Getting Rid Off A Ghost: Get To Know Your Resident Ghost

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How To Get Rid Of A Ghost
Get to Know Your Ghost

Based on Dr. Rita’s book: Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities

Not everyone wants to get rid of the resident ghost that may be inhabiting their homes. Some people actually believe having a resident ghost hanging around is fun. I have met many people who enjoy the company their ghosts provide. Instead of being scared of their otherworldly visitors they remember that all ghosts were alive and breathing at one time or another. They recognize that ghosts are people too. They just do not have a body. Each has his or her unique personality, traits, quirks and temperaments. Some ghosts are funny and some are tricksters. Others are looking for help, reassurance or guidance.

I know this is going to sound weird and probably very scary to many of you, but if you want to have a relationship with your resident ghost, communication with it is very important. Instead of running out of the room, talk to it. Say “Hey Boris, what are you up to today?” Try to make friends with it. You can talk to it, ask it for advice or have it watch over your home when you are not around. The more you interact with it the more it will return the favor.

You can also think of your resident ghost as one of the family. Individuals who are visited by ghost children, for example, often view it as another child in the household. But it is your home. You must be clear about what you want. Create rules, boundaries and limitations. If, for example, it hides your car keys, let it know you want your keys back right away. Ask it to put the keys back in a place where you can easily find them. Expect that your rules be followed. If not, let it know it will have to go.

Find Out More About Your Resident Ghost

Finding out more about your resident ghost can make you feel more comfortable with having it around. It helps to transform the unknown into the known and can greatly reduce the fear factor. It is like introducing yourself to a stranger who over time becomes a close friend. Do not be afraid. Ask your ghost some questions such as:

• Who are you?
• What is your name?
• Are you male or female?
• How old are you?
• When were you alive?
• Why are you here?
• How did you die?
• Are you associated or related to anyone who is currently living here? If not them, then who?
• Why are you choosing to stay here?
• Do you want to hurt me and/or my family?
• Would you like to pass on into the light and take your next step?

Communicating With A Ghost

Open yourself up to receiving information on your claircognitive (knowing), clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing) or clairsentient (feeling) channels. Go with your first impression and trust what you receive. It may feel as if you are only making it up or it is just your imagination at work. Many times, however, this is how we receive information on intuitive levels.

The easiest channel for most people to tap into is their clairsentient (feeling) channel. We will often experience a sense of warmth or as if we are with an old friend when interacting with friendly ghosts. If you begin to feel anxious, nauseous, scared or have a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, it might be your own fear or it could be that the ghost in your home is not very nice.

You might receive a visual image of your ghostly visitor in your mind’s eye. The pictures we receive are often written off as a product of our overactive imagination. This, nevertheless, IS how we receive information on clairvoyant levels.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and much can be determined about a ghost when we have an image in mind. Is your ghost male or female? How old is it? What is it wearing? The style of clothes a ghost is wearing can indicate the period or even a location in which it lived.

You just might know the answer to your questions if your knowingness channel is open. In turn, you might perceive a voice, similar to your inner voice, which lets you know what is going on. This can be an indicator that your hearing channel is open.

When It Is Time To Get Professional Help

Know when enough is enough, particularly if you determine your resident ghost is not very friendly or if it is causing disturbances in your home. If you find yourself afraid of it, or if its behavior creates a threat to your safety or the safety of others, then it is time to help it move on. If this is the case for what is going on in your home, reach out to someone experienced in spirit release work to assist you. They may be able to get rid of the ghost from your home or facilitate its transition into the light.

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