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How To Get Rid Of A Ghost: Help Them Take Their Next Step

    How To Get Rid Of A Ghost
    How To Help Them Take Their Next Step

    Based on Dr. Rita’s book: Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities

    If you discover you are involved in an active haunting and you have an unwanted ghost hanging around, there are a number of ways to get rid of a ghost. In my experience, the method I will describe has worked time after time to eliminate a pesky spirit or get rid of a ghost.

    If you find yourself uncertain or afraid of your active haunting, or if you feel you have a demon plaguing your home, please contact a trained professional to help you. There is nothing worse than doing a bunch of work trying to get rid of a ghost and have nothing happen. What is even worse is to rile up the spirit and have things get worse in your active haunting instead of better.

    Step 1 To Getting Rid Of A Ghost: Give Your Active Haunting Ghost A Name

    Regardless if they are naughty or nice, the first thing I recommend is asking your active haunting ghost its name. Give your ghost a name, something you can call it, if a name is not forthcoming. This will provide you with an anchor for it. For example, the ghost that lived in the basement of my childhood home I refer to as the “Dead Guy.” The man who lived in the back yard of my former home I called Tom. I have had clients who wanted to use less than kind words to name their ghosts, especially ones who were creating problems for them. While I can understand why someone would want to do this, it is not a very good tactic, especially if you are dealing with a mean or angry ghost.

    Important Reminder While Getting Rid Of A Ghost: Active Haunting Ghosts Were People Too

    When we use derogatory words, or lash out at a ghost with hostility, our words are backed with the energy of anger, fear or frustration.  Active haunting ghosts can sense this from us. Their response to our hostility would be similar to one we might have. If someone referred to us as a stupid, what would our reaction be? We would probably dig our heels into the sand and not want to do anything the person requested.

    Emotions such as these, instead of helping to create a solution to the problem, often backfire on us and add fuel to the fire. While your deepest desire might be to have them to go, your interaction with your ghost needs to come from a compassionate place – from a place of love and caring.

    Try to always be courteous to resident ghosts, entities, attached or otherwise. You do not have to like it, but if you want it to leave, you must give it the choice to go on its own. Do not try to forcibly push it out the door. It just will not work. You would not like being treated that way and neither do these disembodied souls. It can only ruffle the ghost’s feathers and make the process harder.

    Step 2 To Getting Rid Of A Ghost: Help Them Take Their Next Step

    With name in hand, ask your ghost some questions. Open yourself up to receiving its reply. As part of your queries, ask if it wants to move on. This question is very important. If they are willing to take their next step it is usually a simple process to facilitate their movement. Sometimes just showing them the door or letting them know they can take their next step is all that you need to do.

    What do you do if you do not get any kind of response from your active haunting ghost? This may be because your intuitive channels are not open, or you are not paying attention to the messages you are receiving. It may also be that your ghost does not want to go and is being resistant to your efforts.

    If you discover that the lack of response is not about you, then you go to “Plan B.” and learn some additional steps you can use to get rid of a ghost or unwanted spirit.

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