An Spiritual Entity Attach To Me?

    In addition to being in our auric field when triggered and in a dissociative place, a parasitic attached entity will create energetic communication cords between themselves and one of our chakras.  It is through these communication cords that are firmly connect to our chakras that an parasitic attached entity can attach, control and manipulate us.

    The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as wheel or disk. Chakras are said to be energy centers or vortexes we use to send, receive and process information from the world around us. Like the auric field they are part of our subtle body. There are seven major chakras located along the spine. They start at the base of the spine and travel up the body to the top of the head.


    What Vibrations Are Causing The Negative Entity To Attach?

    For the most part, attached entities invade our space because we possess an low lying vibration, and emotional wound or a limiting belief they can exploit. These emotions are stored in the chakras. What a better way to trigger you and get you dissociate (please check out my article Attached Entities, Trauma & Dissociation: The Entity Attachment Formula to better understand why you might have a spirit attachment in the first place.) than to push one of your hot buttons and get you to react.

    Each of our chakra processes a different type of information. They include:

    First Chakra

    Survival: Our ability to take care of our body; i.e., food, shelter. Houses our fears and insecurities.
    Physical: How the physical body interfaces in the world.
    Health: Our current level of health.

    Second Chakra

    Clairsentience: Our ability to feel energy.
    Desires: Our ability to recognize our needs (including our sexual needs).
    Creativity: Our ability to create for ourselves.

    Third Chakra

    Willpower: Our personal power, will power, drive, motivation.
    Passion: Our ability to have passion in our lives.
    Out of Body Experience: Our ability to dream; astral travel.

    Fourth Chakra

    Self-love: Our ability to love ourselves unconditionally.
    Affinity: Our ability to love others unconditionally.

    Fifth Chakra

    Clairaudience: Our ability to hear others; i.e., our spirit guides.
    Inner Voice: Our ability to listen to our own spiritual information.
    Telepathy: Our ability to communicate with others without speaking.

    Sixth Chakra

    Inner Vision: Our ability to see mental image pictures.
    Clairvoyance: Our ability to see and interpret psychic information.

    Seventh Chakra

    Knowingness: Our ability to just “know.”
    Trance Mediumship/Body: Our ability to leave the body.
    Trance Mediumship/Being: Our ability to allow another being into our body.

    How Does The Attached Entity Communicate With Me?

    Communication cords are energy channels that connect one point to another. They can be compared to a wormhole that cuts through the fabric of time and space. A more rudimentary way of thinking about cords is to picture them as the string that travels between two tin cans that lets you talk to your friend.

    Communication cords allow energy and information to be transmitted between two people. They keep the lines of non-verbal communication open between friends, lovers and even our enemies. I have never met anyone who didn’t have at least a few cords attached to them.

    A classic example of a cord in action is in the instance of a new mom. The infant, dependent on his mother for survival, will often create a cord between its first chakra, its survival center, and its mother’s. When the child is in need, such as when he or she is hungry or has a soiled diaper, it will send a message to its mother via this cord. This connection can be so strong it can awaken its mother out of a deep sleep.

    What Happens When A Communication Cord Forms Between Me And An Entity?

    Communication cords can also be created between an negative spiritual entity and ourselves. In most instances the attached entity will attach to one of the upper three chakras of the body, that is either the fifth, sixth or seventh chakra.

    The fifth chakra is responsible for our communication space. Through it we receive information non-verbally on audio channels.

    The sixth chakra holds our inner vision and our visual space. It is also responsible for how we see the world and where we form our reality and belief systems.

    The seventh chakra supports our ability to receive inspiration and divine guidance. It is also identified as the location where we, as spirit, can enter and exit the physical body.

    When a communication cord is formed between an attached entity and one or more of our chakras, the parasitic spiritual attachment has a direct connection into our being. The clarity by which we experience the parasitic entity’s lies and distorted truths reinforce our belief in their reality. We see the world through their unrealistic view of it and we assume it is true.


    Do I Have An Attached Entity: Symptoms Of A Spiritual Attachment

    Are you wondering if you have an attached entity? There are a number of signs that can indicate if a negative spiritual attachment is present. Symptoms of an entity attachment include:

    • A history of trauma including c-PTSD, physical, emotional or sexual abuse
    • Disassociation or being ungrounded
    • Memory problems
    • Hearing voices or an inner voice that constantly criticizes you
    • Repeating patterns of behaviors
    • Anxiety or panic attacks
    • Irrational bouts of fear, anger, sadness or guilt
    • Sudden changes in behavior or mood swings
    • Depression or thoughts of suicide that you can’t seem to stop
    • Addictive behaviors, including addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex or gambling
    • Impulsive behavior or an attraction to dangerous situations
    • Illnesses that will not respond to treatment or are of an unknown cause

    Granted, everyone can have a bad day. It has been my observation that if any of these issues are ongoing or persistent in your life, then it may be a good idea to find out if an entity is plaguing you.

    If you think you may have an entity attached to you pay attention on your aura. Do you feel some heat or tingling in and around your body. Perhaps you detect it in one location verses all over your body? Do you feel a subtle pressure on your skin or as if someone is standing extremely close to you? These are all indicators that somebody or something is in your personal space.

    How To Remove A Negative Spiritual Entity Attachment

    Getting rid of attached entities that has invaded you personal space can be a bit more challenging. Providing a precise methodology for eliminating a negative spiritual attachment from someone’s life is difficult to do. It all depends on the personality of the entity and what drew him/her to you in the first place.

    To me, working with a friend or trained professional has a number of benefits that can be critical to your success. Bare in mind, an outsider is not being affected by the spiritual attachment. This affords him or her the opportunity to stay calm, clear and most importantly neutral, when dealing with a spiritual attachment.

    Working with an entity can be like a huge power struggle. If you are angry or frustrated it will react in kind. Patience, love and a bit of psychology makes the process of moving an entity out easier and more effective.

    As you find out more about the beings you encounter you will discover that they typically are not at all bad or evil. In most cases they are scared and too frightened to take their next step. Find compassion for these lost souls. Your kindness and understanding will help to set both you and them free.

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