Clearing A Resistant Ghost Or Unwanted Spirit From Your Home

clearing a resistant ghost and unwanted spirit from your home

How To Get Rid Of A Ghost
Clearing A Resistant Ghost Or Unwanted Spirit From Your Home

Based on Dr. Rita’s book: Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities

Clearing a resistant ghost or unwanted spirit from you home can be a bit challenging.  When a resistant ghost or unwanted spirit will not take its next step, more often than not, it is because it has some unresolved issues that need to be addressed.

The resistant ghost may be filled with pride or apprehensive of what is on the other side. It may haunt your house because it is unable to surrender itself to the wonderful possibilities awaiting. The unwanted spirit may be depressed or suffering from a deep emotional trauma. Its ego is clinging onto physical life instead of allowing whatever is going to happen, happen. This causes the ghost’s spirit to become stuck between worlds. It is not on the physical plane and has not transcended into the higher level of being.  It has decided to take up residence in your home with its actions creating disturbances for you.

Helping A Resistant Ghosts Or Unwanted Spirit

Helping to heal the emotional wounds of an unwanted spirit or resistant ghost is the next level of clearing you can do to get rid of your ghost and help it move on. One of my favorite techniques to facilitate transition is to ground them.

In electrical terms, objects with an excess charge (either positive or negative) can have the charge removed by a process known as grounding. We have all experienced a discharge of energy when we get shocked after walking across a carpet and then touch something made of metal. The shock is caused by a buildup of static electricity, which was instantaneously discharged as soon as we came into contact with the metal object.

Grounding Basics

When an item is grounded, the excess charge is transferred from the charged object to the ground. A lightning rod is a classic example of a ground. When the electrically charged lightning hits a lightning rod, the charge, instead of being transferred to the building it is attached to, follows along a wire that is firmly planted within the earth. The wire creates a conducting pathway for the electrical charge which is dissipated deeply within the earth.

Like a lightning rod, we too can create a conducting pathway to discharge excess energy from our bodies. This is called a grounding cord. A grounding cord is a cord, which anchors us energetically to the planet. It also serves as a vehicle to release surplus or stagnant emotional energy from our bodies. A grounding cord is also a part of our subtle energy system, which includes the auric field and the chakras. Creating a grounding cord is an excellent way to help calm the body, mind and spirit.

Creating A Grounding Cord

We can create grounding cords for ourselves. This simple form of energy healing can do amazing things.  If you find yourself afraid of your resident ghost, it might not be a bad idea to give yourself a grounding cord and allow the fear and worry you are experiencing to flow out of you. The best place to create this energetic connection is at the base of the spine at the first chakra. The first chakra is located between the anus and the genitals and opens downward facing the earth.

Try creating a grounding cord for yourself. Imagine a line of energy, say a drain like the one that comes off your bathtub, is extending out of your first chakra. Watch as it lengthens and moves down deeply into the earth. Have it continue downward until it reaches the center of the planet. Once there, have it anchor itself firmly into the Earth.

Create the intention – “I can easily and effortlessly release whatever I am holding onto in my body and psyche.” Take a deep breath and just let it all go.

Give this process a little time to work. As your body begins to discharge energy, you might feel as if something is draining out of you or as if the anxiety or tension you were carrying has somehow magically disappeared.

After a few moments, check in with your body and notice how it feels. Do you feel lighter? Less stressed? As if a weight were finally taken off your shoulders? Maybe what you were previously experiencing has lessened or gone away completely. This is the power of grounding at work.

Clearing  A Resistant Ghost Or Unwanted Spirit From Your Home

One way to get rid of a ghost and help a trapped and resistant spirit to discharge emotional energy is to create one giant grounding cord for the room you are in. If your unwanted spirit is present in the area you clear, it will also benefit from the effects of being in a grounded environment.  It will allow your unwanted ghost or resistant spirit the opportunity to begin their own personal healing process.

A much more effective way of promoting healing and clearing a resistant ghost or unwanted spirit from your home is to create a grounding cord specifically for it. Like the healing you experienced as you gave yourself a grounding cord, giving your ghost a grounding cord will provide it an opportunity to discharge any negative or stagnant emotional energy it has not released.  Clearing in this way will help the ghost resolve the issues that is keeping it trapped her on earth and in your home.

To ground your ghost is actually very simple to do. If you often feel them in your kitchen, go there. If they hang around a bedroom or out in a hallway, make your way to that part of your home. Find somewhere comfortable to sit or bring a chair with you to the intended location. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  This brief meditation will help quiet your body and your mind. When you are ready, create a new grounding cord for yourself.

Interacting With A Resistant Ghost Or Unwanted Spirit

Take a few minutes to allow any tension, worry, fear or anxiety to effortlessly flow from you. When you are ready, ask your ghost to sit in a chair next to you. If having the unruly ghost so close makes you feel uncomfortable, ask it to stand in a far corner of the room. Where it is located in proximity to you is not important. You just want to be able to interface with it enough to give it a ground cord. Whatever you do, do not invite it into your auric field by mistake.

Use your intuitive senses to detect the location of the ghost. With a little effort and practice, it will not take long until you are able to sense its presence in the room – that is, if you have not already. The unwanted ghost may try to be tricky and pull its energy back leaving its presence undetectable.

Be strong but kind as you request it to make its presence known. I will have to say that there is a certain amount of assertiveness and lots of intuition required when working with an unruly spirits. Even more is required when dealing with an attached entity. If you are too scared, or do not feel as if you can be the top dog, then please call someone for professional help.

Once located, try communicating with it again. Ask it questions. Open yourself up to seeing what it looks like. Do not worry if you do not get a response or if the image you see is not totally clear. We are only trying to determine where the ghost, and its first chakra, is located. The rest is unimportant.

Creating A Grounding Cord For Clearing Your Resistant Ghost Or Unwanted Spirit

Use your intention to create a grounding cord for the ghost. That is right. In your mind’s eye construct a line of energy that extends from your ghost’s first chakra down into the center of the planet. Once created, set the grounding cords intention – “This grounding cord is clearing any energy, emotional or otherwise, that is keeping the ghost trapped here on earth.

You do not need to know the who, what, when, where or why it is stuck. Allow it to let go of what it wants or needs to in that moment. Watch as any stagnant or trapped emotional energy drains from its body.

Check in with your ghost periodically over the next few minutes and ask if he or she feels complete. If an answer in words does not come to you, check in on yourself. How do you feel? Do you feel more peaceful and grounded? Have you detected a positive shift in the energy the resistant ghost or unwanted spirit is projecting? If the answer is yes, ask it to move into the light or take its next step. Watch to see if it makes its transition.

Alternative Method For Clearing Resistant Ghost Or Unwanted Spirit

Here is another method of helping clear your resistant ghost unwanted spirit from your home. Once it is nice and grounded, imagine it in a giant bubble, like the kind Glenda, the Good Witch of the North used for travel in the Wizard of Oz. Watch as it moves up out of your house and travels across the sky and into the light. As it departs, give it your blessing or wish it well.

From time to time providing your ghost with a grounding cord is all it takes to clear it from your home. At other times it might take a while to promote a deep enough level of healing for it to depart. With some really resistant ghosts a sense of trust needs to develop between it and you before it will let go and take its next step. By giving your ghost a grounding cord daily, or as often as you detect it, even the most stubborn and resistant of ones will change, leave your home and move on into the light.

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